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July 2020

Petroglyph on Red Rock

Title VI

By Student Educational Equity

Federally funded program to enrich the education of American Indian and Alaskan Native students by supplementing with educational support and cultural programs to help in a student’s overall success of their educational experience and learning.

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Policy 9092 | District Calendar

By School Board

Because the coordination of activities, including calendaring, is an administrative function, the Board of Education delegates to the superintendent the responsibility for the preparation and distribution of the district calendar. The superintendent shall appoint a committee consisting of lay and professional members to develop the calendar and make recommendations to the Board of Education. In developing the calendar, the committee shall use the guidelines established by the Utah State Board of Education and the Alpine School District Board of Education. The calendar recommendations of the committee are for a year–three years in advance. The Alpine School District Board of Education reserves final authority for approval of the calendar.

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Policy 9088 | Remuneration and Expense

By School Board

The members of each Board of Education shall fix the compensation to be received for their services (as ruled in Utah Code 53a-3-202)and each board member shall be required to submit an itemized account of traveling expense sworn to by him and approved by the Board. And provided furthermore by majority vote of the membership, any board of education may, in its discretion, authorize the payment of such additional sums for travel expense as it deems reasonable to any board member who attends any educational meeting or convention outside the limits of his school district.

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Policy 9086 | Memberships

By School Board

Memberships in State and National School Boards Associations are provided by the Board of Education and attendance and participation by individual members is encouraged. Actual expenses of a member or members shall be allowed from District funds.

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Policy 9084 | Vacancies

By School Board

The Board of Education is hereby required to fill any vacancy that may occur through non-residence or any other cause until the next school election for a member or members of the board in the school representative precinct where such vacancy has occurred. If any board of education fails for a period of 30 days to appoint a person to fill the vacancy, the county commission, or city commission in case of a city district, shall fill the vacancy.

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Registration is postponed until further notice.

Steps to Register


View the Clear Creek Camp Schedule in the “Registration FAQs” document. We recommend selecting a few dates in case your first choice sells out.


Once registration is open, click “Eventbrite Registration” and select the date of your choice.


Fill in all requested student registration information and pay the required registration fee.


Complete Student Information & Health Form.