November 29 Nominees

Thelma Davis, Bonneville Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Davis helped my son last year more than she will ever know. She made him love school again! She is kind, patient, understanding, willing to try new things, knowledgeable and so so good with sensory/ADD issues. Mrs Davis is an amazing teacher.

Nominated by: Jenny Yancey, parent

Lizzie Stamper, Black Ridge Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Stamper continually goes out of her way for her students and their families. She cares about her students’ lives outside of school, and supports them in their interests. Mrs. Stamper makes kids feel like they are important and capable of reaching their goals. She greets everyone with a smile and a positive attitude.

Nominated by: Emilee Wheiler, parent

Megan Pachner, North Point Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Pachner is amazing! She is kind, caring, loving, motivating and makes the kids want to be at school and want to learn. My daughter loves her and is thriving in school because of her!”

Nominated by: Kyleen Erekson, parent

Steve Millward, North Point Elementary; teacher

Mr. Millward is amazing! My son is thriving in school and absolutely loves going because of him. He has the best communication and motivation for the students and does everything he can to help them succeed. The best teacher!

Nominated by: Kyleen Erekson, parent

Marie Glahn, Orem High; teacher

Mrs. Glahn is an amazing teacher. She encourages, teaches and supports every single kid in her classroom. She goes way out of her way to look after each student. She will give more than her school time, including her personal time to support her kids and has a life dedication for them. She knows how to handle it situations in a positive fun and happy way.

Nominated by: Rocío Tenorio, parent

Osvaldo Pacheco, Orem High; teacher

Mr. Pacheco is very inspirational to my son. I’ve seen a lot of good changes in him. He wants to follow in Mr. Pacheco’s footsteps and become a teacher. I think this is great!

Nominated by: Tanya Turner Downs, parent

Staci James, Centennial Elementary; teacher

“Excelente maestra, tiene una vocación increíble, y muestra apoyo importante en los niños.”

“Excellent teacher, she has an incredible vocation, and shows important support for the children.”

Nominated by: Karla Fuentes, parent


Nominated by: Kristen Haggard, parent

Rebecca Bragg, Cedar Valley High; teacher

“Mrs. Rebecca really cares about her students and their parents. I can tell she’s tired at times, however she will still send me a quick email to support both my son & me. We work well as a teacher parent team and I really appreciate Mrs. Rebecca.

Nominated by: Krystle Shaw, parent

Susanne Schmutz, Harvest Elementary; teacher

“My daughter has always done well in school, but her 3rd grade year was a hard year for her. She started feeling more anxiety and kept calling home saying she was sick. She started not liking school. Then when she was in 4th grade, Mrs. Schmutz helped my daughter feel valued and loved. Her love for school came back and I will be forever grateful for the impact she had on my daughter!

Nominated by: Jack Pay, parent

Christine Young, Foothill Elementary; teacher

“Mrs. Young is a remarkable kindergarten teacher. We are so grateful our son has her to guide him in his first year of school. She is attentive, kind, fun and has the most loving smile! Our son looks forward to school every day and comes home with a big smile on his face, and lots of stories about his time with Mrs. Young. Thank you for your dedication to our children; you are such a blessing to this family!

Nominated by: Erin Lifton, parent

Lindsey Bradford, Fox Hollow Elementary; teacher

“Miss Bradford is the most amazing teacher. She puts so much time into her classroom, students learning and making sure that each of her students and their parents feel important to her. She puts in extra hours to make sure that she gives her students the best education they can have while in her classroom.

Nominated by: Sherri Bradford, parent

John Brown, Skyridge High; teacher

“John Brown is the drama teacher at Skyridge. I’m amazed at his ability to help students grow and develop as performers and as individuals. He loves what he does. He puts in countless extra hours for these teens. It’s not just that he’s a talented director and teacher. Even if he and his students hadn’t taken first place at three competitions last year, the love and support he gives his students, the experiences they have, and the connections they make would still make it worth it to me to have my children learn from and work with him.

Nominated by: Becky Jones, parent

Tommie Valentine, American Fork High; teacher

“Tommie is inspiring! She is an energetic teacher. She is always going the extra mile to help her students and to encourage them to learn. She is also a Student Council advisor and spends countless hours encouraging and helping our students lead. She always has a smile on her face, and makes people feel loved. Tommie is one of those teachers every school wants. She’s positive, kind, and connected with her peers, and students. She represents our schools motto PROUD. She is Persistent, Respectful, Openminded, United, and Dependable. She models this to her students. She is the BEST!

Nominated by: Mary Scharman, district employee

Crystal Nielsen, Viewpoint Middle; teacher

“Crystal is an incredible teacher! She creates an environment of comfort, learning, and connection with her 7th grade students. She actively looks for ways to captivate all her learners. She is a great example and mentor to those seeking connection-based positive classroom management strategies. It is a joy to work alongside her.

Nominated by: Madison Albach, parent

Margie Stringam, American Fork High; student advocate

“Margie is a student advocate and what sets her apart from others that I have had the privilege to work with is her sincere and genuine interest in the well-being of the students. She learns the students names and then finds out their interests, goals, needs and talents and from that takes the important information to advocate for them. She lets the staff know of needs of students, which helps with their jobs! I have heard several students say that the reason they graduated was because of Margie. AFHS students and staff are very lucky to have her in their corner.

Nominated by: Leslie Warr, district employee

Heather Layman, Viewpoint Middle; teacher

“Heather Layman works tirelessly to ensure that all special education students are well supported here at Viewpoint. Heather offers a structured and safe environment for all of her students. Heather is always willing to offer a helping hand to students and teachers. I am grateful to have Heather as a coworker, mentor, and friend.

Nominated by: Madison Albach, district employee

Hayley Brown, Vineyard Elementary; teacher

“Hayley is an amazing kindergarten teacher who helps brand-new students feel comfortable and excited about going to school. She is patient and loving and creates a wonderful atmosphere in her classroom. I have had three children go through her class, and each has had such a wonderful experience.

Nominated by: Katie Lamb, parent

Cassandra Barney, Orem High; teacher

“Cassandra is an amazing teacher and a wonderful person to work with. She is able to instill a love of art into her students and is a talented professional artist. Students always feel comfortable and needed in her classroom. I’m so glad that she is at Orem High and that I am able to work with her.

Nominated by: Gina Tuttle, district employee

Melissa Rowley, Westmore Elementary; secretary

“Melissa came to the office to save the day every day. She’s very efficient and most of all she’s kind to everyone. Parents, students, and visitors are always welcomed with a smile. The office is more organized and efficient thanks to her amazing skills. We love Melissa!

Nominated by: Marcela Olsen, district employee

Melissa is remarkable because of her efficiency and skill and makes the lives of everyone around her substantially easier. She is dependable, responsible, and maintains the trust of Westmore’s staff and community with her professionalism. Melissa’s warm and bright personality is readily apparent and a true inspiration to everyone she meets. Her ability to empathize and encourage makes her a safe and trusted person to lean on in good times and in bad times. Everything about the way Melissa approaches her work highlights the selflessness she possesses, and she rarely misses an opportunity to serve.”

Nominated by: Alema Tauiliili, district employee

Melissa is a fantastic part of our office! She responds quickly to the needs of our school and students. She is a cheerful face who is trusted by all members of our school. We are so lucky to have Melissa front and center at our school!”

Nominated by: Emmalee Brittain, district employee

Melissa greets everyone with a smile. Her positive interactions affect everyone in the school since she is the face you see when you enter the office. She is quick in spreading information to the staff in a kind and uplifting way (even how to change your phone message). She follows up on anything that needs it and is ready and willing to help out and get things done. Melissa makes our school a better and happier place and we are so glad she is here.”

Nominated by: Brooke Price, district employee

Tavita Sagapolu, Skyridge High; teacher

“Mr. Sagapolu is one of my son’s school teachers. He goes above & beyond to help my son succeed in any way that he can. I can tell he is passionate about teaching & truly cares about students at Skyridge High. Mr. Sagapolu doesn’t know this but we admire & appreciate his hard work & dedication for our son and other students. Before school hours & after school hours he is always willing to stay back & help students. We need more teachers like this in the world. Thank you Mr. Sagapolu, your hard work in the classroom & on the football field does not go unnoticed.

Nominated by: Renata Benjamin, parent

My son is autistic and has Type 1 diabetes and needs a lot of extra help and considerations. Mr. Sagapolu has been beyond understanding and helpful with him through the past three years and has helped him to feel as though he belongs and can succeed. I’m very grateful for all he has done.

Nominated by: Bridget Johnson, parent

Staci Gaines, Mount Mahogany Elementary; secretary

“Staci is by far one of the kindest people I have ever met. She’s gone above and beyond the call of duty for our family, and without her help with paperwork and transfers we would have been completely lost. She’s kind, selfless and loves everyone like they are her own family.

Nominated by: Kara Siebach, parent

Mrs. Gaines is amazing! We first met her when my daughter was in Kindergarten. Mrs. Gaines would meet all the children at the fence with a smile and kind attitude. She now works in the office and is so helpful and sweet to the parents and children. She truly cares about each child and helps in any way she can. My children love going in the office just to say hi to her. Thank you, Mrs. Gaines, for always having a smile on your face and helping the children feel loved!”

Nominated by: Krista Hardman, parent

Kristen Olsen, Rocky Mountain Elementary; teacher

“Kristen’s level of attention given to each of the special needs child in her care is remarkable. Kristen’s daily notes let me know that she is aware of my child’s needs and when they are not at their best. She has inspired me to see how much more capable my child is. Her high expectations combined with her support have helped my child do things I thought were a long ways off.

Nominated by: Steve Elliott, parent

Amelia Evensen, Lakeridge Junior; teacher

“She is an amazing teacher that knows how to manager time and get things done. She treats her students like normal people and doesn’t talk down to them. She really fun and kind hearted. She makes students feel like they can ask her for help and she makes every student feel welcome. She has made my time at Lakeridge so amazing and I am so grateful for her.

Nominated by: Adele Krebs, student

Amanda Ruiz, Pony Express Elementary; aide

“Amanda is superwoman! She works as an aide in our Life Skills class which is an extremely challenging and rewarding job. Amanda sees a need or a problem and immediately takes action to fill the need and solve the problem. She goes above and beyond her call of duty, looking up ideas, activities, and bringing games and toys from home for the students she works with. She is ALWAYS thinking about how she can help her students have the best school experience. Her ever present smile, words of encouragement and happy outlook on life are magnetic. She makes the room better because she is in it.

Nominated by: Kim Toner, district employee

Lee Ann Elzey, American Fork Junior; counselor

“Mrs. Elzey is so caring. My daughter started AFJH this year. She struggles with general anxiety and social anxiety. Mrs. Elzey has made a huge difference helping my daughter cope and come up with creative solutions for her. Mrs. Elzey keeps me informed and truly cares about the students at AFJH. I don’t know how we would be able navigate this milestone without her help.

Nominated by: Jenny C Limb, parent

Melissa Maria de Camargo, Rocky Mountain Elementary; teacher

“This teacher left her home country, Brazil, to inspire and teach through culture values a second language. Portuguese is the 5th most spoken language in the world and she has shared her expertise with both 3rd and 1st graders in our State DLI Program.

Nominated by: Manuela Coelho, parent

Tara Otteson, Black Ridge Elementary teacher

“I love Mrs. O because she’s kind, funny, and great at teaching. I know that she cared about me and the whole class. For Christmas, she made the whole class crocheted axolotls. She makes learning fun and is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

Nominated by: Vienna Holtom, student

Derick Milne, Westlake High; teacher

“Derick cares about his students and co-workers more than any person I’ve worked with in any job. Ever. He comes early, stays late, tutors during lunch, checks grades, analyzes data, trains new teachers, accepts all necessary tasks, and keeps a smile on his face. Further, the students who take his reading class score higher on the ACT reading test than many students without a reading disability. He is a caring, ambitious, effective educator and a pleasure to work with.

Nominated by: DeAnn Anderton, district employee

Chad Baker, Sage Hills Elementary; teacher

“I like that Mr. Baker is funny, and is nice. He taught us a song called Hey Ho Nobody home, that was really fun. Plus, he likes Baby Yoda!

Nominated by: Atlas Holtom, student

Brandon Pace, Clear Creek; custodian

“From the time our kids stepped off the bus at Clear Creek, Brandon was there to help with anything and everything we needed. He even took the time to build our campfire for us while we were hiking. He was happy to help and fun to be around. We really appreciated his willingness to help.

Nominated by: Deanna Mendez, district employee



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