Alpine School District Preschool

The preschool years are marked by a period of rapid growth and development.  During this time, children’s natural curiosity engages them in making sense of their environment by observing, questioning, experiencing, and experimenting.  The rapid growth and development that occur during this period are the foundation for all later learning.


Tuition Preschool

Alpine School District provides tuition preschool at 14 of our elementary schools. Preschool is for 4-year-old students who are 4 on or before September 1st of the school year they will begin preschool. All schools are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Tuition preschool is a 4-day a week program and meets Tuesday-Friday. The tuition preschool schedule follows the Alpine School District calendar.


Tuition is $145 per month. Reduced tuition is available to those who qualify.

See FAQ for more information: FAQ


Tuition Preschools in Alpine School District

School Address Phone Morning Session Afternoon Session
Alpine Elementary 400 E 300 N, Alpine 801-756-8525 9:05-11:50 12:25-3:30
Dry Creek Elementary Pioneer Crossing and 1100 West, Lehi Ut  801-610-8730 9:15-12:00 12:40-3:25
Eagle Valley Elementary 4475 N Heritage Drive, Eagle Mountain 801-789-8300 9:15-12:00 12:45-3:30
Harvest Elementary 2105 N Providence Drive, Saratoga Springs 801-610-8709 9:15-12:00  12:45-3:30
Hidden Hollow Elementary 7447 N Hidden Valley Parkway Eagle Mountain 801-610-8721 9:15-12:00 12:40-3:25
Legacy Elementary 28 E 1340 N, American Fork 801-756-8565 9:10-12:00 12:35-3:35
Lindon Elementary 30 N Main, Lindon 801-610-8111 9:00-11:45 12:45-3:30
Orem Elementary 450 W 400 S, Orem 801-610-8116 9:20-12:00 12:45-3:25
Ridgeline Elementary 6250 W 11800 N, Highland 801-717-4515 9:15-12:00 12:35-3:30
Saratoga Shores Elementary 1415 S Parkside Dr, Saratoga Springs 801-766-8349 9:00-11:45 12:25-3:10
Sego Lily Elementary 550 E 900 N, Lehi 801-610-8717 9:30-12:15
Traverse Mountain Elementary 2500 W Chapel Ridge Rd, Lehi 801-610-8725 9:15-12:00 12:40-3:25
Valley View Elementary 941 Orchard Drive, Pleasant Grove 801-610-8121 8:50-11:35 12:20-3:05
Westfield Elementary 380 S Long Drive, Alpine 801-610-8720 9:00-11:45 12:15-3:00

Pay Tuition

All tuition payments are made through our online invoice system. If you have not received an email with your monthly invoice please contact

Preschool Registration

Title I Preschool
Title I Preschool Programs serve four-year-old children who are identified as being at risk for school failure. Students qualify through evaluations made prior to the first day of school and must be four years old on or before September 1, 2013. Students MUST live within the boundaries of the participating Title I school. Title I preschool classrooms provide experiences that promote academic growth in a developmentally appropriate manner. Parent involvement is an integral part of the program.

  • Staffing includes one certified teacher and one assistant.
  • Programs follow the Alpine School District calendar
  • Curriculum will follow the Utah State Core guidelines

Title I Preschools in Alpine School District
Central Elementary, 95 N. 400 E., Pleasant Grove, 801-785-8711

Cherry Hill Elementary, 250 E. 1650 S., Orem, 801-227-8710

Geneva Elementary, 665 W. 400 N., Orem, 801-610-8108

Greenwood Elementary, 50 E. 200 S., American Fork, 801-756-8534

Hillcrest Elementary, 651 E. 1400 S., Orem, 801-610-8110

Sharon Elementary, 525 N. 400 E., Orem, 801-610-8119

Suncrest Elementary, 668 W. 150 N,. Orem, 801-610-8120

Vineyard Elementary, 620 E. Holdaway Road, Vineyard 801-227-8739

Westmore Elementary, 1150 S. Main, Orem 801-610-8123

Windsor Elementary, 1315 N. Main, Orem 801-610-8124


Special Education Preschool
Alpine School District provides preschool services for children 3-5 years of age, who, because of a disability, are referred, assessed, and meet the eligibility requirements to receive special education services (defined as specially designed instruction). For more information contact the Special Education Department at 801-610-8458.

Special Education Preschools in Alpine School District
Alpine Elementary, 400 E. 300 N., Alpine, 801-756-8525

Barratt Elementary, 168 N. 900 E., American Fork, 801-756-8528

Deerfield Elementary, 4353 W. Harvey Blvd., Cedar Hills, 801-610-8106

Eagle Valley Elementary, 4475 N. Heritage Drive, Eagle Mountain, 801-789-8300

Geneva Elementary, 665 W. 400 N., Orem, 801-610-8108

Harvest Elementary, 2105 N. Providence Dr., Saratoga Springs, 801-610-8709

Legacy Elementary, 28 E. 1340 N. American Fork, 801-756-8565

Lehi Elementary, 765 N. Center, Lehi, 801-610-8712

Lindon Elementary, 30 N. Main, Lindon, 801-610-8111

North Point Elementary, 1901 N. 2300 W. Lehi, 801-610-8722

Northridge Elementary, 1660 N. 50 E., Orem 801-610-8114

Orem Elementary, 450 W. 400 S., Orem, 801-227-8727

Pony Express Elementary, 3985 E. Smith Ranch Road, Eagle Mountain, 801-610-8714

Saratoga Shores Elementary, 1415 S. Parkside Dr., Saratoga Springs, 801-766-8349

Sego Lily Elementary, 550 E. 900 N., Lehi, 801-610-8717

Sharon Elementary, 525 N. 400 E., Orem, 801-610-8119

Snow Springs Elementary, 850 S. 1700 W., Lehi, 801-610-8719

Vineyard Elementary, 620 E. Holdaway Road, Vineyard, 801-227-8739

Windsor Elementary, 1315 N. Main Orem, 801-610-8124

Foothill Elementary, 921 N 1240 E, Orem, UT 84097, 801-610-8107

Greenwood Elementary, 50 E 200 S, American Fork, UT 84003, 801-756-8534

Horizon, 682 W 210 N, Saratoga Springs, UT 84045, 801-610-8728

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