November Nominees

Kate Ross, Oak Canyon Junior; administrator

She has made school comfortable for me and easier. Kate Ross is the NICEST school worker I have ever meet. She is the BEST!!”

Nominated by: Molly Taylor, student

Mrs Ross is the kindest human I’ve ever met: she spends her whole lunch break walking around and talking to students and telling them jokes and complementing everyone she sees. She never thinks about herself: only about those she can help. She’s made it her personal goal to learn the name of every student in her school: and honestly, I think she could do it.You never see Mrs Ross without her smiling and saying hello.

Nominated by: Isabel Adams, student

Jeana Christofferson, Freedom Elementary; librarian

Jeana is an outstanding media specialist! Her goal is to help every student love to read. She creates moments for students to talk about books on a regular basis through before school Battle of the Books chats, 2nd grade Series Club, and Poetry Slams, and other activities. She was awarded a scholarship to the UVU Engaged Reading Conference because does such a great job at Freedom.

Nominated by: Melissa Allmon, district employee

Jill Smith, Lehi Junior; teacher

Mrs. Smith is by far my favorite teacher at the school. Not only does she encourage others to work hard, but strives to keep up with the goal of helping others love and understand music. I know how much she loves the students as well as musical talents and traits, and inspires others to join in on the fun and hard-working choir, hand bells, and guitar classes.

Nominated by: Michele Curtis, student

Shannon Borwegen, Silver Lake Elementary; teacher

Shannon is always helping anyone who needs it. She is so organized and she helps me organize my own mess. She is always willing to be a listening ear even when she has something going on.

Nominated by: Kali Schauerhamer, district employee

McKenna O'Connor, Silver Lake Elementary; teacher

She is organized. She is kind. Her teaching style is exceptional and she is able to help make learning positive.

Nominated by: Natalie Archer, parent

she is the kindest best teacher ever she has always been there for her students when she was my teacher it was a really hard year and she was always there for me and helped me through it all she is a amazing teacher and she would really deserve this! I love her so much and she has always loved her kids and done the best she can to help them learn and keep them safe.

Nominated by: Gracie de Jong, student

Sherry Gotschall, Harbor Point Elementary; paraeducator

Sherry is a talented special education para. She is always asking what she can do to help and really means it. She is remarkably adaptable to the challenges of elementary resource and is willing to perform any task needed at that moment, no matter how menial or challenging. She handles everything with a calm and positive attitude. She encourages everyone she encounters, be it students or staff, and also has a great sense of humor to boot. In essence, Sherry embodies all of the RISE characteristics.

Nominated by: Hannah Beus, district employee

Cecilia Carter, Legacy Elementary; teacher

Cecilia ALWAYS goes above and beyond to serve students and teachers. She is the Leadership Chairman for Elementary School Physical Education. She devotes so much time, energy and love to her profession. She teaches students and teachers alike how to socially and emotionally make advances towards an environment of love and acceptance. She is enthusiastic, passionate and loyal to building a top-notch PE program in EACH school in Alpine School District. She spends time working with new teachers to onboard them and to mentor all teachers. She is a fearless leader and advocate for all!

Nominated by: Linda Reber, district employee

Christie McDonald, Silver Lake Elementary; aide

When I see Christie she is always helping someone out. From being a substitute to a kindergarten class, helping out with traffic, or helping little ones read, she is always helping out the silver lake staff or students. I am happy that Silver Lake Elementary has Christie in their team!

Nominated by: Lisandra Hernandez, parent

Julie Garfield, Dry Creek Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Garfield has made my daughter love school. She comes home and tells me all about the things she has learned. She runs to school to learn from her teacher. I appreciate how Mrs. Garfield keeps me informed on things. Thanks for being my daughter’s teacher.

Nominated by: Amanda Hodges, parent

Joel Miller, Silver Lake Elementary; administrator

Mr. Miller truly has made Silverlake the happiest place to learn! As a parent, I’m always happy to enter the school. There is a different feeling in Silverlake than other schools. The staff and students are happy to be there and it’s contagious! Mr. Miller has established a culture of positivity! He is quick to dismiss his efforts and praise his staff, but his leadership is clear. As I watch Mr. Miller interact with students – he LOVES these kids! He jokes with them and has traditions and fun, but always with high expectations for their behavior and learning.

Nominated by: Adele Curtis, parent

He always goes above and beyond. He’s so involved and creates and absolutely amazing school environment for our kids.”

Nominated by: Christina Olschewski, parent

Mr. Miller is an amazing principal. He truly cares about the well being and safety of every student and staff member at the school. I’ve contacted him several times because of questions or concerns that I’ve had, and he always takes the time to talk to me and make sure that my concerns are addressed. He’s always very compassionate, fair, and kind. He’s also very fun and energetic; it’s fun to see him interact with the students and teachers! He is very professional. Silver Lake Elementary is blessed to have him!”

Nominated by: Melissa Powell, parent

We have lived in the same house for 6 years but have been to 3 different elementary schools since living here in Eagle Mountain because of the growth. Mr. Miller has been THE BEST principal we’ve experienced! He knows the students by name, is hardly in his office because he’s constantly out and about in the school, doesn’t tolerate bullying and is always striving & working so hard for a bully free school, stands at the cafeteria doors each day for each grade to tell jokes and to hear jokes from students, goes above and beyond in all he does and really keeps the parents informed with all info!”

Nominated by: Brittney Harward, parent

Stephani Kingston, Silver Lake Elementary; aide

Stefani is a great example to all of us at Silver Lake Elementary. She goes above and beyond for all the students she serves. She is endlessly patient when she is on recess duty or working with students on our 95% program. Last year I saw her go the extra mile as a 504 aide with the student with whom she was assigned. She did all she could to help him feel loved, learn, and grow.

Nominated by: Christie Moon, district employee

Ashley Braithwaite, Westlake High; teacher

She is a great teacher. She trusts her students and cultivates an environment that is very calm, caring, and fun. She puts in more work than most other teachers and makes everyone happy. She is definitely one of the largest reasons that I have stuck with orchestra. She is my favorite teacher at Westlake and Vista Heights. She challenges me to be better, not because she forces me to with a bunch of playing tests but because I know she wants me to be better.

Nominated by: Kendric Nelson, student

Angela Hill, Polaris High; financial secretary

“If you ever come into the school after hours, chances are you will see Angela. Last year we merged high schools and had to move twice! She had to make all the arrangements, make sure things were packed and labeled, and then spent hours setting up the new school to get it ready for us to start after the Christmas break. Last month she helped coordinate the first annual Polaris High Alumni reunion. It was a huge undertaking that again caused her to spend many hours away from her children to pull it off. It was a HUGE success. She goes above and beyond her job description daily.”

Nominated by: Sharon Codner, district employee

Jennifer Cherry, Silver Lake Elementary; teacher

Mrs Cherry did and has done a great job of really listening to parents AND her students. She has a passion for teaching and really loves each kid that gets to be in her class. She had my oldest daughter for kindergarten and I assumed all teachers were like her, but the older my daughter gets I’m realizing they are not all like her and she is truly one of a kind. We all have that one teacher that made an impact on us that we will always remember and I think Mrs. Cherry is that for many of her students, past and present. She’s great!

Nominated by: Kylie Moe, parent

Mrs. Cherry is truly Remarkable at being able to teach Kindergarten age students the skills they need to become confident in their foundation. She Inspires the students to want to be better and treat others in the way they want to be treated. She is Selfless in the amount of time dedicated to her students and their parents. Encouraging is a key word that I could describe her with. She is great at encouraging the students and parents to become better and better. It is without a doubt that she deserves this award and I cannot sing praises about how amazing she is!”

Nominated by: Sadie Riel, parent

From day one Mrs. Cherry has simply been amazing! Our son, Ryan is attending her Kindergarten class and she has made this process so easy for us. Mrs. Cherry makes sure to always keep us informed every step of the way. She is just so dedicated and so helpful. Ryan loves Mrs. Cherry and has already learned so much!”

Nominated by: Ryan Escoto, parent

Mary Wilkinson, Silver Lake Elementary; teacher

Mary Wilkinson is the most inspiring and selfless person I know. She is also the most remarkable teacher I know. Miss.Wilkinson has always encouraged me to be the best I can. She has also inspired me to do many things. For example because of her I am going to be a teacher when I grow up. She has also always been concerned about my needs instead of her own. Miss.Wilkinson is also a great friend. I can always go and talk to her. She is a RISE teacher and deserves the award!

Nominated by: Khloe DeLange, student

McKaylee Michaelson, Silver Lake Elementary; teacher

McKaylee is such a remarkable person and teacher! She is inspiring to her students , parents and Colleagues. She has such a great smile and is so selfless. She helps out at school with whatever needs to be done. She helps take down Book Fair books to pack up and send off, and helps selflessly with School Carnivals, for hours! She is very encouraging to everyone around her and such a positive person. She is a joy to be around, and her students and their parents just love her! As well as her team!

Nominated by: TiNea Hutchings, district employee

Ms Michaelson is such an amazing teacher. She is so patient with my son who is in her 2nd grade class and she does not try to fit him into a ‘box.’ She ALSO teaches the musical theater. She dedicates time and energy outside of her normal duties to do this. My son is also in this and he LOVES it. He loves her as his teacher.”

Nominated by: Natasha Thomas, parent

Heather Michaelis, Silver Lake Elementary; secretary

Heather is remarkable because she juggles all of her responsibilities seamlessly. She inspires everyone to be their best. She is always willing to drop what she is doing to help others around her with such a bubbly demeanor. She is a light in the dark for Silver Lake Elementary!

Nominated by: Emily Utykanski, district employee

Nicole Christensen, Cedar Valley High; secretary

Mary Wilkinson is the most inspiring and selfless person I know. She is also the most remarkable teacher I know. Miss.Wilkinson has always encouraged me to be the best I can. She has also inspired me to do many things. For example because of her I am going to be a teacher when I grow up. She has also always been concerned about my needs instead of her own. Miss.Wilkinson is also a great friend. I can always go and talk to her. She is a RISE teacher and deserves the award!

Nominated by: Khloe DeLange, student

Oralee Wright, Snow Springs Elementary; teacher

“Oralee has selflessly served her kindergarten students for over 20 years. She works tirelessly each year to help them grow. She was my mentor teacher while I was student teaching and she taught me how to be a compassionate yet firm teacher. She is a great example of charity and compassion.

Nominated by: Hannah Franchina, district employee

Mariela Rios, Orem High; lunchroom manager

Mariela goes out of her way to make students and staff feel welcome. She always wears a smile! She is passionate about the kids enjoying the food we serve and making them feel included. Mariela goes above and beyond her job requirements to make the food the best for the students and the lunchroom an inviting, happy place.

Nominated by: Audra Packham, district employee

Austin Dupaix, Silver Lake Elementary; custodian

Austin is our night lead sweeper. He does more than just his own responsibilities; he happily lends a hand to everyone. During parent teacher conferences I was running our school book fair and my volunteers didn’t show. He jumped on a register and helped me for 2 1/2 hours until someone else came to relieve him. I would have been absolutely in trouble if he hadn’t seen a need and happily rescued me. The best part was how many students and parents waited longer to be in Austin’s line because they love him so much. He’s deserving of this award and so much more.

Nominated by: Lisa Adams, district employee

Amy Piller, North Point Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Piller goes above and beyond her duties as a Special Ed teacher. She truly loves each of her students and dedicates so much time to them. I have seen her show so much compassion to students.

Nominated by: Nichelle Sharp, district employee

Kristen Palmer, Traverse Mountain Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Palmer is an outstanding educator who loves and cares for each of her students. She is the greatest preschool teacher this community has ever seen! Now our students are lucky enough to have her as their PE Specialty teacher. She inspires them in every activity she provides. The students look forward to being with her because they know that she loves them. Mrs. Palmer has touched so many hearts and the education world is blessed to have her be a part of it. She is a true gem.

Nominated by: Ryan Radebaugh, district employee

Allie Brantley, Centennial Elementary; teacher

Allie is amazing. She loves and cares for each and every one of her students. She makes a difference in their lives. She has made school a fun and exciting place to be. She has made it to where my child loves to go to school to see her everyday.

Nominated by: Sarah Wrangell, parent

Verlynne Cook, Silver Lake Elementary; lunch manager

Verlynne works very hard and is very dedicated to her job. She loves what she does, cares about the kids and strives to know each student. She is kind, positive, and inspires her team to do their best. She genuinely cares about serving the school and makes a difference everyday that she works. She is a ray of sunshine in to all who know her.

Nominated by: Kristy Devanney, district employee

Staci James, Centennial Elementary; teacher

She is amazing. My child loves and adores her. She has made a difference in the way my child loves school. She loves each and every one of her students. She makes learn fun and exciting everyday.

Nominated by: Sarah Wrangell, parent

Shelley Schroeder, Centennial Elementary; administrator

“Mrs. Schroeder is amazing and loves all her students. She knows each and every one of their names. She makes Centennial a place that you safe and loving for each student. She will stop what she is doing to listen to what students have it say to her. She knows the needs of all her students and that is amazing.

Nominated by: Sarah Wrangell, parent

Shelly Snapp, Timberline Middle; teacher aide

Shelly is an absolute god-send! She is instrumental in helping teachers to connect with students who may need a little extra help. She is always friendly and kind while working with students and goes above and beyond to accommodate them. I am so lucky to have had the privilege of working with her and witnessing first hand the enthusiasm and dedication she brings to her work as a student advocate.

Nominated by: Rylee Carling, district employee

Rebecca Millet, Mountain Trails Elementary; teacher

When I worked at Mountain Trails, Becky was my CTL. She always went above and beyond making our team feel valued and appreciated. She would constantly check in on us, always asking what she could do to help. She helped with lesson plans, printing things, behavior and academic ideas, got us caffeine to get through the rough days, and above all else, she was a friend. I miss Becky and want to bring her type of love and support to my new school. She radiates kindness everywhere she goes. I love and miss her dearly! She is so amazing and definitely deserves this award.

Nominated by: Jacquel Wilbur, district employee

Melanie Harmon, Canyon View Junior; secretary

Melanie is outstanding at her job. She greets students and parents warmly, solves problems efficiently and works hard to keep the counseling office running smoothly. Her dedication is impressive!

Nominated by: Heidi Elmer, district employee

November 16, 2022 Nominees

Hollis Kirton, Centennial Elementary; custodian

I brag to everyone that we have best custodian around! He cares for the staff, teachers, children of Centennial whole heartedly! Willing to drop anything to help out. Hard worker! Amazing stories told to all! And a smile always on his face!

Nominated by: Emily Saye, district employee

You will never find a happier person or someone who works harder than our beloved custodian, “Mr. Hollis”. Hollis is a ray of sunshine working in what is arguably one of the hardest jobs in the school. He works circles around everyone in the building and keeps it clean and well maintained. Whether it is call to pick up dog poo, scrub puke from a carpet, clear another clogged toilet or the myriad of other things that beckon, Hollis does it all with a smile on his face and never complains. Everyone knows Mr. Hollis is the BEST!!”

Nominated by: Michelle Gleed, district employee

Kalli Robison, Riveview Elementary; teacher

“Kalli went above & beyond to help my daughter who struggles with anxiety/separation. She was my daughter’s teacher last year, but she still makes it a point to help my daughter/say hi to her every time they cross paths even though she is no longer her teacher. I have reached out to her & she has texted me personally to help me figure out ways to make school easier for my daughter. My daughter absolutely flourished in her class! I wish we could have her every single year! She’s absolutely amazing, gentle, patient, kind and makes sure to validate and reassure every child! We love her!!

Nominated by: Makenzie Hawk, parent

Stephen Tullis, Lehi High; teacher

Stephen Tullis teaches our two percussion classes at Lehi High School. He has been a fun and engaging teacher for the students. He is selfless in how much he prepares and helps make things achievable for his students.

Nominated by: Brian Parker, district employee

Nicole Robertson, Timberline Middle; teacher

Nicole Robertson has gone above and beyond the basic level of teaching. She finds ways to be creative in math class to teenagers from story telling to costumes, to just her exuberant level of enthusiasm. She rises to the next level.

Nominated by: Mr. M. Ammon Grannis, district employee

Meagan Wood, Riverview Elementary; teacher

My daughter was in Mrs. Wood’s class last year. It was a ROUGH class and she tackled it head on every day! My daughter absolutely LOVED her which made learning fun/enjoyable! She has also made it a point to get to know my younger daughter who is a bit dependent on big sis! She has told my younger daughter she is welcome in her class anytime. She’s incredibly caring, loving and selfless! We hope to have her again for 5th grade!

Nominated by: Makenzie Hawk, parent

Stephanie Taylor, Westlake High; teacher

My daughter said that Ms. Taylor truly cares about the students and their well-being as well as caring about how they do in her class. She also goes the extra mile for those that need extra help. She is proactive, very organized, and works very well with the parents. She has been one of my daughter’s few favorite teachers at Westlake.

“My son’s least favorite class last year was English class. Now that Ms. Taylor is his teacher, English class is his favorite class because the teacher makes things interesting and fun! Westlake is lucky to have Stephanie Taylor teaching there!

Nominated by: Laura Rowley, parent

Chase Harding, Northridge; custodian

“I would just like to pass on that I think your current custodian is doing a terrific job! I’ve had kids at the school for many years, but not this year. I know the janitor switched mid year last year. I came by the school today and I just have to say how nice the grass looks, and how much more well-kept the grounds look. It hasn’t looked this good in years, so well done Chase! Thank you for taking your job seriously and for your time and efforts.

Nominated by: Audrey Glenn, parent

Kris Rhodes, Shelley Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Rhodes was so encouraging and kind with my son. She was positive with him and all he did. She was especially encouraging of his creativity, drawing and writing. My son made his own periodic mini newsletter. Mrs. Rhodes asked him bring it to class and put in the “suggested” reading basket for all students to read. She also asked him when his next issues were coming out. This helped my son’s confidence and encouraged his writing and drawing. Thank you for being so encouraging, Mrs. Rhodes!

Nominated by: Marci and Nelson Wooley, parent and student

Jerry Preisendorf, Skyridge High; custodian and coach

Jerry Priesendorf is a mentor, advocate, and example for the students at Skyridge High School. He expects kindness and civility from his players and ensures they learn the value in serving others through regular service projects. Jerry is selfless with his time, patience, and humor. He has personally made a difference in my own son’s life as he endured an extremely difficult move from out of state. Jerry’s expectations and character bring out the best in all of those he leads. He is truly a remarkable individual who makes a difference in the lives of young and old alike. Jerry is a blessing.

Nominated by: Christopher Linton, parent

Jodie Bushnell, Lake Mountain Middle; teacher

“Ms. Busnell helps lots of students and she is very nice. She helps people even when they are having a hard time. She keeps us on track and helps us to be successful. She teaches Life Skills at Lake Mountain Middle School. and she does a good job, and everyone likes her.

Nominated by: Tyee Holland, student

Becky Jones, Eagle Valley Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Jones goes above and beyond for her students, always with a smile on her face. She is always coming up with creative, engaging ways to teach her students. Even with difficult circumstances, she shows up 110% for her students, helping them to feel loved, accepted, and seen. She attends as many of her students’ events outside of school as she can, including for many years to come. She focuses on the student as a whole. Mrs. Jones is a teacher that genuinely loves what she does every day and cares deeply for her students.

Nominated by: Shelby Hawkes, parent

Lindsi Coughran, Sage Hills Elementary; partnership facilitator

Lindsi went from being an Innovative Learning Coach last year to Partnership Facilitator this year. She jumped right in to her new responsibilities with enthusiasm and has already made a positive impact at Sage Hills. She works daily to make sure her interns feel supported. She can be found dancing when music is on and making her coworkers laugh. We love having Mrs. Coughran at Sage Hills!

Nominated by: Shelby Forsyth, district employee

Ryan Ferre, Saratoga Shores Elementary; teacher

This is the 2nd year I have had the pleasure of having a child in with Mr. Ferre. He makes learning so fun and applicable to every day life for the students in his class. He helps push them to try new things that they often learn they love doing (like crocheting, I now have 2 avid crocheters on my home). He make sure they aren’t just learning but are able to see how what they are learning plays into real life situations. He makes sure all his students feel welcomed and important and just makes learning fun!

Nominated by: Roxy Stinger, parent

Nicole Soderquist, Lehi Elementary; librarian

I have never met anyone who loves their job and students more than Nicole! Every student leaves the library feeling like they are her very favorite person! You really believe she is working in her dream job every day!

Nominated by: Sharon Anderson, parent

Mrs Soderquist is absolutely amazing. She makes books come alive for the kids… Literally. She dresses up, tells stories, and teaches my kids all sorts of amazing things. They come home excited to tell me about Pearl Harbor, World War II, science, American history, black history, and much much more! Everything she does is fun, exciting, adventurous, and she loves our kids so personally and would do anything for them! We don’t even go to Lehi elementary anymore but we are so grateful for all she has done for our children.”

Nominated by: Allison Rock Povenza

Becky Weatherly, Centennial Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Weatherly has taught all of my children. She is an amazing teacher and has been extremely helpful In developing plans for kids with challenges and special needs. She has genuine love for all of her students and truly wants them to have the best education.

Nominated by: Amanda Long, parent

Nate Crandall, Cedar Valley High; teacher

My child took Nates PSYCH college class. And she was nervous and not looking forward to it – never having had him as a teacher. Fast forward to now, and my child tells me DAILY how much she loves his class and how he makes learning fun and interesting. You know a teacher is a good teacher by how their students engage and learn. I’m very grateful for teachers who are in it for the kids. My kids. Your kids. All kids. We need more teachers with Mr. Crandall’s passion and love!

Nominated by: Candace Willard, parent

Crandall doesn’t allow his reach to include just his students, he is actively involved in trying to make the WHOLE school better. He memorizes the names of as many of the student body as he can. He delivers birthday treats to each student to let them feel acknowledged on their day. He sees each person and let’s them know that they are important. Instead of staying in his classroom between classes or during breaks he is out amongst the students talking and encouraging them. He is a great person & a wonderful teacher & I am very grateful for what he’s done for my kids that go to CVHS.”

Nominated by: Anndrea Ashcraft, parent

Gina Wheeler, Pony Express Elementary; teacher

She patiently attends to every special education student in her care. She spends many hours each week creating lesson plans that can be adapted to her children’s special needs. Whether it’s coordinating pickups and drop-offs for each child, or monitoring the safe play environments of her classroom, you can always depend on her to be available to help anyone she can.

Nominated by: Ashley Lauryn McBride, parent

Alicia DeMill, Sharon Elementary; administrator

Alicia is everywhere. I haven’t seen someone work as hard as she does. She genuinely cares about the kids at her school, and she is so great with them! We have had some big behavior needs at our school and she handles it like a champ. It’s only been a few weeks, but I am learning so much from Alicia. She comes up with great ideas and spends so much time going above and beyond to make our school great!

Nominated by: Danaca Collins, district employee

Holly Thornton, Riverview Elementary; teacher

Holly goes above and beyond in EVERYTHING she does. She constantly works as hard as she can to get the students to do the best they can, love coming to school, and knowing that they are loved. She is such a bright spot in our school. She is willing to help anyone and lend a listening ear or wonderful advice. I am so lucky to work with her and learn from her each and every day.”

Nominated by: MaKenna Etie, district employee

Tina Sterzer, Black Ridge Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Sterzer always goes above and beyond in supporting each and every single one of her students and coworkers. She believes in them and is available any time of day to support the school community. She does study hall after school, she runs our school’s Social-Emotional Well-being team, she is everyone’s go-to person for any advice. You can always count on Mrs. Sterzer for anything!

Nominated by: Brison Dodge, district employee

Shanna Omer, Skyridge High; teacher

Well, Shanna, runs the food and nutrition program (7 sections). She is the main advisor for the FCCLA Club. She does service for the community all the time. She is always shopping for food. Her recipes are so creative. She emails all the faculty if she has leftovers, so poor starving teachers can eat. (ha ha) She is talented and funny and loves the kids. I just think she is amazing. Every Friday she sends an email full of jokes and videos that are so funny. She takes classes at night to improve her teaching. She is always productive!

Nominated by: Valerie Harrison, district employee

Kyle Bilbao, Orem Junior; teacher

Kyle Bilbao supports everyone at Orem Junior High! The teachers, students, parents, and community member all benefit from his constant and willing support. Coach Bilbao has risen from an OJHS student himself years ago to one of the most integral pieces of the Jaguar family. He inspires his students to learn and grow and his fellow teachers to never give up. He is a true educator at heart!

Nominated by: Ashley Belnap, district employee

Marcie Medina-Hernandez, Foothill Elementary; paraeducator/small group class

Marcie is one of the best people I know. She has worked as an aide/para-educator in my small group classroom for almost 6 years now. She is incredibly dependable and supportive of my efforts as a teacher. Marcie is also amazing with students. She works hard to understand student needs, even when she has to deal with challenging behaviors. I appreciate Marcie so much and she deserves to be recognized for all her hard work.

Nominated by: Taina Reece, district employee

Marie Earl, Cedar Ridge Elementary; teacher

Marie was the only returning member of a 4th grade team of four teachers. She has been helpful in making sure that three new teachers have materials needed, know what to expect and what to do. She is patient and goes above and beyond to share what she does to make our 4th grade amazing.

Nominated by: Polli McQuivey, district employee

David Beck, Pleasant Grove Junior; teacher & PLC coach

Mr. Beck has been a great coach and support to me and to my 8th grade math team at Pleasant Grove Jr. David is always willing to help out – he’s collected data for a research project we were conducting and he put together some example observations for us to analyze teaching strategies. David has the ability to ask the right questions during our team times to get us to think about how to better help our students and improve as educators. Thanks, Mr. Beck! We Row Together!

Nominated by: Brian Taylor, district employee

Kerri Hacking, Lehi Junior; teacher

Kerri is a friend to everyone. She shares her passion for dance, drama, and music with her students every day through fun, hands on learning activities. Kerri puts in countless hours into our performance space at Lehi Junior. She works collaboratively with administrators on necessary updates for our auditorium, makes sure every meeting, program, or assembly has lights, sound, techies, and more. She keeps track of all activities in our school and on her district team and supports them all. She is a positive force of good. It is a pleasure to work along side such a fantastic human!

Nominated by: Jill Smith, district employee

Camille Pickett, Skyridge High; teacher

Camille deserves this award for many reasons. She is a loved and respected teacher who arrives at school usually around 6 am and leaves around 5 pm. She not only puts in incredible hours, but she does it so every lesson she teaches is at peak level of effectiveness for students learning. She also provides an incredible amount of feedback to her students helping them improve their learning faster and more effectively. Her lessons are interesting and rigorous. Sometimes I stand in the hall during my prep and just listen because she is so good at her job. She loves her students and they know it.”

Nominated by: Anna Lott, district employee

Riley Adams, Bonneville Elementary; custodian

He has a REMARKABLE talent with tools. His work ethic is INSPIRING. He drops everything when someone needs him (SELFLESS) and he is ENCOURAGING to all of the students. He knows their names and they know him. He is truly the definition of the RISE award!! Bravo!!

Nominated by: Kristie Wheeler, district employee

Dallin Broome, Canyon View Junior; teacher

Dallin started during the COVID year and has hit the ground running. He’s a great inspiration to his students and is eager to learn and try new things. He teaches the students, not just the subject.

Nominated by: Mike Bowden, district employee

Jen Boucher, Skyridge High; teacher

Jen is an amazing teacher! She always puts students first. I have seen her come in at night to record a video when she’s sick so that her students can keep learning when she’s gone the next day. As a part-time teacher, I’m not always here to help my students; Jen takes mine during remediation period when she can! When our school needed more sections of Sec 2 and fewer 2H, Jen offered to change her schedule so that her colleagues wouldn’t have an additional prep. Jen is remarkable and selfless and it’s a privilege to work with her.”

Nominated by: Adelle Curtis, district employee

November 2, 2022 Nominees

Barbara Green, Eaglecrest Elementary; librarian

Barbara is an amazing librarian! She works hard to create an educational environment for the students. She also knows all the students’ names! She works hard to know them each by name and things about them they love. She makes them feel that she cares for them individually!”

Nominated by: Heather Bown, parent

Cindi Arnold, Pony Express Elementary; teacher

Cindi is an amazing music teacher!!! I’m not exactly sure, but I think she has been at Pony Express for nearly 15 years! She is loved by so many current students and years and years of past students. She puts on the play every year and puts hours and hours of her own time and money year after year after year. She has taught two of my children. I am also involved in Westlake Marching Band with her as she serves as the Booster President. She is one of the most incredible teachers I have ever met.

Nominated by: Kelli Molinari, parent and district employee

Brittney Elanyu, Westmore Elementary; speech therapist

Miss Brittney is phenomenal with our students who are just learning to communicate. She is always so patient and you can tell she truly cares about each and every one of the kids. She is fantastic to collaborate with and goes above and beyond. She works well with parents and helps to bring communication to the classroom and home of every single one of the students.

Nominated by: Brylie Mason, district employee

Paul WIlcox, bus driver

“I had the opportunity to attend Clear Creek with Northridge Elementary School as a parent volunteer. I wanted to reach out and let you know what an excellent bus driver we had. Paul Wilcox was engaging and offered many historical details and facts along the route. For example, he pointed out the cross on the hill at the mouth of Spanish Fork canyon to commemorate Fathers Escalante and Dominguez’s 1776 expedition. He pointed out the mudslide and what happened to the town of Thistle in 1983. Paul told us to check out the rest stop at the top of the canyon with our families because it was train themed. He had the kids look at the small river on the left of the road and asked them if they knew how to tell the difference between an old stream and new one by bank erosion. He told the kids to look for beaver dams and explained how beavers help the ecosystem. He gave bits of information about the little towns we drove through and told the kids about the Scofield mine collapse. Paul even explained why he stopped the bus at each train crossing, opened/closed the door and then proceeded to cross. All of this happened on the drive up. He tied the Utah history curriculum to where we were driving and made it tangible and real. This was the best bus experience I’ve ever had, and I would highly recommend having Paul drive the bus down to Clear Creek with administration and staff. I loved it because he taught me bits of history on location and made it real for the kids. This is priceless. Alpine District is lucky to have Paul Wilcox as a bus driver!

Nominated by: Megan Packer, parent

Travis Proctor, Forbes Elementary; administrator

Travis is a remarkable administrator for the staff and students at Forbes Elementary. He expects and inspires greatness in his teachers who work together to learn and collaborate. Travis is most often found with students building relationships and encouraging them to do their best. He makes Forbes a great place to be!

Nominated by: Lauren Rasmussen, district employee

Celeste Reynolds, Lehi High; advocate/coach

Celeste has worked at Lehi High since 2018. In that short time, she has built a high quality color guard program and is a full supporter of all things Lehi! She is deeply loved by her students, their families, and is respected by other directors around the state. She is inspiring to all is interacts with.

Nominated by: Brian Parker, district employee

Melanie Arp, North Point Elementary; teacher

Melanie is a dynamic and inspiring educator. If there is something innovative, Melanie is trying it out. She works remarkably hard and holds herself to a high standard. Melanie finds ways to meet students’ needs and help them grow their interests. Her classroom is a place of constant learning and growth!

Nominated by: Lauren Rasmussen, district employee

Lindsay Hathaway, Centennial Elementary; teacher

Ms. Hathaway is very kind and caring. She is always willing to talk with you about your problems, your successes, basically life in general! She celebrates the good and finds the light in the bad. She the type of teacher who builds self-esteem in her students. Once you enter her heart, you never leave, and she makes sure we all know it! She is exactly what you would want from a teacher, mentor and friend.

Nominated by: June Carv, student

Elena Tillman, Riverview Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Tillman is the most incredible SPED teacher. She loves my daughter and goes above and beyond to meet her needs as well as mine as a parent. She’s approachable and happy and accommodating. So many good things are happening In her classroom. I’m beyond grateful for all she does. Thank you, Mrs. Tillman for being the best SPED teacher!

Nominated by: Rachelle Whipple, parent

Jennie Searle, Dry Creek Elementary; teacher

Our family has felt extremely luckily to have Mrs. Searle as the 4th grade teacher of our three oldest children. She took my oldest into her classroom after a hard 3rd grade year and helped him feel important and needed. She has continued to inspire and empower my other two children and many other students to feel wanted and included. Her ability to bring students with many different personalities, interests and backgrounds together and feel like they all belong together is unparalleled.

Nominated by: Jeannie-Marie Burrows, parent

Hannah Taylor-Pena, Lakeridge Middle; teacher

Hannah Taylor is amazing at what she does. Her students, even from previous years, know she cares about them. She always seems to know when students have events and games and attend when she can. Her support of teachers is awesome too! She spent countless hours over the summer improving shared teaching spaces and designing meaningful wall art to inspire us in our school goals. She is the go-to person for new and veteran teachers alike. No matter how busy she is she always finds moments to stop and check in and bring a smile to your day.

Nominated by: Elizabeth Ludwig, district employee

Anna Azevado, Eagle Valley Elementary; teacher

My son has been going through some life changes this past summer that have been hard to navigate. When I spoke with Mrs. Azevedo about them she couldn’t have been more supportive, inclusive, loving, kind, and every single good adjective. I had been so incredibly stressed about how my son would handle his new life changes in the new school year and Mrs. Azevedo let me know she was very loudly on his side and with love in her heart. I wish all teachers were like her, there is no one more deserving than she!

Nominated by: Tanika Rice, parent

Staci Gaines, Mt. Mahogany; office assistant

She knows and cares about every single student. She does her absolute best and goes above and beyond to make sure each kid that walks into the office is cared for, excited to learn, and leaves better than they came.

Nominated by: Allison Ouimette, parent

Storm Champagne, Cedar Valley High; teacher

Storm is simply a “Doer”! He not only is in charge of Student Council, he is an assistant tennis coach who helps with tennis practice, meets, scheduling, ordering, and anything else that’s needed. He’s a true “listener” who makes a positive impact in the lives of our students and athletes. Storm is one of the few who does what he says, keeps his word, and always follows through. He makes a difference for good wherever he goes.

Nominated by: Robert Hampton, district employee

Johnathan Hale, Parkside Elementary; teacher

Mr. Hale is an amazing teacher. He has the best personality and attitude. He shows his students the potential they have and pushes them to their fullest. He works with each student and cares about there success! I really appreciate all the he has done to teach my son, and the lasting impression my son will have throughout his life.

Nominated by: Casey Mayo, parent

Tiffany Ferrell, Sage Hills Elementary, teacher

Tiffany is a tremendous asset to ASD because she is a master at integrating art with core standards. She is always being invited to present at PDs and has always gone way above her duties for her students’ learning. She has always been willing to fight hard to give the arts its proper place in education and, as of a month ago, has just begun a new battle with advanced breast cancer. She has already personally adopted the mantra of rising above and the symbol of the Phoenix in her teaching and personal life and uses it to inspire those around her.

Nominated by: Adrienne Hansen, district employee

Tiffany goes above and beyond to inspire student learning by integrating art. She shares her passion and teaches the students life lessons about growing, making mistakes, and enjoying life. She is so fast to support student growth in the general ed classrooms by offering integrated lesson ideas and sharing her resources with all. Tiffany inspires us all to be better teachers by tapping into student creativity and collaboration.”

Nominated by: Ashley Crockett, district employee

Tiffany always goes above the expectations. She has helped our students to love art and she finds the most amazing activities for them to do. She works hard and usually overtime. She is simply amazing.”

Nominated by: Shelly Roberts, district employee

Mrs Ferrell is a master integrationist and strives to put Art into any area that she can. She spends time learning each grade level core standards so that she can most effectively teach every grade. Mrs Ferrell has adopted the symbol of the Phoenix as she has adjusted to changing class circumstances and team dynamics. Most recently, Mrs Ferrell is fighting as a phoenix herself as she battles an aggressive form of breast cancer.” 

Nominated by: Dana Moore, district employee

Tiffany is the Arts Specialist at Sage Hills Elementary. She is the head of the specialty team and really runs the show. I have worked as a classroom teacher and a computer specialty at other schools, and I have never been on a team like this one at Sage Hills. She is the most organized and hard working teacher I know. I have never met another specialty teacher who truly knows her job inside and out or one that has a love for it as strongly as she does. I am so grateful to know her and the students are extremely lucky to have her as a teacher!”

Nominated by: Hailey Dean, district employees

Michelle Burgoyne, Dry Creek Elementary; teacher

Mrs Burgoyne had our daughter in 3rd grade. She always had something fun and exciting for the students. Our daughter just adores her

Nominated by: Colby, parent

Valerie James, Eagle Valley; teacher

Mrs James is teaching my son this year. We went in for kindergarten testing and she tested my son. Just talking with her, she’s she is so patient, exciting and takes the time to explain to the kids. She was just what we wanted in a teach and We were lucky to get her. Even in such short time my son is excited to go to class each day now!

Nominated by: Sierra Johnson, parent

Adam Huffaker, Freedom Elementary; administrator

Mr. Huffaker goes above and beyond for his students and staff. He is also a huge support to his principal. My sons favorite part of the day is knowing he can say hi to Mr. Huffaker, or give him a fist bump. This genuine man helps to assist his teachers both education wise and even maintenance wise when help is needed.

Nominated by: Paige Miner, parent and district employee

Cari Mullen, Trailside Elementary; teacher

To let you know how Cari Mullen performs, it’s best to consult those to whom and with whom she serves. Here’s feedback from years past “Mrs. Mullen is an incredible teacher! She has so many students and so many things to juggle, especially as a kindergarten teacher, and she handles it flawlessly.” ~From a Teacher. “Mrs. Mullen has been AMAZING from my son. He was so hesitant and nervous about starting school and he has grown so much socially. It’s awesome! She’s the best!” ~From a Parent
Cari Mullen is professional and takes her job seriously, and those around her LOVE her!

Nominated by: Cortney Holmes, parent

Dan Heaps, Horizon School; administrator

Mr. Heaps is an EXCEPTIONAL principal. The 2 years he’s been at Horizon have been monumental years for students, parents and staff. The amount of positive momentum he has created is remarkable. It is inspiring to see how much thought and effort he puts into his job. He is much more than an administrator; he is a friend to the students, an ally to the parents and a mentor to the teachers. He is selfless when it comes to getting the job done. If there is a need he jumps to help without thinking twice. It is encouraging to see his joy in working with our special needs kids.”

Nominated by: Hillary Clark, parent



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