The mission of Alpine School District is “Educating all students to inspire learning and to protect our freedoms.”


Values—deep-seated beliefs and ideals—ultimately form the basis
of behavior and decision-making. Because we believe that education
is a public imperative, a moral endeavor, and a shared responsibility for
all members of society, we embrace the following five commitments:

  • Equitable Access to Academic Knowledge and Achievement. We provide access to a challenging curriculum and support
    achieving high levels of learning for each student.
  • Engaged Learning Through Nurturing Instruction. We promote student learning through caring relationships, effective teaching
    practices, and positive classroom environments.
  • Stewardship in School and Community. We partner with families and communities to improve public education, teacher
    quality, and student achievement.
  • Civic Preparation and Engagement. We model and teach the knowledge, skills, and respect required for civic engagement and
    responsibility, consistent with the principles and values on which
    our country was founded.
  • Commitment to Renewal. We continuously improve through personal, school, and professional development.


We persistently strive for high performance as a professional learning community, exemplifying the following characteristics:

  • Shared Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals
  • Collaborative Culture Focused on Learning
  • Collective Inquiry into Best Practice
  • Action Orientation: Learning by Doing
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement
  • Results Orientation

Four essential questions drive our collaborative efforts to ensure all students learn at high levels:

  1. What do we expect students to learn?
  2. How will we know what students have learned?
  3. How will we respond to students who haven’t learned?
  4. How will we respond to students who already know?


Goals amount to specific actions aligned with the mission, vision, and values. Each of our schools and departments set annual improvement goals guided by seven Areas of Focus, articulated by the Board of Education


Vision For Learning KNOWLEDGE SKILLSStudents understand and use essential information in content areas Students acquire the capacities of- Collaboration-Communication- Creativity- Critical Thinking Students develop attributes ofcitizenship and characterDISPOSITIONSSTUDENTLEARNINGEnsuring all students acquire essential knowledge, skills, & dispositions

Areas of focus

Areas of FocusIdentifying and providing requisite tools, skills and personnel that lead students toward successful participation in the 21st Century. Valuing quality teachers by recognizing excellence and facilitating continuous improvement in the art and science of teaching. Educating students through a wide range of content and learning opportunities leading to the developmentof the whole child. Ensuring all students acquire essential knowledge, skills, & dispositions STUDENT LEARNINGDeveloping and sustaining leaders who have vision and passion for student and employee success. Sharing values, beliefs and processesthat sustain a positive, safe and nurturing environment to promote pride in the school and district. Engaging parents and the broader community to support studentachievement. TEACHER QUALITY COMPREHENSIVE CURRICULUM COMMUNITY RELATIONSRESOURCES SCHOOL AND DISTRICT CULTURE LEADERSHIP