The Alpine School District Board of Education and District Administration announce the following new administrative assignments:

Jeremy Brunner, Principal, Lehi Elementary
Kerri Hundley, Principal, Cherry Hill Elementary
Heather Slaymaker, Foothilll Elementary
Steven Fisher, Assistant Principal, Black Ridge Elem
Misty Hall, Assistant Principal, Silver Lake Elem
Cassy Lewis, Assistant Principal, Meadow Elem
Tiffinie Littlefield, Assistant Principal, Cascade Elem
Terri Rigby, Assistant Principal, Orem Elem
Kari Shirk, Assistant Principal, Viewpoint Middle
Eric Wilkes, Assistant Principal, Frontier Middle
Hannah Tindall, Assistant Principal, Lehi High
Lorrie Crandall, Assistant Principal, American Fork Jr.
Zach Nelson, Assistant Principal, Pleasant Grove High
Jason Flinders, Assistant Principal, Polaris
Kimberly Moore, Assistant Principal, Cedar Valley High
Amie Sisam, Assistant Principal, Skyridge High
Nathan Bushman, Assistant Principal, Vista Heights Middle
Mike May, Assistant Principal, Canyon View Jr. High
Matt Norman, District Athletic Director
Brandon Jackson, Assistant Director, Research & Eval
Todd Dawson, Principal, Lone Peak High
Christian Smith, Principal, Westlake High
John Wallwork, Principal, Skyridge High
John Hanks, Principal, Pleasant Grove High
Scott Sumner, Director, Assessment & PLC Coaches 7-12
Gary Twitchell, Director, Research & Evaluation
Kevin Thomas, Director, Human Resources
Peter Clarke Profile Picture
Peter Clarke, Director, Secondary Special Education
Matt King, Principal, Lehi Junior High
Dave Mower
Dave Mower, Principal, Mt. Ridge Junior High
Ryan Hemming, Principal, Dan Peterson
Misty Rocha, Principal, Belmont Elementary
Matt Killpack, Principal, Highland Elementary
Jason Crowton, Principal, Greenwood Elementary
Dan Griffey, Principal, Eagle Valley Elementary
Caroline Knadler, Principal, Barratt Elementary
Nathan Webb, Principal, Deerfield Elementary
Heather Stewart, Principal, Westfield Elementary
Lewis Young, Assist. Principal, Belmont Elementary
Scott Gonsalves, Assist. Principal, Brookhaven Elementary
Julie van Dijk, Assist. Principal, Dry Creek Elementary
Karie Cooper, Assist. Principal, Ridgeline Elementary
Canda Mortensen, Assist. Principal, Legacy Elementary
Alexis Baggett, Assist. Principal, Rocky Mountain Elementary
Miriam Richards, Assist. Principal, Northridge Elementary
Josh Yoder, Assist. Principal, Orchard Elementary
Jack Kingsford Profile Picture
Jack Kingsford, Director Elementary Special Education
Liisa Roden, Principal, Rocky Mountain Elementary
Geovanni Guzman, Principal, Trailside Elementary
Katie Bowman, Principal, Harbor Point Elementary
John Shelton, Principal, Parkside Elementary
Ana Rojas, Assist. Principal, Geneva/Suncrest Elementary
Dr. Joel Perkins, Teaching & Learning Administrator
Dr. Analis Ruiz, Equity, Inclusion, & Student Support Administrator
Annya Becerra, Director, Student Educational Equity


Please check school websites for school based resources, such as bell schedules and school meals. Employees should visit the Alpine Employe Gateway for employee specific resources. 

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