September 6 Rise Nominees

Joyce Leishman, Transportation; bus driver

“Joyce went above and beyond for my granddaughter. She sat in Hawaii on the beach and sent my granddaughter a beautiful postcard. She let me know whenever she was going to be late. She is a beautiful person and Alpine School District is very lucky to have her. She will be missed very much by me and my family.

Nominated by: Michelle McDade, grandparent

Jenny Henderson, Special Education; teacher leader

I met Jenny in December of 2021 at Eagle Valley Elementary when I began teaching special education. Her kindness, smile, knowledge and warmth set the tone for how I felt about working for Alpine. Jenny continues to be a constant source of support on every level. I am beyond grateful for her as are all of my colleagues!

Nominated by: Brittany Smith, district employee

Kathleen Langston, Centennial Elementary; teacher

She is an amazing teacher. She cares about each of her students. She has had all three of my kids in her class and loves them dearly. She loves teaching and listens to how their day is going. My son had her last year, and she still asks about his day, how he still loves the Titanic, and loves to listen to his interests. She has my girls this year and my girls love going each day.

Nominated by: Wrangle family

Mitzi Peay, Orem Junior; secretary

She is the best! Always willing to help! Sharing kindness and sharing her smile!

Nominated by: Raquel Pedraza, district employee

Gavin Burch, Black Ridge Elementary; custodian

Gavin has done a remarkable job of getting our school in tip-top shape before school began! From the outside to the inside, every detail was attended to as we got ready to welcome students back. I have never heard Gavin complain as he attends to his daily responsibilities, and he constantly asks, “what else can I do?” We LOVE having Gavin as our head custodian at Black Ridge!

Nominated by: Heather Jensen, district employee

Lindsi Cochran, Sage Hills Elementary; partnership facilitator

Teaching can be overwhelming, and Lindsi has helped with everything! She has been so helpful and supportive, offering encouragement when needed, and feedback and support when I needed that as well. I have watched her with many members of the staff and the students, and she is always positive, funny, and helpful. She also is tremendously competent. I have had her help with instruction, with technology, with management, with training, and with curriculum development. She is amazing, and I am so grateful that she is working in the school with me.

Nominated by: Brittany Call, district employee

Jamie Robinson, Bonneville Elementary; attendance secretary

I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie for two years. Jamie is always happy in the office. Even on hard days. She has a contagious laugh that she shares every day. Jamie is one of our trained diabetic workers at our school and helps care for four of our kiddos. She has formed many relationships with faculty, students, and parents. We are so lucky to have her at our school. She helps make Bonneville a great place to be.

Nominated by: Camie Howlett, district employee

Mitzi Cooper, Springside Elementary; teacher

She’s a teacher that truly loves all of her students and makes sure to emphasize their positive traits which in turn nurtures her students’ confidence. She goes above and beyond to create a positive, healthy environment in her classroom and this results in better learning. Each student feels loved and appreciated. Even after students have moved on to another class, they remember the positive impact she made in their lives.

Nominated by: Emma Mortensen, parent

Stacy Howell, Thunder Ridge Elementary; teacher

She was so sweet with my daughter. She was so caring of all the first graders regardless of the behavior they showed up to school with. She is organized and she was always so great at communicating what she was teaching weekly. I am so glad my daughter got to have her as her first grade teacher!

Nominated by: Brittany Bowman, parent

Greg Horne, Lehi High; teacher

We would like to nominate Mr. Horne at Lehi High School. He is one of the best teachers at Lehi. He is an advocate for his students. He also teaches his students how to be their own advocate too. He has spent the last two years working with our son. My son has grown so much with his confidence and academically. We are so grateful for teachers that go the extra mile to build a good rapport with there students.

Nominated by: Emily Crawford, parent

Shantell Peterson, Harbor Point Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Peterson puts her students and her family first. She is always looking to lend a hand and help others before her own needs. When she walks into a room she makes sure everyone is seen and has been heard. She is more than a teacher! From a fellow teacher, I want to be more like her!

Nominated by: Breanna Senter, district employee

Cara Thomas, Brookhaven Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Thomas is an amazing teacher! She has a passion for kindness and spreads it wherever she goes.

Nominated by: Natalie Torres, parent

Lara Harvey, Liberty Hills Elementary; teacher

Laura has taken the Life Skills class to the next level. She has helped my son and all of her students so much. She is truly selfless and giving to those around her of her time and heart.

Nominated by: Jessica Jensen, parent

Nicole Peterson, Lehi High; counselor

Nicole has helped me and my daughter in ways that I have never seen a counselor do. Her willingness and genuine care for each student, whether assigned to her or not, is beyond any kind of award. My daughter would not be able to get through her day without knowing she had someone like Nicole to turn to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the amazing bright light that you are, and for taking care of every student that comes your way.

Nominated by: Rachelle Hansen, parent

Erin Druce, Eagle Valley Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Druce is just an amazing teacher! She is so good with her students and you can tell she loves what she does and genuinely loves her students. While she was teaching my daughter’s class, she was working on her degree and wants to someday be a principal. I think she would be amazing!

Nominated by: KayDee Black, parent

Heidi Clifford, Westfield Elementary; teacher

Heidi Clifford is not only an amazing educator, she is a phenomenal individual. She has high expectations for her students, an amazing moral compass, is hard-working and full of empathy. You see all of these qualities by her interactions with parents and students. I am a single mom with four kids. Heidi has supported me & my kids in every possible way. She has always been understanding, kind and encouraging. Heidi is an amazing combination of professional and kind. I can’t think of a better person for this award to be given to. Heidi is simply the best!

Nominated by: Britney Hillstead, parent

Portia Ames, Greenwood Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Ames is the most kind and loving teacher you will ever find. My kids have all loved her and she is the dream teacher for the parents too. Once you meet her you will instantly know that she is so genuine and selfless. Her students love her and they always come back to visit because she is the one who made a difference in their education.

Nominated by: Amy Shreeve, parent

Tara Ottesen, Black Ridge Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Ottesen truly cares about her students and understands their differences. She goes above and beyond to make school a comfortable place to be. She has great communication. I’ve been very impressed.

Nominated by: Ashley Easton, parent

Karli Poyfair, Eaglecrest Elementary; teacher

Karli is the definition of selfless, uplifting, mindful, and responsive. My child is 11. I’ve never felt so supported in my child’s journey as I have with Karli as his teacher. She’s understanding and extremely talented. If my son runs into a road block Karli will climb mountains to help him & our family. She is very deserving of this award! Very uplifting for me as a parent of a special needs child to know Karli has him. And she does, I have 100% faith in her. We vote Karli!!!!

Nominated by: Mackenzie Carter, parent

Amy Lamjav, Eagle Valley Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Amy is amazing! My student is starting her second year of special education preschool with her. She is dedicated, kind, and an exemplary example of everything a preschool teacher should be. She has helped my student learn and grow so much. We are so grateful for all the hard work Mrs. Amy puts into her classroom!

Nominated by: Kimmy Petillot, parent

Diane Knight, North Point Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Knight is so amazing! She was a teacher for one of my sons. I have worked with her also. I can tell they she really knows what she’s doing! She’s great teacher! She is so patient and calm with the students! And always so positive!

Nominated by: Celeste Dailey, parent

She has gone above and beyond to help my child have a good school experience. My daughter struggles with ADHD and she spoke with me everyday about how we could improve her life. She read parenting books and took the time to love my daughter enough to help her. I am forever grateful.”

Nominated by: Kirsten Kizerian, parent

Melanie McPherson, Snow Springs Elementary; teacher

Melanie works to uplift and help each of her students. She gets to know them on a personal level so she can help them.

Nominated by: Robert Swensen, parent

Kim Roberts, Vineyard Elementary; teacher

Ms. Roberts was amazing for both of my boys. She was so patient and kind. She helped them to find a love of learning.

Nominated by: Rachel Taylor, parent

Matt Killpack, Highland Elementary; administrator

Mr. Killpack always has a smile on his face and is so approachable, especially for being a principal. No issue or person is too small for him to help out with. He genuinely wants every student to succeed and is more than willing to do what it takes. He listens to everyone and seems to try and find the best solution possible. He’s open minded and all around great. We’re lucky to have him.

Nominated by: Kat Morrow, parent

LaurAnn Headman, Centennial Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Headman is an exceptional teacher. She not only teaches but also cares about each child in her class, especially our two boys who both attended her kindergarten class. I was able to come to her class as a parent volunteer a few times and have watched her teach with dedication and patience. She is an amazing communicator and we have been constantly informed on how our boys were doing in class. She will go above and and beyond and will make sure that not a single child in her class is left behind.

Nominated by: Honivah Leavitt, parent

Carlie Gunn, Vineyard Elementary; teacher

Ms. Gunn changed my son’s attitude for school and made him love it again. She was patient and kind. She found ways to connect with him and push him to do his best.

Nominated by: Rachel Taylor, parent



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