Alpine School District


Vallen Thomas Profile Picture

Dr. Vallen Thomas

Director of Ed. Services
Brian Jolley Profile Picture

Brian Jolley

Director of Curriculum 7-12
Sam Rencher Profile Picture

Sam Rencher

Director of Curriculum K-6

Boyce Campbell

Director of Math K-6
Mari Braithwaite Profile Picture

Dr. Mari Braithwaite

Director of Curriculum 7-12
Darren Draper Profile Picture

Dr. Darren Draper

Director of Innovative Learning
Kim Jones Profile Picture

Dr. Kim Jones

Director of PLCs

Jason Crowton

Director of Assessment K-6

Kerri Milner

Director of Literacy K-6
Jaime Sadlier Holley Profile Picture

Jaime Sadlier-Holley

Director of Literacy 7-12
David Smith Profile Picture

David Smith

Director of Assessment & Results

Brady Shaw

Asst. Director of Innovative Learning
Susan LaHargoue Profile Picture

Susan LaHargoue

Administrative Secretary
Katie Bayton Profile Picture

Katie Bayton

PD Secretary

Alison Rollins

Alpine Online Secretary

Michelle Lloyd

Alpine Online

Allie Jolley

EJ Thornton Profile Picture

EJ Thornton

Alpine Logo Profile Placeholder

Leslie Turner

Allen Smithee

Allen Smithee

Dual Language Immersion Specialist
Anna Davis

Anna Davis

Visual Arts Specialist (Grades 7-12)
Cathy Jolley

Cathy Jolley

Peforming Arts Specialist (Grade 7-12)
Denise Lund

Denise Lund

Language Arts Specialist (Grade 7-12)
Elaine Hulbert

Elaine Hulbert

Social Students Specialist (Grade 7-12)
Jessica Benson

Jessica Benson

PE & Health Specialist (Grade 7-12)
Jody Lindsay

Jody Lindsay

World Language Specialist (Grade 7-12)
Kori Crampton

Kori Crampton

ELA Instruction Coach (Grades 7-12)
Kyle Petersen 2021

Kyle Peterson

Math Specialist (Grade 7-12)
Michelle Ormond

Michelle Ormond

Secondary Science Specialist
Whitney Child

Whitney Child

Language Arts Instructional Coach
Korryn Coates

Korryn Coates

Visual Arts Specialist
Rachel Peterson

Rachel Peterson

Math Instructional Coach
Stephanie Brunner

Stephanie Brunner

Math Instructional Coach
Daniel Potter

Daniel Potter

Secondary English Language Arts

Gary Twitchell

Director of Research & Evaluation

Brandon Jackson

Asst. Director of Research & Evaluation

Tiina Smith



Please check school websites for school based resources, such as bell schedules and school meals. Employees should visit the Alpine Employe Gateway for employee specific resources. 

Registration is postponed until further notice.

Steps to Register


View the Clear Creek Camp Schedule in the “Registration FAQs” document. We recommend selecting a few dates in case your first choice sells out.


Once registration is open, click “Eventbrite Registration” and select the date of your choice.


Fill in all requested student registration information and pay the required registration fee.


Complete Student Information & Health Form.