May 3

Heidi Boden, American Fork High; teacher

Mrs. Boden is a wonderful person and teacher. She is so kind and empathetic, she feels like a mother at school. She takes time for each of her students, to make sure that they understand assignments. She is committed to making her class a fun place to learn. She has an amazing heart, she cares for her students deeply, and she is committed to making her classroom a fun place to learn.

Nominated by: Cameron Dansie, student

Lisa Collier, American Fork High; teacher

Mrs. Collier is one of the most kind and understanding teachers I have ever had. She develops real relationships with her students and will do anything she can to help us succeed.

Nominated by: Hannah Bitner, student

A lot of my older siblings have had Mrs. Collier and they all loved her, and now that I have her I see why. She is always positive and encouraging, she makes learning fun. She teaches really well, making sure we understand all the concepts. I’m never nervous about talking with her, and I know if I have a question or a problem then she is happy to help me. She is just really awesome and I’ve never heard anyone say anything they didn’t like about her or how she teaches, she really is awesome.” 

Nominated by: Kaura Brown, student

Erica O'Connor, American Fork High; teacher

She is the most outstanding teacher, and she loves her work and deserves to be recognized for what she does.” 

Nominated by: Cyana Shelley, student

Mitch Hall, Cedar Valley High; teacher

He is a great teacher, especially to all of his students, loves making great music and deserves to be recognized for how many hours he spends helping his students.” 

Nominated by: Cyana Shelley, student

Richard Bateman, Mountain Ridge Junior; teacher

While I was Mountain Ridge Junior High, this teacher was my band director. I originally took his class just because I needed the elective to fill my schedule, but his class still stands to be my favorite class to have taken in Junior High. He really changed my view on music and helped inspire me to excel in it. He really took the time to help his students learn and prosper on their instruments and in band. And outside of class, he was still such a fun person to talk to and just be around. He’s one of the reasons why I’m in the top band today at my school and I appreciate what he’s done for me.” 

Nominated by: Wyatt Stevens, student

Amy Pryor, American Fork High; teacher

I just really feel like Mrs. Pryor really does a good job at doing her job. She’s my math teacher, and while I always excel at math and don’t really need help with it, I can really see how she helps everyone else in my class. She teaches and explains the subject really well to those who have a hard time getting it, and is very helpful when kids need individual help as well. She’s also a great person outside being a teacher as well. I left my phone one time during her class after school, and she went out of her way to track me down and return it to me before I left. I love having her math class.” 

Nominated by: Wyatt Stevens, student

Rachelle Alvey, Greenwood Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Alvey is an organized and dedicated teacher. She sends out weekly emails informing parents of upcoming events and things the students are learning so we can reinforce the learning at home. I have a daughter who is extremely shy. Mrs. Alvey has really helped her come out of her shell. She talks with her during recess and helps her feel important and loved. My daughter loves her as a teacher and even raises her hand and contributes to class discussion which she has never done in the past. I’m amazed at the progress my daughter has made in her class and can’t thank her enough.” 

Nominated by: Sheleen Lefgren, parent

Karen Taylor, American Fork Junior; teacher

I have a daughter who was born with a slow processor and dyslexia. Math is extremely difficult for her and she has always struggled learning math concepts. After taking Mrs Taylor’s class my daughter actually came home and said she understands math and is enjoying it. I never thought I would hear her say those words. Mrs. Taylor has a way of explaining math concepts so that they are easy to understand. She spent a lot of extra time helping my daughter learn. We are extremely grateful for her.”

Nominated by: Sheleen Lefgren, parent

Peter Glahn, American Fork High; administrator

Mr. Glahn is an incredible administrator who really knows and cares about his students. He went to Indianapolis with the AF marching band this year. I also went as a chaperone. I was so impressed at how much he interacted with the kids. He would sit and talk to them on the bus or while eating. He got down on the field to do warm ups with them and gave them encouraging words before they went out on the field. My kids said they never knew who the principal was in their last school in Texas. They said they really appreciate how much Mr. Glahn interacted with them on a personal level.

Nominated by: Sheleen Lefgren, parent

Greg Frangia, American Fork High; teacher

He is great at teaching and although he is sarcastic sometimes, he really shows that he wants us to succeed in our work and that’s just shows his support to us.

Nominated by: Cielo Hanamaikai, student

Whitney Beckstead, American Fork High; teacher

“She puts in so much work for our class even when we’re so mean to her and she doesn’t deserve any of it.”

Nominated by: Kaya Pierre, student

Frank Bramall, American Fork High; teacher

Frank is the Athletic Director at Timpanogos High School and I am blown away by the way he provides such amazing support to Timpanogos athletes and coaches. Frank knows every student by name and is always offering a kind word of support or advice to them. Frank takes the time to meet with his coaches and provides amazing training and support to them. When I go to an athletic event I look forward to seeing Frank, as he puts in hundreds of extra hours seemingly attending every event. The students and staff love Frank and know that he is there to support them!!

Nominated by: Jeff Schoonover, district employee

Carli Brown, American Fork High; teacher

She’s with each student every step of the way, taking care of their needs because she cares for everyone and has a passion for education. I’ve taken all of her classes and I’ve been in her clubs. She’s so supportive and celebrates student achievement. Some teachers think of students as mindless learning machines with no other purpose but to go to school and do work, but Mrs. Fish gets really excited when her students tell her about things going on in their lives. She makes real connections and does everything in her power to help students feel happy and make progress.

Nominated by: Emma Johnson, student

Chris Atkin, American Fork High; teacher

They try really hard (and typically succeed) at making their classroom feel safe and open and he really makes everyone feel valued, safe, and an important part of the class during class.”

Nominated by: Ayla Robason, student

Deena Peterson, Willowcreek Middle; teacher

Deena is always striving to do what is best for her students and willing to try new ideas. Her classroom is a welcoming environment where students build their mathematical thinking and are not afraid to make mistakes. Students work together in collaborative groups as they work together through tasks that help them to develop their critical thinking skills. We are so lucky to have Deena in Alpine School District.

Nominated by: Kellie Campbell, district employee

Brooklyn Fletcher, Timberline Middle; teacher

Brooklyn is a great addition to the Timberline mathematics department. Brooklyn is eager to provide well designed lessons that promote reasoning and sense-making. Brooklyn engages students in a way that allows them to develop a positive mathematical identity. Brooklyn has a clear vision for what a quality mathematics classroom should look like and works to achieve that vision.

Nominated by: Travis Lemon, district employee

John Pryor, Cedar Valley High; teacher

John is the type of teacher who genuinely wants good things for each and every student. In being in his classroom this year, I have seen him having discussions with his students about things like maintaining a growth mindset, overcoming obstacles, and keeping a positive outlook. He thinks deeply and encourages his students to do so also. I feel his passion for helping students figure out the hard things in life in a heathy way, and find this mindset so valuable for teaching art. His devotion to his craft is contagious.

Nominated by: Korryn Coates, district employee

Trevor Manning, Pleasant Grove Junior; teacher

Trevor is our chorus teacher at PGJR. He is remarkable in every way. He is the perfect example of a “warm demander.” The choir classes are always large, but Trevor manages each with precision and charm. He is positive and encouraging. He offers instant feedback, requiring repetition and gentle correction to mastery. Students leave his classes energized by their growth and surprised that they can love a class so much. Our choir concerts are legendary, with happy, proud students eagerly overcoming jitters and self-confidence doubts to wow audiences with their musical growth and confidence.

Nominated by: Denise Lund, district employee

My experience with Mr. Manning is not unique, but my gratitude is very personal. The anxiety kids entering the Jr. High program have is real and palpable. With our 3rd son, it was obvious that there would be immense struggles, but in his 2 years at the Pleasant Grove Jr. High, his hidden love for music has blossomed because of Mr. Manning. The magic that this teacher brings out in his students transcends the problems of everyday life! He LOVES each and every kid in his class, and encourages them to work hard while having IMMENSE fun. He literally changes lives! Isn’t this worth an award?!”

Nominated by: Mary Anne Grant, parent

Cassandra Barney, Orem High; teacher

Cass Barney is a well-respected professional artist who has been teaching at Orem High for the last few years. She creates a safe atmosphere for her students to learn art skills, but also feel free to experiment and try new things. One of her students said, “I like that she cares about your grade and pushes you to be a good student and do your artwork; but also if you have personal issues or something comes up, she works with you to help you out, but she doesn’t let you just give up or excuse the assignment. She pushes you to work on it.“”

Nominated by: Anna Davis, district employee

Chloe Ruud, Timberline Middle; teacher

Chloe has taught at Timberline Middle school for several years and works tirelessly on behalf of students. This year Chloe has taken on the role of CTL for the 9th grade mathematics team and is doing an excellent job! In addition to leading her team forward she is increasing her own capacity though continued learning in BYU’s mathematics education master’s program. Chloe is also a member of the secondary mathematics leadership team for Alpine School District.

Nominated by: Travis Lemon, district employee

Rachel Cardoza, American Fork Junior; teacher

Rachel is an amazing teacher who has had a positive impact on students and educators in Alpine School District. She is still a relatively young teacher, but she has proven to be a strong leader and innovator. Rachel has developed a citizenship-themed Utah Studies course that is receiving praise throughout the state. She engages her students in learning how they can be positive citizens in their communities. “I am a citizen of Utah! We are going to learn what citizens know, do what citizens do, and be citizens who make a difference.“”

Nominated by: Merinda Davis, district employee

Matt Thornton, American Fork Junior; teacher

Watching Matt in the classroom is pure magic. His classes are very large and yet every student is engaged in the learning experience. The climate of his classes are upbeat and positive. The students expect they will have a learning experience every day and will leave better than when they came in. Matt is very deliberate in his planning for all levels of learners. It is important to him that he reach each of his students individually. The students know how much he cares and that their well-being is his main focus. Their daily successes build their feelings of confidence and self-worth.

Nominated by: Cathy Jolley, district employee

Molly Garfield, Timberline Middle; teacher

Molly Garfield is a fantastic teacher and colleague. Her dedication to her school, students and health team is evident in the impact she has had on district’s health program. She is a model teacher and a great example of excellence and best practices.

Nominated by: Jessica Benson, district employee

Tammy Hogan, Timberline Middle; teacher

Tammy does an amazing job of connecting with students. She is working to incorporate meaningful mathematical learning activities that solicit student thinking and empower students to make rich connections. In Tammy’s classroom students are being challenged, supported and encouraged to think, share and engage.

Nominated by: Travis Lemon, district employee

Christie Hoopes, American Fork High; teacher

Mrs Hoopes is always on top of her work. Her teaching methods are consistent and efficient. She tries her best to make every student feel appreciated and understood, and she’s always willing to help someone with school work or life.

Nominated by: Lilly Arnold, student

Randy Evans, Lakeridge Junior; counselor

Mr. Evans helped my daughter get her ideal schedule and she is so grateful to him. Between many full classes and my daughter’s wishes, it probably took 20 emails back and forth but he always answered promptly and patiently. Thank you!

Nominated by: Rebecca Baron, parent

Randy Mott, Pleasant Grove Junior; teacher

Mr. Mott really cares for his students and tried to make everyone feel comfortable in the learning environment. He is the band teacher and put on an excellent Christmas concert this year! My daughter enjoys going to his class so much.

Nominated by: Jodee Savage, parent 

Johanna Chamberlain, Grovecrest Elementary; secretary

Jo always has a smile on her face and cares so mich for each student. She I always willing to help out whoever she can. Being the first face you see as you walk in the door she makes parents feel welcome and comfortable.

Nominated by: Jodee Savage, parent 

Emily Robertson, Trailside Elementary; secretary

My first grader enthusiastically asks to go to school because of how much fun he has in his class. His learning is exponential and she teaches with grace, kindness, patience, and understanding. He comes home always so excited and proud to show me what he has learned and accomplished during the day. Honestly, his response to school is proof enough to me about how incredible she is.

Nominated by: Anne Martineau, parent

Jennifer Day, Greenwood Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Day has helped my son thrive this year. My boy has had quite a few challenges this year and Mrs. Day has helped him to be successful! She truly loves the children in her care! My son also loves the hands on learning activities she provides! Thanks Mrs. Day!

Nominated by: Shannon Leininger, parent

Mrs. Day is so much more than a teacher. She uplifts, connects with, and nurtures her students. I have seen her overcome seemingly insurmountable circumstances to create a successful, engaging classroom environment. She has been pivotal in helping my son overcome his learning and behavioral struggles to start to blossom and thrive in school. She is exemplifies everything Alpine District educators strive to be.”

Nominated by: Alex Bosley, parent

Clint Roberts, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mr. Roberts is amazing! Band is always one of my favorites! If you are having a bad day, no matter what, you always leave with a smile on your face! Mr. Roberts always makes my class laugh! He is awesome! Mr. Roberts is super fun!! I look forward to going to Band because Mr. Roberts makes it a very fun learning experience! He also helps all of the members of the band come together! Mr. Roberts is AWESOME! Band is my favorite class! Mr. Roberts makes sure we all feel included, and takes time to teach us how EVERY instrument is important, and has an important and NEEDED role in the band! He also takes the time to get to know and have fun interactions with us!

Nominated by: Brooklyn Eagar, student

Mr. Roberts is very nice and a very fun teacher. He does so much for us and strives to make our time at school fun and exciting. He is a remarkable teacher because while he teaches amazingly and fills our heads with musical knowledge, he has fun drills and exercises that make band class fun. He encourages and inspires me to do better in the musical world, by helping me with my skills and correcting me when I mess up. Mr. Roberts is VERY selfless in the sense that he puts in a lot of time into his job. He puts on amazing concerts and a few field trips that require time to plan and execute.

Nominated by: Harrison Mecham, student

Mr. Roberts is a dedicated educator. He makes playing instruments fun and he creates a positive learning environment for students. The community enjoys the concerts performed by out students.” 

Nominated by: YaWen Lin, parent

Mr. Roberts is a fabulous teacher. He is passionate about teaching music to students and knows the enormous benefits it creates for them. He cares deeply about his students succeeding. Mr. Roberts is continually looking for ways to motivate and enhance experiences in band. For example, he organizes multiple concerts a year including with other high schools where students get to listen to and perform along with.
Mr. Roberts is amazing at connecting with his students. He is respectful and encouraging and has the perfect personality and temperament to teach and inspire! Thank you Mr. Roberts!” 

Nominated by: Debbie Bagley, parent

Cindy Ness, Willowcreek Middle; teacher

Mrs. Ness has been such a great teacher to me both this year and last year. She has taught me Spanish, AP Human Geography, and ACAD US History. She has really motivated me to learn and get my assignments done. In class, she has shown a lot of enthusiasm for her subjects, and she really helps me to learn the material and retain it for a long time. She always tries to help her students succeed in learning all of the information and to get good and passing grades.” 

Nominated by: Rachel Dastrup, student

Aubrey Webb, Horizon School; teacher

Aubrey works with special needs kids everyday all day. She always has such patience and a warm personality that my daughter rather be in her class then at home! Aubrey truly loves the kiddos in her class and she absolutely deserves to be recognized.

Thank you Aubrey!!

Nominated by: Brigette Dumas, parent

Deanna Mendez, Valley View Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Mendez is an incredible teacher. Not only does she excel at helping her students learn and be able to succeed in class and with standardized testing but she meets each child at his/her level to ensure that feel supported and seen. There are numerous students in her class this year (mine included), who struggle in unique and often difficult ways. She takes this in stride and is so strong and patient with these kids. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she also gives of her personal time/talents by volunteering with additional school programs. She never stops giving. ” 

Nominated by: Brandi Washburn, parent

Jordan Earl, Lake Mountain Middle; teacher

I think Ms. Earl would deserve this award because she makes the whole class happy with her jokes and fun ways of teaching math. She’s always working hard and in a good mood trying to make sure everyone understands the math and does their best.” 

Nominated by: Lincoln Holtom, student

Alyssa Meinzer, Oak Canyon; teacher

Ms. Meinzer is the best teacher you will ever meet. She is so sweet and kind to everyone. She really connects with her students and you can tell how much she loves each and every one of her students. She brightens the room with her smile and fun personality. She truly makes school fun to be at. She always makes sure everyone feels that they are included in things and she can always tell when someone is having an off day, and she can instantly make their day better.” 

Nominated by: Jensen Bell, student

Alyssa Meinzer is a very dedicated, fun, passionate, inspiring, warm, comitted and caring teacher and person alike. She cares about her students and goes out of her way to make sure we understand what’s going on, either for academic purposes like a fitness quiz or test or a game the whole class enjoys. On more than one occassion, she puts the students first before herself, and this shows that Alyssa Meinzer is a selfless person. This is why I, Gemma Bogart nominate Alyssa Meinzer for the RISE Award.”

Nominated by: Gemma Bogart, student

Mrs Meinzer deserves this award because she is such an amazing teacher. She really helps you when you need it most and she is so kind. You can always make jokes with her and have lots of fun. She is a great PE teacher. She is great at explaining things and helping you memorize stuff for quizzes.”

Nominated by: Azlyn Brower, student

She is an amazing teacher and inspires her students. She teaches them how to work hard and gives great advice and life lessons. She is very kind and caring and gets to know each student. She is patient and hardworking and a fantastic teacher! She teaches two subjects and is great at both of them. Miss Meinzer is a perfect teacher and everyone loves her!”

Nominated by: Ellie Wilkes, student



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