2018 General Session 

January 22 through March 8

This issues page is intended to provide a brief summary of legislative actions related to the priorities of the Alpine School District.


Strategic Investments

  • An 8% WPU to maintain current levels of services, with additional funds being used to attract, develop and retain quality educators, and support local improvement initiatives and programs ($165 Million)
  • $5 million/year, as part of a 5-year plan, to attain 85% state support of to and from transportation costs as provided in statute
  • $500,000/year as part of a 5-year plan to increase Necessarily Existent Small Schools (NESS) funding to provide greater equity in educational opportunity

Local Control

  • Eliminate the bifurcated Board levy cap – allow all districts to have a single cap at .002500
  • Amend 53A-2-208 as follows – “(b) for a secondary school, to maintain comprehensive programs and efficient allocation of
  • Reduce statutory or USBE rule to reduce or eliminate unfunded mandates or non-value added administrative requirements
    – TSSP – expand to include highly effective teachers

Other Issues

  • Impact Fees
  • USBE Credit Requirement and Changes
  • Impact of HB239
  • Student Data Privacy
  • Our Schools Now

Contact Your Legislators

To find out which legislators represent you and how to contact them, go to the Utah Legislature website, scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter your home address under the “Who Represents Me?” heading.

Links to more detailed information:


During the legislative session, we will provide a list of priority bills for the students, families, educators and taxpayers of Alpine School District and links to more detailed information.

Bill # Sponsor Description Status USBA Position ASD Board Position
HB72 Fawson Personal communication not defined as “record” if it includes political activity
Discussed concerns about the inclusion of personal communications also being included as records subject to GRAMA. Rob will follow-up with Rep Fawson.
Senate Comm-Favorable Recommendation 2.9.18 HOLD
HB132 Snow Corrects some items from HB239 JJR from last session
Discussed changes recommended in this bill. Reviewed impact of bill on truancy and unexcused absences. Police uncertain of enforcement. Reviewed backstop language for Line 93a.
House/to standing committee 1/23/18 SUPPORT
HB142 Owens Reviews definition of public facilities
Suggested language – (j) public school facilities that also provide community recreation activities.
House/2nd reading 2/5/18 Support with definition of schools as infrastructure
HB0175 Stratton, K. Oversight committee
Some concerns about new, broad power. Legislative committee formed that will look at UHSAA & USBA.
Continued discussion from JLC meeting on the oversight committee. Rob visited with Rep Stratton about possible sunset provisions or eliminating USBA & UHSAA.
LFA/fiscal note publicly available 2.5.18 OPPOSE OPPOSE
HB0178 Stratton, K. Power of Attorney Amendments – Allows streamlined process with power of attorney versus guardianship for families if student remains in school boundary and parents are out of state or country. Rob visited with Rep Stratton about possibility of providing more governance to local Board to minimize number of situations. House/held 2.9.18 SUPPORT SUPPORT/OPPOSE Position due to JLC bill criteria limited frequency as follows – JLC Criteria: What data indicates this problem is large enough to merit a state-wide legislative solution which may limit LEA flexibility?
HB227 Pulsipher, S. Minimum School Program Reporting Modifications -repeals report for Class Size
Eliminates the report for class size.
Senate/to standing committee 2.9.18 SUPPORT
HB293 Last, B. Education Funding Amendments LFA/fiscal note sent to sponser 2.5.18 SUPPORT
HB299 Schultz, M. State Sales Tax and Income Reduction House/received fiscal note from Fiscal Analyst 2/6/18
HB317 Pulsipher, S. Special Education Amendments House/to standing committee 2.9.18
SJR002 Hemmert, D. Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution-Property Tax Exemptions – Allows Private companies who lease property to tax exempt government entity to receive a tax break
Charter Management companies will be included. $1.7 M state savings – local impact not reviewed – Constitutional change.
Concerned about expanding tax breaks and incentives for private companies. Impact to local school districts and other state agencies
Senate/circled 2/9/18 OPPOSE
SB95 Iwamoto Expands option for retirees to return to work and entity pays surcharge if hired.
Allows districts to employ retirees and pay a surcharge to URS.
Senate/placed on 2nd Reading Calendar 2.1.18 SUPPORT SUPPORT
SB122 Stephenson, H. Bond Election Amendments Senate placed on 2nd Reading Calendar 1/31/2018 OPPOSE
SB123 Dabakis, J. Critical Languages Program Repeal Senate Comm-Not Condered 1.30.18
SB145 Fillmore, L. School Funding Revisions Senate/received fiscal note from Fiscal