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Do you know a teacher or school employee who is Remarkable, Inspiring, Selfless, and/or Encouraging? Please nominate them for the ASD RISE Award. Nominees will be recognized at their school, and a few each month will be selected for Board Recognition during a Board meeting at the District Office. Nominees will be posted in groups of 35-40 every two weeks on this website in the order they were received. 

July 10 – RISE Nominations

Tessa Whitaker, Lakeridge Junior; teacher

Mrs. Whitaker is always super nice and energetic, and her lessons are always fun, engaging, and well made. Many of her assignments use unique gimmicks that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, and keep you engaged in what she’s teaching. And these reasons are why I believe Mrs. Whitaker deserves this award.

Nominated by: Alex Pulver, student

Emily Gingerich, Westlake High; teacher

Miss Gingerich is one of the best teachers I’ve had. Her classroom is the best environment for learning and she makes everyone feel welcome. She holds a genuine joy to teach and help every kid as much as she can. Gingrich made me like English after years of hating the class because no one truly helped me in the classroom. She took the time to help me understand things that I didn’t before. Gingrich has made my high school experience better because she understands how to handle so many different situations to help us learn and understand the subject. Gingrich is an overall amazing teacher!

Nominated by: Kalli Bytendorp, student

McKenna Bean, Windsor Elementary; teacher

Kenna is always positive and works hard for her students. She is also very generous and willing to share her ideas and her materials with anyone in need.

Nominated by: district employee

My child has never been so happy at any other school. He absolutely adores Ms. Bean.”

Nominated by: Leilani Procell, parent

Malissia Perkins, American Fork Junior; teacher

Malissia Perkins is such an amazing person to work with! She is so kind and thoughtful in all that she does. She is willing to go the extra mile to help students learn the math concepts and wiling to work with her team to help all students succeed. Malissia always has a smile on her face, and that is contagious. It makes me happy to be at work!

Nominated by: Karen Taylor, district employee

Tyler Jensen, American Fork Junior; teacher

Tyler is a phenomenal math teacher. This is Tyler’s second year teaching math and he is able to think deeply about Tier 1 instruction. Collaboration is always better with Tyler, not just because of his ability to think about that concepts, but also because he always has a smile on his face which makes our collaboration a fun place to be. Tyler is a team player, never complains, and is wiling to go the extra step to help all students succeed. It’s a joy to work with Tyler.”

Nominated by: Karen Taylor, district employee

Julie Price, Timberline Middle; administrator

Julie is an absolute professional. I truly admire her integrity, hard work and dedication to her students and other stake holders. I recently took tickets at the door of the school play and when I asked her why she was attending it multiple nights, Julie responded with: “I need to be here for my kids.” She loves what she does and it shows in everything at Timberline. She RISES above and beyond to make it a great place to be for everyone there.

Nominated by: Nicole Robertson, district employee

Emily Peterson, Pleasant Grove Junior; teacher

When I asked my daughter what makes her English teacher stand out, she responded with, “she truly cares about what I am supposed to be learning and about me as a person.” As a parent, you cannot ask for more than that, but Mrs. Peterson goes one step further. She pushes my daughter to think creatively and to write with clarity and precision. She has high expectations for her students and wants them to not only be great writers but great people. I am so grateful for teachers like Mrs. Peterson.”

Nominated by: Nicole Robertson, district employee

Abigail Oliver, Windsor Elementary; teacher

“Ms. Oliver is a very good teacher.”

Nominated by: Martha Garcia, parent

Karen Maurera, Windsor Elementary; teacher

Ms. Maurera has always been attentive and available when I have asked her a question or had questions about my son. She is very kind and a good teacher.

Nominated by: Erly Ruiz, parent

Lisa Everett, Windsor Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Everett is the most phenomenal teacher I have ever encountered! She genuinely cares about each student’s education and social emotional wellbeing. Her passion and creativity in teaching have inspired me as a parent and my daughter as a brand new student. She handles sensitive issues beautifully without causing added difficulty to the student and communicates with parents effectively and efficiently. I wish we could have a million teachers exactly like her!!

Nominated by: Carolyn Olivera, parent

Mrs. Everett is very kind and thoughtful to each and every student. She cares and knows them very well. I can tell she’s very experienced but still full of enthusiasm. My daughter didn’t speak and read English at the beginning of the school year, and she felt so scared to go to school, but she has progressed a lot. My daughter created a little book, and she wrote that she’s not scared to go to school now, because she has a nice and loving teacher. She loves to go to school, and said that many many times. I believe Mrs. Everett is a wonderful teacher.”

Nominated by: Gloria Lau, parent

Jeff Young, Eaglecrest Elementary; teacher

“Mr. Young is the most awesome, most caring teacher. I wasn’t always the best at math but Mr. Young helped me succeed. He didn’t just help me in math, but he also made every thing easy and fun to learn. He made that my favorite year!!!

Nominated by: Chase Kammeyer, student

Francy Rojas, Windsor Elementary; teacher

Sra. Rojas is such a great teacher! She is such a great communicator that all the students know what she is saying even if they don’t know Spanish. She makes a lot of effort to keep the parents informed and working as a team to help each student. Every corner of her classroom is engaging and full of posters to help with learning. She goes above and beyond to help the students gain confidence in Spanish, Math and Science. Thank you, Sra. Rojas!”

Nominated by: Chelsey Cooj, parent

Eliza Jimenez, Windsor Elementary; teacher

Ms. Jimenez is a good teacher. She has a lot of patience and she works really hard.

Nominated by: Isabel Gallego, parent

Amy Benton, Windsor Elementary; teacher

Last summer my daughter Amelia became ill. In the fall, Mrs. Benton came to our home after school to provide school services. When Amelia returned to school it was a much easier transition because she already knew her teacher and Mrs. Benton knew Amelia’s medical history, limitations and needs. Mrs Benton has personally taken it upon her to see that Amelia’s needs have been met at school. She has been the liaison between us, the school administration, and her aide. Mrs. Benton has been dedicated, encouraging, kind and has gone above and beyond to help in Amelia’s continued recovery and success.

Nominated by: Ann Webb, parent

Claudia Butterfield, Windsor Elementary; teacher

I so appreciate Mrs. Butterfield this past year for not only being an excellent teacher, but also being a friend, a positive source of encouragement, and a safe place for my 6th grader during the challenging transition of tween-hood.
Mrs. Butterfield has been aware, in tune, and on more than one occasion, has checked in with me and my 6th grader to make sure that she was doing alright and what could she do to provide better support at school. When friends are hot and cold, having a teacher who really cares about you makes all the difference for one 6th grade girl. Many, many thanks.

Nominated by: Ann Webb, parent

My son Sammy Clement has struggled with school anxiety since kindergarten. Earlier in the school year, he was bullied by some classmates, and his teacher handled the situation in an excellent manner for everyone involved. She is an amazing, dedicated, professional, and hard-working teacher who always has her students’ best interest.”

Nominated by: Karina Clement, parent

Kristine Bowles, Windsor Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Bowles has been an excellent teacher but also a friend, a positive influence, and a safe place for my 6th grader during the challenging transition of tween-hood. She has helped my daughter realize her individual goodness and inner strength. She always builds her up when the social scene of 6th grade would have done otherwise. Despite her own health challenges Mrs. Bowles shows up for her students 110%.

Nominated by: Ann Webb, parent

Kendall McCurdy, Windsor Elementary; teacher

Ms. McCurdy has been a very great teacher to all students and she always knows how to keep her kiddos on task.

Nominated by: Carolina Castro, parent

David Renda, Cedar Valley High; teacher

David is a relatively new teacher. He has surpassed expectations and is leading the World History team at CVHS with exceptional skill. He works tirelessly to help students find success. He is a team player who works hard to help other team members find success in the classroom as well. We could not educate students as well as we do without the help of David!

Nominated by: Jordin Bradshaw, district employee

Mindi Rankin, Desert Sky Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Rankin communicates well with students and parents. She is calm and patient with her students. We need more teachers with the optimism and compassion of Mrs. Rankin. She sees the good in others and voices it. Mrs. Rankin has instilled confidence in my child and others. Her classroom is organized and she runs her class efficiently and orderly.

Nominated by: Kayla Kipper, parent

Recently our son lost a personal item that was extremely important to him. Mrs. Rankin went above and beyond to not only try to find it, but then to replace it for him. It made him feel so loved! She is constantly validating his feelings and making her classroom a safe place for him to be a kid. He has loved going to school each day, and it is all because of her.”

Nominated by: Tori Nigbur, parent

I’d like to nominate Mindi Rankin for her outstanding teaching skills. Mindi goes above and beyond for her students, teaching them the basics while encouraging them to think outside the box. She’s really good at balancing learning with exploring new topics. Mindi’s passion for teaching and her creative methods make her a standout educator. She’s had a significant impact on her students’ growth and curiosity. Mindi definitely deserves recognition for all she does to make learning exciting!”

Nominated by: Mike Henrie, parent

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