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Guardians’ Guide to Google Classroom


There are many ways for students to access information, content, and curriculum in the current education environment. Meeting with teachers and peers is and always will be a great way to learn, but there are times when meeting face to face with others isn’t an option. Pandemics, severe weather, and health issues are some reasons for a student to need to move their learning to an online environment for a time. Fortunately, teachers and students can still interact in real time to enhance the learning experience by using video conferencing. 

In Alpine School District there are a couple of district supported options for video conferencing. First, Google Meet is highly encouraged as the video conferencing tool of choice.  Alpine School District is a Google for Education District.  This means we have a privacy agreement with Google, which makes Google Meet the safest video conferencing tool for ASD students and teachers.

Another school supported video conferencing option is Zoom. Zoom offers some features that Google Meet hasn’t yet offered, but will be offering soon, such as background blurring, background change and breakout rooms. Some teachers use Zoom to access these additional features. 

The district encourages and trains teachers on the safest ways to use all video conferencing options. As educators in ASD we will do everything we can to promote the highest levels of student learning. Video conferencing is an important way to do this. We commit to keeping students safe when participating in video conferencing by:

  • facilitating secure meetings. Usually this means teachers will utilize a waiting room and only allow their students to join a meeting.
  • monitoring each meeting while students are online. This includes refusing unknown people from joining a meeting, watching the chat closely and removing a student from a meeting if they are inappropriate in any way and then following up with the student and parents/guardians at a later time.
  • clearly communicating with parents/guardians and students about scheduled meetings they should attend. This includes clearly sharing meeting links and times.
  • encouraging parents and guardians to be aware of when their students are participating in video conferences, and to follow up with their students about the video conferencing  experience and learning.

The following videos and documents have been created as a resource for parents and guardians as they support their children in using video conferencing tools to access learning opportunities provided by their teachers.

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Common Classroom Apps

Alpine School District uses many technology applications and tools that support and deepen learning.

Guardians’ Guide to Google Classroom

In the event of online or blended learning, Google Classroom has been designated as the primary Learning Management System for elementary schools in Alpine School District.

How Does My Child Log In?

The purpose of this section is to help you get your student logged into the various applications and digital tools that Alpine School District uses. 


Please check school websites for school based resources, such as bell schedules and school meals. Employees should visit the Alpine Employe Gateway for employee specific resources. 

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