2017 General Session: February 1 through March 11, 2017

This issues page is intended to provide a brief summary of legislative actions related to the priorities of the Alpine School District.


Strategic Investments

  • Support 2.5% increase in the WPU to maintain current levels of education services
  • Support 3.0% increase for targeted investments to attract, develop, and retain high quality educators
  • Expand equitable funding for student success – Equalization workgroup recommendations
    • Voted and board levy investment
    • At-risk, ELL, NESS and Severe SPED
    • Transportation

Local Control

  • Eliminate the bifurcated Board levy cap – allow all districts to have a single cap at .002500
  • Amend 53A-2-208 as follows – “(B) for a secondary school, to maintain comprehensive programs and efficient allocation of resources”
  • Reduce statutory or USBE rule to reduce or eliminate unfunded mandates or non-value added administrative requirements
    • TSSP – expand to include highly effective teachers (LPHS)
    • MOE in CTE
    • Teacher evaluation

Impact Fees

  • Recognize schools as infrastructure similar to parks, roads, etc. Allow local option for impact fees on new home construction directed to offset cost of property acquisition and school construction.

Contact Your Legislators

To find out which legislators represent you and how to contact them, go to the Utah Legislature website, scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter your home address under the “Who Represents Me?” heading.

Links to more detailed information:


During the legislative session, we will provide a list of priority bills for the students, families, educators and taxpayers of Alpine School District and links to more detailed information.

Bill # Sponsor Description Status USBA Position ASD Fiscal Impact ASD Board Position
HB0062 Stratton, K. Educator Rights Amendments Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared 2/23/17 Support
HB0108 Christofferson, K. Teacher Salary Supplement Amendments Senate/placed on 3rd Reading Calendar table 3/2/17 Support
HB0151 Ward, R School Board Election Amendments House/1st reading (introduced) 1/23/17 Support Support
HB0231 Moss, J Educator Evaluation Amendments Senate/2nd Reading Calendar to Rules 3/7/17 Support
HB0239 Snow, V.L. Juvenile Justice Amendments Senate/placed on 2nd Reading Calendar 3/3/17 Hold
HB0241 Poulson, M. School Accountability Amendments Senate/comm rpt/sent to Rules/substituted 3/7/17 Support
HB413 Gibson, F Public School Membership in Associations Senate/to House with amendments 3/8/17 Oppose
SB078 Millner, A. Teacher Pedagogical Assessment Senate/received fiscal note from Fiscal Analyst 3/1/17 Oppose
SB0080 Fillmore, L School Funding Amendments – This bill defines terms; directs the Legislature to annually appropriate an amount equal to one-third of the funds allocated for an increase in the weighted pupil unit value to increase the number of guaranteed local levy increments, giving first priority to guarantee board local levy increments and second priority to guaranteed voted local levy increments; and the guaranteed amount for each local levy increment per weighted pupil unit after increasing the number of guaranteed local levy increments; directs a local school board to use funds received from the state local levy guarantee for a public education purpose; and recodifies and enacts language governing a voted local levy; the use of guaranteed local levy increments; and a board local levy; and makes technical and conforming amendments. USBA/USSA “Business Administrators are working with Sen. Filmore to make needed changes to technical pieces of the legislation. This legislation directs future increases in education funding to be shared with a higher weighting to school districts who participate in the board and voted guarantee programs.” House/2nd reading 3/7/17 No Position Model – $1.9 million additional funds year one, however future years are difficult to model given data points unavailable (charter/district enrollment; local revenue). Oppose
SB0220 Millner, A. Student Assessment and School Accountability Amendments Senate/signed by President/sent for enrolling 3/8/17 Hold
SB0255 Stephenson, H. Funding for Education Systems Amendments Senate/received fiscal note from Fiscal Analyst 3/8/17 Hold