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By December 30, 2014News
SAGE Testing info

Recently, scores were released for year-end tests on the Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE).  District and school results are displayed at  To better help parents understand their child’s individual student report, two documents are available here.  One is a sample of an individual student report.  This shows what to expect when your school releases individual reports on.

When studying these test results, it is important to keep in mind that this is a new benchmark and scores will improve over time as they have in the past.  ASD has a 10-year track record of increased student achievement.  When the math core was revised and a new test was administered in 2009, scores predictably dropped, but have risen ever since.  We expect the same will happen with the SAGE test.  While ASD students performed above state average (as well as above neighboring and similar districts), much more important will be how we do next year compared to our scores this year.  Proficiency in tested subjects is just one of many desired outcomes of schooling.  We have to keep testing in proper perspective–while it is important, we remain dedicated to educating the whole child so that each will become responsible, caring individuals who know how to continually learn.


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