Policy 4454 | Emergency Work – Assigned Overtime Hours

By Classified Personnel
    1. The administration agrees to implement the following practices effective in the 1985-86 contract year: 
      1. Emergency Work: When classified personnel are called out for emergency work beyond their contracted hours, they will be reimbursed as follows: 
        1. Travel pay – From home to district vehicle or work site and return at the approved district rate. 
        2. Time – The hourly rate of pay shall be determined upon the actual time to complete the task plus one hour to compensate the employee for travel time. In no event will less than one (1) hour of total time be awarded.
      2. Overtime: It is the responsibility of the principal at each school and the department heads to make sure that no employee covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act works in excess of forty hours unless it is requested by the employee’s principal/supervisor. Payment of one and one-half times the regular rate must be approved by a Cabinet level administrator. 
      3. Generally, holiday work is limited to emergencies that relate to maintenance and custodial employees at the school plant. Time and a half compensation is given for working the holidays as listed without regard to the over 40 hours worked provision.
        New Years Day
        Memorial Day
        Labor Day
        Martin Luther King Day
        Independence Day
        Thanksgiving Day
        President’s Day
        Pioneer Day
        Christmas Day
    2. 1.2 The District will allocate $25,000 to this account per year.

Policy 4452 | Reduction in Force

By Classified Personnel
    1. Reduction in Force Policy – If the Board of Education, in its discretion, determines that a reduction in the number of classified employees is necessary because of lack of work, lack of funds, declining enrollments, discontinuance or substantial reduction of a particular program or service, school consolidation,or for other just reasons, such reduction shall be accomplished as follows: 
      1. Employees to be so released shall be given thirty days written notice.
      2. The order of reduction of employees will not utilize a last-hired, first-fired layoff program.
      3. The district may consider the results of a classified employee’s performance evaluation, school/department personnel needs when terminating the district’s employees under this policy.
      4. Employees who have been laid off have the right, if they so desire, to the first vacancy of equivalent hours per day in any classified department, if qualified, as determined by Personnel Policies and Procedures, for up to 180 days from the time of the reduction.If more than one laid off employee is qualified and desires the position, then only the interested and qualified laid off employees will go through the hiring process for that position.
      5. An employee who is rehired shall be placed on the salary closest to previous hourly rate, and shall be placed on one year probation without a loss of benefits.

Policy 4444 | Salary Schedule Placement

By Classified Personnel

When placing an employee on the Professional Salary Schedule, ASD will determine what the employee would have made (next step) if remained in the same job. Using that amount, ASD will then place the employee on the first step with an increase in the first lane where the job is listed on the Professional Salary Schedule. ASD will then advance the employee two steps. If appropriate, the employee will then slide across appropriate lanes at the same step according to their education.

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Policy 4443 | Contingency Funds for Appeals

By Classified Personnel

The Board agrees to maintain an appeals, performance bonus program and inservice fund at $26,000 annually. The association shall prepare a plan for awarding the performance bonuses. The plan must be submitted to the Superintendent for approval. This change shall remain in force as long as the District and Association both agree to keep it. The appeals, performance bonus and inservice fund shall be used as follows:
$5,000 for appeals fund.
$11,000 for classified employee performance bonus fund
$10,000 for inservice fund with a carry over not to exceed $20,000.

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Policy 4442 | Appeals Committee

By Classified Personnel
    1. Interim Committee Permanent Members
      1. Personnel Director of Classified Employees (or designated representative)
      2. Classified Employee Association President (or designated representative)
      3. Director, Institute for Human Resource Management, U. of U. (or designated representative)
    2. Voting Ad-Hoc Members 
      1. Administration 
      2. Classified Association 
    3. Non-Voting Advisory Members
      1. Administration 
      2. Classified Association 
    4. Recording Secretary

Policy 4441 | Documentation of Employee Performance

By Classified Personnel
    1. Documentation of an employee’s job performance is helpful in maintaining satisfactory levels of work and achievement, and in providing opportunities for planning and communication between the employee and the immediate supervisor. Job evaluations shall be conducted at a minimum of every three contract years. Provisional classified employees will be evaluated every year while provisional status is maintained.
    2. Written documentation regarding unsatisfactory job performance shall be submitted by an employee’s immediate supervisor whenever the supervisor feels it is necessary.
    3. Letters of commendation and other written reports to document outstanding job performance are also encouraged.All awards given from district budget (Policy #4443-Performance Bonus Program) will be copied and added to employee personnel files.
    4. All performance documentation letters or reports shall be submitted to the personnel office for placement in the employee’s personnel file.
    5. Before submission of any performance documentation letters or reports, each employee shall have an opportunity to review them, sign them, and to keep a copy. Such signatures indicate only that the employee has read the materials and is aware of the contents.
    6. If the employee feels that any performance documentation submitted by the immediate supervisor is incomplete, inaccurate, or unfair, the employee shall have the right to submit to the personnel office within ten working days the employee’s own written statement which shall also be placed in the file. The employee shall give a copy of such statement to the immediate supervisor.

Policy 4440 | Job Study Program

By Classified Personnel
    1. The Alpine School District is committed to the process of job analysis and job evaluation to determine compensable factors that have the power to establish relative values of all jobs in the organization. Any departure from this approach shall weaken the plan and increase the time of management spent on pay decisions.
    2. The District shall make every effort to insure that this pay system is maintained on an annual basis. The entire system must be adjusted annually to reflect the local labor market responses to cost of living (this may not always equal the Consumer Price Index).
    3. No employee, as a result of this pay system, shall experience a decrease in pay. Measures for bringing individual jobs into line with the system shall be worked out over time to minimize individual hardship.
    4. The District shall assign the responsibility for pay plan administration to the Personnel Director for Classified Employees. It shall be the responsibility of this individual to see that job changes are evaluated as to impact on specific jobs and to coordinate all employee appeals as outlined under that section below (Section 1.9). The Personnel Director shall:
      1. Gather needed information, do needed research, prepare agendas, keep minutes and notify employees of actions taken. It shall be this individual’s responsibility to hear complaints, receive new job descriptions, write new job descriptions when appropriate, prepare information for presentation to the Appeals Committee.
      2. Keep personnel files updated with respect to salary issues. This should include performance review data justifying proposed changes in pay or justifying no change in pay. This shall provide a back-up for EEO investigations or potential civil actions.
      3. Accumulate, analyze and file for reference, data concerning salaries paid in the markets that represent each key job. This shall be of great value in the annual pay negotiations.
      4. Be thoroughly acquainted with all federal, state, and local legislation dealing with salary administration.
    5. This District commits itself to comply with all federal, state, and local laws that deal with employment and salary administration. The district shall exercise reasonable diligence in meeting its commitments to affirmative action.
    6. The District shall maintain current job descriptions for all salaried employees showing required activities, job requirements, responsibilities and conditions.
    7. The District shall communicate the salary plan to all covered employees clearly and completely. Each employee shall have access to his/her job description, job requirements and pay range that represents the lane in which the employee is located. Supervisors shall be encouraged to direct the attention of employees to those documents, and to indicate that only a change in the job description and job requirements can result in a change in job value.
    8. Twelve steps shall be established to each lane. District officials shall decide the appropriate hiring step based on the qualifications of the person being considered (Refer to Policy No. 4444). The employee shall be advanced yearly on July 1.
    9. If an employee feels that his or her job description does not adequately reflect the major responsibilities and duties actually assigned, or if the job has changed substantially since the job description was written, the employee may file an appeal requesting that the job description be revised and that the salary lane classification of the job be reviewed. If the District Board of Education or Superintendent decides to create a new job or revise existing jobs, the job description shall be written and submitted through the Appeals Committee for evaluation and lane placement.
      1. When an employee decides to appeal perceived discrepancies in his or her job description, the employee must first obtain a copy of the current job description and an appeal form from the District Human Resource Office or from the Employee Association representative. In filling out the form and filing the appeal, the employee has the obligation to provide sufficient reason and substantiation for making the appeal, by submitting all applicable documentation. Before submitting the completed appeals form to the District Human Resource Office, the employee must secure the signatures of both the Employee Association representatives and the immediate supervisor. In signing the form, the representatives and the supervisor must indicate whether or not they believe the changes recommended by the employee would make the job description more accurate.
      2. Upon receipt of the appeals form, the Director of Human Resources or his designee shall review with the District administration the changes in job description proposed by the employee. This step is particularly important in view of the fact that any changes in a job description could affect all employees working in that job classification, not just the employee who filed the appeal. If the proposed changes do not accurately describe actual job requirements, the Personnel Office may attempt to resolve the appeal at this point by administrative clarification of the duties intended, or not intended, for this position. If the appeal cannot be resolved by administrative action, the Personnel Office shall forward the appeal to the Job Appeal Committee, along with any suggestions the Personnel Office may wish to make regarding the appeal and the job description
      3.  In order to insure objectivity and a thorough review of the job appeal process, the District agrees to provide and fund a third-party consultant who will train committee members and participate as a member of the Job Appeal Committee.
    10. The Appeals Committee shall meet once every other year to review and act upon the submitted job appeals. The regular meeting shall be scheduled as early in the school year as is practicable. The Job Appeal Committee shall schedule as many meetings as necessary to thoroughly review all job appeals. The Appeals Committee shall consist of seven members. 
      1. Director of Human Resource or designee, and two administrators chosen by the district representing administration
      2. Employee Association president and two members chosen by the association representing employees
      3. Third-party consultant
      4. The roll of the third-party consultant shall be to consult and advise other members of the committee. However, to insure against a stalemate and committee ineffectiveness, the third party recommendation shall be followed in the event of a tie vote. The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be binding, and shall be communicated in writing to the employee who filed the appeal.
    11. Action on Appeals Committee decisions shall be subject to yearly budget considerations. All recommendation of the Appeals Committee shall be funded from a negotiated contingency fund, provided that:
      1. If approved appeal costs exceed the budgeted contingency fund, the funds shall be equally shared among all of those who are to receive level advancements. 
      2. In the event that the contingency fund is entirely depleted, appealed cases requiring lane changes shall be adjusted in the new contract year, provided negotiated contingency funds are available.
      3. Salary lane classifications resulting from appeals shall become effective on the date of the Appeals Committee approval. In exceptional circumstances the Appeals Committee may set a different date.
      4. In the event of an employee being promoted to another pay lane, the policy shall be that the employee shall, at a minimum, retain his current salary so that no pay shall be lost.
      5. As a goal, the District shall attempt to establish some kind of performance measures to recognize individuals who are contributing more than their job description requirements. A fund shall be established and made available to supervisors to award (within limits) annual, semi or quarterly bonus payments to such individuals. This should be an improvement over a system that advances people on the basis of seniority or length of service.
    12. Employees wishing to advance within the organization must meet the basic job requirements of the position they seek. Also, the District-seeking job applicants, from outside the District, shall use the job description designed in this study to describe the advertised job openings. New recruits must meet the standards for employment set by this study. This in no way restricts management from making changes in these job descriptions as the technology and circumstances dictate. 
    13. The District shall perform an audit of the salary plan at least every ten years to determine, among other things: 
      1. The currency and accuracy of job descriptions 
      2. The extent to which the appeal system is working
      3. The currency and accuracy of job evaluation
      4. Salary competitiveness
    14. Employees wishing to advance within the organization must meet the basic job requirements of the position they seek. Also, the District-seeking job applicants, from outside the District, shall use the job description designed in this study to describe the advertised job openings. New recruits must meet the standards for employment set by this study. This in no way restricts management from making changes in these job descriptions as the technology and circumstances dictate. 
    15. The District shall perform an audit of the salary plan at least every five years beginning in 2020-2021 school year to determine, among other things:
      1. The currency and accuracy of job descriptions
      2. The extent to which the appeal system is working
      3. The currency and accuracy of job evaluation 
      4. Salary competitiveness

Policy 4433 | Suspension Procedure

By Classified Personnel
  1. The active service of an employee may be suspended with, or without pay pending an investigation or hearing when it is evident that the continued employment of the individual may be harmful to the students or to the District. Written notice of suspension is prepared by the superintendent or a designee and shall be hand delivered, or mail by certified mail to the last know address, to the employee being suspended. The letter must state the reasons for suspension and advise the employee of his/her right to request a hearing. If suspension is without pay, and if the employee is subsequently exonerated, complete back pay must be awarded. Fringe benefits shall not be terminated during suspension 

    1. Appeal of Suspension
      Should an employee wish to appeal a suspension, he/she may submit to the Superintendent or the Human Resource Office, within 10 working days, a written statement of appeal and request an informal hearing. 
    2. Within ten working days the Superintendent or his designee shall contact the employee and schedule an informal hearing. This hearing is not intended to be a forum for legal counsel or witnesses. The hearing shall be conducted in order to determine if the suspension is appropriate. 1.2.1 The informal hearing officer shall within five working days prepare a written response to the employee informing him/her of the final decision relative to the suspension.

Policy 4432 | Orderly Termination Policy for Classified and Provisional Personnel

By Classified Personnel
    1. Definition of Terms 
      1. CAREER EMPLOYEE: Any employee who has completed three or more consecutive successful years of contracted employment in Alpine School District. Employees with prior service in the district may also be classified as career employees as outlined in below. Such individuals have a reasonable expectation of continued employment. Hourly employees that have earned a contract based on service hours will be considered a career employee. (see policy 4456 2.0).
      2. PROVISIONAL EMPLOYEE: An employee who has served less than three full consecutive years in the district. A provisional employee does not have an expectation of continued employment beyond the immediate contract term.
        1. Any employee who returns to Alpine School District with at least two years of successful contracted experience in the job they are returning to may be moved to the career employee status upon the written recommendation of their supervising administrator after one year of successful provisional status.
        2. An hourly employee with at least two years of successful employment with ASD immediately prior to being awarded a contract position, may be moved to the career employee status upon the written recommendation of their supervising administrator after two years of successful provisional status. 
        3. Only regular contracted employment in Alpine School District may be used for purposes of establishing number of years of prior experience. 
      3. EMPLOYEE: All contracted classified personnel of the school district.
      4. PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEE: A career employee who, because of unsatisfactory performance, is placed in a probationary status for the purpose of remediation. Employees on probation will have an annual review to evaluate the probationary status. Appropriate levels of improvement will require the employee to be removed from probation.
      5. CONTRACT TERM: The period of time during which an employee is engaged by the school district under a contract of employment, whether oral or written. Contract term is the effective date on employee’s contract.
      6. TERMINATION OR DISMISSAL: Termination or Dismissal means:
        1. Termination of the status of employment of an employee; 
        2. Failure to renew the employment of a career employee;
        3. Reduction in basic salary of an employee which is not generally applied to all employees of the same category employed in the school district during the employee’s contract term; or
        4. Change of assignment of an employee with an accompanying reduction in basic salary pay, unless the assignment change and basic salary reduction are agreed to in writing by the employee.
      1. If the superintendent determines that a provisional employee will not be offered a contract, or retained on provisional status, for the following year, written notice of the same will be given to the provisional employee. The superintendent or a designee shall hand deliver the notice to the employee or send it by certified mail to the person’s last known address. The notice shall be delivered at least two months prior to the end of the contract term. 
      2. A provisional employee may be terminated for cause during the contract. Whenever a provisional employee is terminated for cause during the contract term then the school district shall follow the termination for cause procedures set forth in paragraph 4.0 of this policy.
      3. Nothing in this policy shall be construed to require the school district to complete evaluations or a successful remediation prior to termination of a provisional employee’s employment. Nothing herein shall be construed to grant any provisional employee an expectation of continued employment beyond the immediate contract term.
      4. A provisional employee does not have a right to grieve the Alpine School District’s decision to not offer a contract for the following school year. Provisional employees do not have an expectation of continued employment beyond the end of the current contract term.

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