March 20 – RISE Nominations

Julie Gurr, Traverse Mountain Elementary; Innovative Learning Coach

Ms. Gurr is one of the most amazing teachers my son has had yet! She goes beyond and above to make sure my child is succeeding. She cares and she shows it and she is so patient. She truly is a wonderful teacher and I’m grateful for her.

Nominated by: Jessica Jenkins, parent

Mikail Vance, Mount Mahogany Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Vance has been an amazing help with my son through so many different situations. She has one on one time with him after school on Fridays to help with any questions he may have. I’ve had good teachers but she is fantastic and goes above and beyond.

Nominated by: Taylor Parkinson, parent

Laite Miller, Mount Mahogany Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Miller adapts to kids’ needs, cares deeply about all her school kids, works hard to provide the best education possible for the kids, and truly has done so much to support my wife, who has been an aide for her.

Nominated by: Zachary Larkin, parent

Jim Hemingway, Liberty Hills Elementary; custodian

To know Mr. Jim is to love him. Jim is so much more than our head custodian. While he does his assigned duties above and beyond any expectations, he also steps in where needed throughout the school. Kids know him and respect him. They light up when he is in the room. Jim deserves the RISE award because he does not do any of this for the accolades. He serves the kids, teachers, and other faculty members because he cares about them.

Nominated by: Megan Rincon, district employee

Elizabeth Wiethop, Eagle Valley Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Wiethop has been a wonderful resource teacher for my daughter these past two years. She has helped her grow and enjoy going to her resource classes. She makes learning fun and helps my daughter understand in ways that work specifically for her. She has built a connection with my daughter and truly cares and wants her to succeed and meet her goals. I have seen her do this with all her students! Thanks for being wonderful!

Nominated by: Sheryl Milne, parent and district employee

Nanette Jensen, Orem Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Jensen is such an awesome teacher. She is trying to help prepare the students for junior high and high school and life. I love how she makes learning fun and does many hands-on projects. She has great passion, knowledge and creativity. She really loves the students, and they know they are loved. Mrs. Jensen has a strong relationship with her students and is warm, available, and kind. She reaches out to the parents by email often and has great communication with the parents. She is a fair teacher with great expectations and a positive attitude.”

Nominated by: Mimi Petty, parent

Sara Workman, Legacy Elementary; teacher

To reach Earth, starlight must travel through atmospheric turbulence that affects it’s trajectory yet, the rays from the source never waver. Sara Workman, a 6th-grade teacher at Legacy Elementary, is like starlight. Her positivity unwaveringly shines in every interaction she has with students despite turbulence caused by their behavior or attitude. Sara consistently communicates in positive ways that validate imperfect student efforts and affirm the high standards she expects from them. When you hear Sara speak to her students, you get the feeling that, to her, every one of them is perfect.

Nominated by: Cecilia Carter, district employee

Sara Workman is a master teacher who goes above and beyond for each of her students. Two of my children were in her sixth grade class and the love, confidence and skills that she poured into them not only prepared them well for junior high, but for life. She has high expectations and her students rise to meet the challenge, even those several grades behind. She also uses her abundant energy to direct the school chorus after school. The students adore her! She is the best kind of teacher a student can have. We are grateful to have her at Legacy Elementary!”

Nominated by: Danya Paxman, district employee

Kim Randall, Harvest Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Kim makes sure that her students don’t slip through the cracks. She met with me about my concerns with my daughter–both small and large–and connected me to resources when I didn’t know how to get the support my preschooler needed. She’s proactive and tireless.

Nominated by: Laura Henriksen, parent

Julie Bailey, American Fork High; teacher

Julie and the AFHS Biology Team went above and beyond to help their district colleagues with a lab supply crisis. My team at Lake Mountain had a Biology lab scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving and the extremely specific supplies for the lab were delayed yet again. We had already delayed the lab multiple times and were at a point in our scope and sequence where we were going to have to cancel the lab. Julie and her team not only volunteered to send us their extra supplies – they even made us an extra batch!”

Nominated by: Kerrianne Sabey, district employee

Erin Farrar, Windsor Elementary; teacher

Ms. Farrar is a kindergarten teacher who is willing to help, reach others and serve her students every day!”

Nominated by: Graciela Herrera, district employee

Robin Cameron, Orem Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Cameron goes above and beyond to make her students experience with education positive. She focuses on positive reinforcement in a big way. My child has never been so self motivated to complete her homework on her own because she wants to earn “Fun Friday”. She also encourages peer to peer positive relationships by celebrating the other students in a way that builds friendship and not competition. She along with other 3rd grade teachers put on a big event each year that is extra and in top of their required teaching called Polar Express. It’s a huge event. Learning is huge.

Nominated by: Breelyn Vanleeuwen, parent

Kevin Dickerson, American Fork Junior; teacher

Mr. Dickerson is the best biology teacher/science teacher ever. He loves his students very much he is a great teacher to have.

Nominated by: Nathan Kunze, student

Taylie Thomas, American Fork Junior; teacher

Ms. Thomas is the best English teacher, and she really loves her students and she really loves teaching English.

Nominated by: Nathan Kunze, student

Sandi West, Orem Elementary; teacher

Mrs. West is a phenomenal teacher. My son has always liked school, but was a bit bored last year. Now having joined Mrs. West’s A.L.L. class, he is ecstatic when tomorrow is Monday, loves studying for his spelling tests, has become an avid reader, and gets in the car energized and happy at the end of every day. Mrs. West’s expectations and the rigor of her curriculum is high, and she pushes the students to do hard things. I truly appreciate that. I believe she is teaching them invaluable skills, while at the same time providing a classroom full of warmth, belonging, and friendship.

Nominated by: Ashley Haug, parent

Cammie Seal, Snow Springs Elementary; teacher

Not only is Cammie an exceptional teacher who ensures that students are learning and growing each day in her physical education classes, she has been paramount in helping unify Snow Springs by working with students in the Life Skills class. Her approach is warm, but she keeps high expectations of her students.

Nominated by: Bryan Boothe, district employee

Liz Ash, Lehi Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Ash is one of the BEST people I know. She is an amazing 1st grade teacher. She is so patient and kind and fun. She is an amazing friend and always puts others first! But most of all she is the BEST with my special needs students. She is so inclusive, has clearly taught her students how to love and accept everyone. She never makes us feel like an inconvenience or burden. She is always excited to see my kids and helps them be excited to come. She adapts and helps us in any and every way. All of these things are actually so incredibly rare and so needed! We love Mrs. Ash!

Nominated by: Makenna Haycock, district employee

April Hunt, North Point Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Hunt is amazing! she has the best accent, she cares for all of us, and she wants us to interact and care about each other. When we get in trouble, she holds us accountable for our actions and is good at calming us down when we get heated at each other. The best parts about her is that she teaches in fun ways, she sympathizes really easy, and she makes time for us when we need it.

Nominated by: Calla Cotterell, student

Mrs. Hunt is incredible at teaching, helps me when I struggle, and makes me laugh. She helps us when we feel sad, and she is just upright funny. I’m so very glad that she’s my teacher.”

Nominated by: Elsie Osmani, student

Hannah Widman, North Point Elementary; teacher

Miss Widman may not be my teacher but when she comes by she’s always happy and fun. She’s great with kids and I so wish she was my teacher.

Nominated by: Ashley Gepford, student

Ms. Widman is the best! She has gone out of her way to help my son. He struggles in school and she has gone above and beyond to help him feel successful. She is kind and thoughtful and has been a huge support system for me and my son. She creates a classroom full of love and confidence. I am so grateful he gets to have her as his teacher.”

Nominated by: Emily Gibbons, parent

Brittany Loveland, Harbor Point Elementary; lunchroom manager

Brittany cares so much about the students and does her best every day to give them yummy and healthy food! She also creates such a welcome and fun work environment!

Nominated by: Alyssa Bertele, district employee

Erica Decker, Fox Hollow Elementary; teacher

Erica is full of passion and energy for teaching. She is very exciting to learn from as a teacher and a student. Her love of teaching is evident in her lessons. Erica is dedicated to seeing her students learn and grow. She never makes a decision without consulting data and research. She is truly exemplary in her skills, ability, and love of teaching.

Nominated by: Katie Shakespear, district employee

Ruth Bourne, Westfield Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Bourne is an incredible teacher. She has a unique way with her students and can recognize immediately if there is an issue she needs to address. The first week of school, she noticed that my daughter was severly behind and needed a lot of help. She ensured that her aide worked with her one on one and that she put in all of the time that she could to help her get back up to grade level. We aren’t there yet, but I know with her help we will get there. We are sad that she is retiring this year as she is such an amazing asset to our school.

Nominated by: AnnMarie Gordon, student

Mrs. Bourne cares so much for each of her students. Former students will come visit her because they miss and care about her, and she welcomes them by name with open arms. In addition, her classroom is organized and a place of learning but also a classroom of fun and excitement. Two of my children have had her so far and not only does she teach knowledge, but she focuses on skills and dispositions too. Mrs. Bourne loves her students and her students love her.”

Nominated by: Dan Biolo, parent

Diana Otterstrom, Lindon Elementary; administrative assistant

Diana goes out of her way to make you feel like you are walking into a good friend’s home when you enter the office. She greets everyone with a smile and personal connection, and knows all the students and families so well. She has always made an effort to help our family feel welcome and settled in over many years, and all of our kids going through Lindon Elementary. Our family is one of the many who are grateful for Diana’s efforts to make Lindon a warm and welcoming place to attend!

Nominated by: Ashley Patterson, parent

Richard Bateman, Mountain Ridge Junior; teacher

I’ve been so happy with my son’s experience in beginning band this year. I was really nervous about whether or not he would like it, but he likes it a lot and has really felt challenged and enjoyed learning to play the French horn. He even willingly practices! I was really impressed with how far he’s come in just these last two months. The concert earlier this year was also really fun. Thank you for making band challenging and fun for my son!”

Nominated by: Wendi Jensen, parent

Taylor Gaudi, Cascade Elementary; teacher

Taylor is an amazing leader at Cascade. She is kind to all students and faculty and is an amazing example to me of someone who makes Alpine School District RISE. I am grateful to work with Taylor!

Nominated by: district employee

Hannah Taylor, Lakeridge Junior; Intervention Specialist and PLC Coach

Hannah is a powerful leader, teacher, and thinker at our school. In every aspect of her job she works hard to improve learning and success for all students. She has helped build a powerful intervention system at our school and runs targeted interventions for our most at-risk students daily. Because of her work, dedication, and tireless efforts every student and every adult at Lakeridge benefits. Thank you, Hannah!

Nominated by: Ben Carter, district employee

Cara Hansen, Belmont Elementary; teacher

This is our second son to have Ms. Hansen and we are thrilled to have her again. She is such a caring and intuitive teacher. She uses humor and intelligence to interact with her 6th graders and they love it. Her classroom is a happy and safe place to learn and we appreciate what she has done for our family and so many others.

Nominated by: Michelle Bradbury, teacher

Steve Strong, Canyon View Junior; teacher

Mr. Strong is the epitome of what RISE stands for. He welcomes students to his classroom at all times and makes them feel valued. He cares about the students individually and looks out for them. My daughter and her friends always know they can go to Mr. Strong for anything; he’ll make them laugh and give them a treat. They always know they matter because Mr. Strong encourages them and supports them. It’s so great to have a teacher like that at the school so the kids have someone to turn to that makes them feel good about themselves.

Nominated by: Luisa Gough, parent

When I went to Mr. Strong’s CCA class for 7th grade, I didn’t know what to expect. But, he gave us really fun ways of learning and even gave us a Spa Day for a cosmetology unit! I told people how awesome he was and that they were definitely going to have such an amazing time with his class. Mr. Strong never fails to put a smile on his students faces.”

Nominated by: Alec Baehler, student

Jalaire Terry, Dry Creek Elementary; teacher

“Mrs. Terry is an awesome 3rd grade teacher and is funny and kind. She never gives up on her students and taught me how to write in cursive. She is teaching my younger sister and she loves her. Mrs. Terry is really good at teaching math because she makes it fun which causes everyone to want to answer the next question. She has class money which she gives out to people who are being good and has awesome prizes. She also has a monthly coloring contest which is really fun and holiday themed.”

Nominated by: Peter Hogue, student

Phyllis Patten, River Rock Elementary; teacher

I have really appreciated my son’s teacher this year, Mrs Patlan. She has been so wonderful in reassuring my son that he is doing well in the subjects that he thinks he is bad at. She’s patient and kind. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about her. She communicates amazing when I have questions. She really cares for the students and always talks so highly of her class. I’m grateful for her more than she knows. I’ve never had a teacher who has cared so kick about my students wellbeing. She’s kind and so helpful when I have questions.

Nominated by: Kiley Leininger, parent

Joan Lines, Pleasant Grove Junior; teacher

“Thank you for the sweet, creative note you gave my child. He not only showed it to me, but it is propped up, sitting on his dresser where he can see it. He has struggled academically and often feels like he doesn’t measure up. Art is his favorite subject, and your acknowledgment makes it even more enjoyable. Your encouragement meant a great deal to him. I know how busy you must be; thank you for taking the time to recognize him!

Nominated by: Nicole Holgreen, parent

Angie Moore, Northridge Elementary; lunchroom worker

“Angie is my Main cook at Northridge Elementary. She accepts direction happily, leads by example, and truly cares about the students she serves and always try to serve the food that is perfectly cooked and prepared. She is one of the sweetest and most pleasant people I have ever been around. Angie is hard working and dedicated. Whenever we might be short handed, Angie jumps in and works faster than anyone I have worked with. Angie Moore is efficient, knowledgeable, gets along well with others. Most of all, she brings joy and positive energy so you just want to be around her.

Nominated by: Lynne Glassford, district employee

Sarah DeHart, Skyridge High; teacher

“DeHart is a teacher who always makes a priority to get to know every student and maintain a relationship with them even when she is not teaching them. DeHart has influenced by learning and made school better. Knowing that there is a teacher who is willing to give advice and help with any situation is comforting and what a teacher should be there for.

Nominated by: Vanessa Beach, student

DeHart is able to encourage, teach, and make our days 100x better just by being in the room. She tries every day to keep our morale high and knowledge higher, and takes criticism the best out of any teacher I’ve ever had. I really appreciate all that she does and tries to do for her students, and we all agree that she deserves the very best.”

Nominated by: Sadie Hyte, student

Elise Wilcox, Skyridge High; teacher

“Elise is my East Shore teacher. She is so helpful, she inspires me to do everything I can to succeed. She makes school feel worth it. I love coming to her class and feeling supported. She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Nominated by: Bailey Weaver, student

I’ve decided to do a digital curriculum this year and Wilcox helped me out because of her willingness to help me out with anything I need and she laughs at the dumb jokes I make.

Nominated by: Bailey Cutler, student

Ms. Wilcox is amazing and she helps me succeed in school. She actually cares about me as a person.”

Nominated by: Hazel Hill, student

Shelley Jones, Willowcreek Middle; teacher

“Shelley is a first year English Language Arts teacher who is making connections with 7th graders in every single class. Her lessons are helping the students to make connections and build empathy. Kids are engaged in class and they are excited to see her. She has a positive attitude about everything, and she’s always open to learning anything new that will better help her students. She’s been an excellent addition to the Alpine ELA team!

Nominated by: Whitney Child, district employee

Cheri Pitcher, Mountain Ridge Junior; teacher

“Cheri is an incredible teacher and leader. She has high expectations of her students and is so clear in her teaching that they make amazing works of art in ceramics and sculpture. She brings in professional artists to help her students grow. She is an incredible leader of her collaboration team and is gracious in allowing other teachers observe her classroom and learn from her. She is smart and is always eager to learn and improve. She is great at connecting with her students. We are so lucky to have her in our district!

Nominated by: Anna Davis, district employee

Patrick Gleaves, Skyridge High; teacher

“Patrick is passionate about his subject area – and his passion is infectious. He makes me a better educator and team player, and really cares that his students understand how government works. Beyond giving extraordinary time to football, he is focused on ensuring that his lessons meet student needs and that our department is functioning. He is undercelebrated – and needs to be recognized for the remarkable human he is.

Nominated by: Camille Pickett, district employee

Brandi Rosenlund, Foothill Elementary; teacher

Ms. Rosenlund is a godsend for my son. He can be difficult at times. Ms. Rosenlund is patient kind, and caring. She goes out of her way to make him feel loved and important. He loves school this year and comes home eager to tell me what he is learning. He is improving in math and reading daily. Her communication with parents is also on spot. She lets me know how he is doing weekly and gives me ideas and things I can do at home with him. We are proud of what he is able to do now. He is calmer, happier, and I cannot thank this teacher enough. She is and has a special gift with kids.

Nominated by: Amanda Mora, parent

Ms. Rosenlund is the most caring and loving teacher I have met. She has helped my son’s transition to first grade easy for him. She works with him constantly. She modifies his homework to things he understand and can do by himself. He went to first grade not knowing his letters and now he is reading. I am so blessed to have her as my sons teacher. She does so many wonderful things with her students and they all love her. The make books at home and she reads them to the class. She tells them how proud of them she is and how amazing they are. My son loves going to school everyday. She is the best.”

Nominated by: Mrs. Bowden, parent



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