If you are having trouble finding bus stops in Vineyard, please try the Vineyard map at: goo.gl/RBybhK

Elementary Map

Jr High Map

High School Map

Polaris Bus Stops


When using the online maps you will want to keep the following in mind:

  • There are different maps for each school level (elementary, jr high, high school).
  • You can zoom in and out of the map with your mouse scroll wheel or by using the “+” and “-” buttons in the top left of the map.
  • At any point in time you can click on the map and it will identify any school boundary, bus stop, and/or school location at the location you clicked.

To look up a bus stop or school boundary you will want to follow these steps:

  • To open the map, click on the school level you are looking for in the links above.
  • Type your address in the search box at the top and hit enter. (optional)
  • Click a point on the map (not on the popup box) that you want to identify and a new popup box will appear identifying the school boundary, bus stop, and/or school location at the point you clicked.
  • To get information about a bus stop, click on the middle of a school bus symbol. You may need to zoom out to find the nearest bus stop. Please note, there may not be school bus stops in your area. Why not? Find out in the Transportation FAQ.
  • The popup box may have identified multiple bus stops or boundaries. If it did, the top of the pop up box will say “(1 of …”. You can toggle between the bus stops/boundaries by clicking the right/left arrows (they look like triangles) in the upper right of the popup box.

Online Map Questions