May 24

Jolene Carpenter, Legacy Elementary; teacher

“Jolene is an angel teacher at Legacy! My son was assigned to Jolene Carpenter’s class at Legacy Elementary. I knew she was a good teacher but didn’t really know her well. However, I felt her patient personality would fit our “eccentric” caboose baby better than the other wonderful options at Legacy. From September until the end of January, I attended kindergarten with my son, and what I witnessed amazed me. For 120 days, I personally witnessed her ability to show such attention, love, and care to each of the four kids in her class with extra needs. Without fanfare or being asked, she has developed a special way of teaching each of these children to fit their individual needs. All while expertly teaching a total of 24 different kids, at least four needing special attention nearly full-time. On more than one occasion, I was moved to tears at the compassion and love she demonstrates. While this has been one of the hardest years of her very long career as an educator, no one, least of all me, would have blamed her for quitting. She keeps coming each day and keeps loving these kids. Truly angels walk among us, and Jolene Carpenter is one of these unsung heroes without whom so many children would be much worse off.”

Nominated by: Christa Lindsay, parent

Delsi Benson, Silver Lake Elementary; teacher

Everyone needs a teammate like Delsi Benson. She is the heart and glue that holds our Silver Lake Elementary kindergarten team together. She is constantly checking in on each teammate to make sure everyone is surviving. She is ALWAYS the first teacher (in the entire building) to arrive each morning. She catches small details that are easily overlooked. She loves her students and spends countless hours preparing for them. Delsi is truly remarkable, inspiring, selfless and encourages others to be better through her example. Thanks for being a great teacher, teammate and friend!

Nominated by: Jennifer Cherry, district employee

Brittany Hooper, Silver Lake Elementary; aide

Brittany has been an invaluable addition to our Silver Lake family! I am blessed to work with her for an hour each day in kindergarten. Daily she is helping kindergarten students master their letters and sounds. She is patient, kind and genuinely wants to help each student hit their academic targets. She cheers each student on and celebrates their successes. She always takes initiative to jump in to lend a helping hand. She has an upbeat personality, it is almost like she brings me a dose of energy when she enters my classroom. We love you Mrs. Hooper! Thanks for all you do!

Nominated by: Jennifer Cherry, district employee

Brittany Hooper is a remarkable person! She comes to school every day with a positive attitude, and helps many students. She is inspiring to the students she works with in the school and selfless in her giving nature. She encourages the students to do their best and she works well with the teachers. I greatly appreciate her help in my class daily!”

Nominated by: TiNea Hutchings, district employee

Rachel Everitt, Silver Lake Elementary; teacher

Rachel Everitt goes above and beyond for the students at Silver Lake Elementary. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to literacy and is willing to help in any situation. She works so hard with the students in her reading groups and we are so blessed to have her!

Nominated by: Halee Hawksley, district employee

Rachel goes above and beyond what is required of her. She is great at finding creative ways to help her students learn. She always has a smile on her face no matter what challenges she is going through! I’m impressed with her ability to adapt to each students needs whether they are in life skills, speak another language, are in speech therapy or just behind in reading comprehension. She truly loves and helps each student that she meets with.

Nominated by: Christie McDonald, district employee

Hannah Beus, Silver Lake Elementary; teacher

She has been amazing with helping my daughter in school and has been keeping me updated with everything. She also lets me know what other things I can be working on with her at home.

Nominated by: Caitlin Jameson, parent

Rachel Breakfield, Silver Lake Elementary; teacher

“I feel that my teacher deserves the RISE award because she is kind loving and cares about her students education. My teacher is more than I could ever ask for in a teacher and I’ve had many teachers and there is not one quite like her. That is why I feel like my teacher Rachel Breakfield deserves this award.

Nominated by: Keyla Guzman, student

Heather Michaelis, Silver Lake Elementary; secretary

Because she gave me my favorite little duck and i just love her and her attitude and she is always laughing at me and other people and she always says hi to me when I stop by and she is just the frikin’ greatest.

Nominated by: London Florang, former student

Shanna Omer, Skyridge High; teacher

Always brings the best out of her students and is always making sure her students succeed in every way no matter what in cooking, she works real hard buy all ingredients then teach us recipes always fun when she teaches! She really is a great teacher!

Nominated by: Kaylee Sweeting, student

John Stone, Skyridge High; teacher

Mr. Stone is not only a fantastic teacher, but also a great mentor. He has been able to help elevate my capacity for writing to the collegiate level as a high school student. His lessons are always well thought out and planned in order to prepare his students for the higher level. Additionally, Mr. Stone has helped me earn a better ACT score in English, reading, and writing. Because of his great mentorship, I am excited to pursue a career in English education to help others just as Mr. Stone has helped me.

Nominated by: Madison Kearns, student

Suzy Linares, Skyridge High; Registered Behavioral Therapist
Elena Hitch, Skyridge High; Board Certified Behavioral Analyst

Our team here at Skyridge had been struggling for a few months trying to provide multiple interventions to help a new student. After multiple fruitless efforts we decided to get the BCBAs involved in our team’s brainstorming. Elena and Suzy came in and not only helped us change our approaches and perspectives, but they turned the school year around for this student. They modeled effective behavior modifications and supported the teachers with the learning in the classroom. In addition, they created a great rapport with the student and made the remainder of the school year go smoothly.

Nominated by: Zac Engle, district employee

Jennifer Boucher, Skyridge High; teacher

My son transferred into Ms. Boucher’s class for third term. Due to an injury he could not attend for two and a half months and missed the entire third term. Ms. Boucher was so great to work with us to adjust his workload while ensuring he still learned the necessary math concepts. She proposed solutions to allow him to complete the tests and encouraged him with positive feedback. She responded to emails and questions and championed my son, even though she had never met him in person. Ms Boucher epitomizes an ideal teacher, uplifting and advocating for student success. We so appreciate her.

Nominated by: Chalon Linton, parent

Sarah DeHart, Skyridge High; teacher

Mrs. Dehart is an amazing teacher. She has helped me all four years of being in Skyridge. Mrs. Dehart has supported me during hard times and has been caring and understanding. Mrs. Dehart works hard to help her students and her classroom is so fun and engaging. When my brother left for two years, Mrs. Dehart was aware of my situation and how sad I was. She helped me through that hard time and showed me lots of kindness. Mrs. Dehart has helped me more than she could ever know.

Nominated by: Emmalee Brand, student

Lauretta Allred, Snow Springs Elementary; secretary

I would like to recognize Loretta Allred. She is always willing to help others around the school. She has also been so sweet to the kids in the small group classroom I work in through last 5 years I have worked at that school. She does so much for Snow Springs student and faculty. Snow Springs is a better place because of her.

Nominated by: Emily Crawford, district employee

Julie Price, Timberline Middle; administrator

Julie Price is a great administrator. Moving from an online school to an in-session school can not be an easy task. However, taking charge of a quality leadership team, custodial staff and others, she constantly looks to make improvements to what is being done to improve the quality of the school itself, the teachers, and what is being done within these walls. Julie does not “get lost in the weeds” when looking for what is best for the students and their well being. Thank you Julie for being our administrator.

Nominated by: Ammon Grannis, district employee

Laurie Anderson, Timberline Middle; teacher

Laurie has been teaching for many years now, but never slacks on improving her curriculum and increasing student success. She has an incredibly giving and positive nature, and works hard to help students find success in their artistic goals. She is an incredible educator and I am so glad I get to work with her.

Nominated by: Kaitlyn Seamons, district employee

Michael Jones, Timberline Middle; teacher

Mr. Jones is a great example for me. He is insanely smart and passionate about what he teaches. He loves to share his personal interests and life with his students. He takes the time to get to know you individually. Mr. Jones also has a spark to him that makes me want to learn!

Nominated by: Jaden Howe, teacher

Over the last few months, Mike has proven to be the go-to teacher for most of the faculty. Every day I see countless teachers go to his room in my hall and ask him for help and he is always there and ready to help them in any way he can. He has proven to be a critical feature to the culture of Timberline Middle!”

Nominated by: Ammon Grannis, district employee

Claire White, Timpanogos High; teacher

Claire creates an amazing learning environment where she encourages her students to work together, create amazing work, and become better people. This is my third year of being a student of hers and she’s helped me become the passionate, creative, and upbeat person I am today.

Nominated by: Hailey Murff, student

Jason Brown, Timpanogos High; teacher

He’s a super good tennis coach. And also a great teacher! I really enjoy playing tennis for him these past two years. Can’t wait to be manger for the boys team.

Nominated by: Dresden Winder, student

Kori Crampton-Taylor, Timpanogos High; teacher

She is constantly moving things and rearranging things to help everyone. She is always so kind and understanding. She never fails to help us learn how to take accountability and learn at the same time. She is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

Nominated by: Ellie Ables, student

Anna Davis, Timpanogos High; teacher

This is the nicest teacher I have who truly cares about her students learning and well being. She teaches AP Art History, and it’s become my favorite class in high school because of her!!

Nominated by: Jaeger Gardner, student

She is an amazing teacher. You can tell she really cares for her students and wants everyone to succeed. You can tell she really loves her job and is passionate about what she teaches.”

Nominated by: Bella Reed, student

John Jagerson, Timpanogos High; teacher

Mr. Jaegerson has been such a great addition to an already strong math department. He understands the AP curriculum as well as priorities and structures the class accordingly. He helps the kids know what they have to do to pass the test while giving them every opportunity to still the grade they want. Above all, he is kind and helpful.

Nominated by: Holliann Gardner, parent

Sean Black, Timpanogos High; teacher

All of my kids have loved their welding class. He makes things fun, and the classroom is a place where kids can come and enjoy their time. It is a low stress environment that allows so many opportunities to learn. I love the scrap metal turkeys for Sub for Santa. Timpanogos is so lucky to have him, and have this class as part of the curriculum.

Nominated by: Holliann Gardner, parent

Cindy Hansen, Timpanogos High; teacher

Ms. Hansen has always been the most supportive and loving teacher I’ve ever had. Not only does she care about her students, but she always makes sure she’s doing everything in her power to help her students perform the best they can in all their classes, not only hers. She shows her unconditional desire to see her students succeed.

Nominated by: Laura Catalina Casallas Rubio, student

Marcus Draper, Timpanogos High; teacher

Mr. Draper has always shown that he loves his job and that is reflected in the way he performs. He puts all his effort in making students feel comfortable, heard and understood. He is always willing to take extra time to make sure that if there is a problem, that is being taken care of, and of course, he always makes sure you are learning with his amazing teaching skills. I don’t think I could ever ask for a better Spanish and Latinos in Action teacher as he is always giving his 100% and I don’t doubt he always has.

Nominated by: Laura Catalina Casallas Rubio, student

Mark Bell, Timpanogos High; teacher

Mr. Bell teaches sophomore English at Timpanogos High. He has a wonderful ability to engage the students in meaningful dialogue related to their texts and writing skills development. Unprompted, my son has brought home these conversations to discuss with our family. I appreciate how well Mr. Bell brings a real life context to his curriculum to create deeper learning in his students.

Nominated by: Michele K Sorensen, parent

John Christiansen, East Transportation; bus driver

He is the best bus driver we could ask for, he is always kind, caring, makes sure we get to school on time, is friendly, doesn’t judge anybody and is so supportive. I feel like there are plenty of bus drivers who are always so tired and worn down that they don’t have it in them to be nice, to help us, to always say “You’re welcome” in the most friendly way. He is always so kind, happy and if I can compare him to Santa Claus (because it is December when I’m writing this), our bus driver is jolly. He will always smile at you and I can definitely say that when he has a sub we get slightly upset.

Nominated by: student

Adam Cook, transportation; bus driver

Best bus driver ever!

Nominated by: student

McKenzie Bennett, Traverse Elementary; teacher

McKenzie cares deeply about children and teaching. She loves her students, laughs with them, inspires them, and makes their 6th grade experience something that they never forget. McKenzie’s students learn how to be better people. They learn how to make better decisions and how to take responsibility for their actions. Her students learn to love and support each other. They enter junior high school prepared to face a new world. McKenzie is a natural in her classroom. She shines and her students come to school each day excited to be with her. McKenzie Bennett is exemplary in every way.

Nominated by: Ryan Radebaugh, district employee

Dee Lawler, Traverse Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Lawler has taught 3 of my 4 children. When I met her 12 years ago, we were moving here from out of state. Mrs. Lawler went out of her way to make not only my son, but myself feel comfortable and loved. She currently has my youngest son in her class. The past few years he has struggled to feel comfortable at school and with friends. Last week, he said to me that 5th grade has been his best year of school yet because of Mrs. Lawler. He told me that she is so helpful and kind. She is so deserving of this recognition!

Nominated by: Jannelle Wride, parent

Kalie Bean, Traverse Elementary; teacher

Kalie is an exceptional teacher that wants the best for all of her students. My son has a learning and speech delay, when Kalie met him he could only say a handful of words but after 2 years with her, my son can now communicate in full sentences. She is also an advocate for her students and their parents, always ensuring their educational needs are met and even exceeded. She goes above and beyond the call of her duties as a teacher and her students are blessed because of her. She may never know the full impact she has on her students and their families.

Nominated by: Angela Leddy, parent

Rita Lewis, Valley View Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Lewis has gone above and beyond in encouraging and helping my student in her personal struggles and in being a successful student. I appreciate the respectful and kind way she treats her students, that she believes in them, and that she creates personal connections with them. You can tell she loves what she does and that she genuinely wants her students to grow and enjoy learning.

Nominated by: Aydia & Michelle Hunt, parent and student

Brittney Hansen, Viewpoint Middle; teacher

Mrs. Hansen is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever met. She goes above and beyond to make her classroom a safe, fun, and positive environment for each and every student, and I am grateful to have her in my life!

Nominated by: Claire Mietus, student

Wendy Walker, Valley View Elementary; lunch manager

The Vineyard cafeteria is a place of friendship, love, and good times! Wendy Walker engages in daily selfless acts in which both staff and students benefit. She leads her nutrition team in keeping the students as their focus. Food is prepared in batches to stay warm and fresh. Smiles and conversations can be seen and heard throughout the lunch line, and more often than not, music is played for students. In addition to providing a safe environment for nourishing our students, Wendy loves on staff members with fresh rolls on Thursdays and holiday treats. We love Wendy at ‘Cafe Vineyard’!

Nominated by: Erin Gates, district employee

Carie Gunn, Vineyard Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Gunn’s classroom is a place where students feel safe and are not afraid to share their thoughts and learning. My daughter Charley loves the energy she brings to their second grade class each day and the love she has for each of her students. Her love for her students and job shows each day, and we are so grateful to have her as a teacher.

Nominated by: Kelly Campbell, parent

Sarah Gleason, Vista Heights Middle; counselor

She has been the best counselor I have ever encountered. She is always smiling and happy to help no matter what. She is so good with the students they always want to visit her. She really cares about her students and will do whatever it takes to make them succeed and be happy. I just adore her.

Nominated by: Autumn Averett, parent

Chris Wettstein, Vista Heights Middle; teacher

Chris is the ultimate mentor. He has 29 years of teaching experience and is so willing to share all he has garnered. His approach to teaching is well thought out and very clear. He has helped many teachers develop from being newbies to being competent teachers.

Nominated by: Mark Stahmann, district employee

Marianne Beckstead, Vista Heights Middle; teacher

Mrs. Beckstead is an incredible teacher who genuinely wants the best for her students. One of her students was struggling with ADHD and she selflessly reached out to ask how she could help her student. She advocated to get the help the student needed. She even emailed the student to help encourage her and let the student know that she was available to help them. These remarkable actions have helped the student emotionally and mentally. Mrs. Beckstead has helped this student, and others feel seen, safe, and cared for.

Nominated by: Rachael Neff, parent

Kent Bills, Westlake High; counselor

Kent has made such an impact on my daughter’s life and decisions she’s making about her future. Kent gave my very shy daughter some unconventional options that will help her on the path of success. I’m very grateful for his knowledge of the school programs and his kindness he demonstrates as he counsels our children to be their best! Thank you!!

Nominated by: Jessica Elton, parent

Corinne Iverson, Willowcreek Middle; teacher

Corinne has brought a desire to learn and try things from different languages to my student. My child says that she feels valued in her class. I am blessed that she has put a desire to learn about different places in my child. Thanks for everything you do for her!”

Nominated by: Amanda Hodges, district employee

Conor Spanos, Windsor Elementary; head sweeper

Connor Spanos is our Head Sweeper at Windsor. Connor truly loves his job, our school, and the students. To say he is beloved is an understatement, one student even wrote a book about “Super Conner.” Windsor students recently made posters writing about why they love our school. Many student mentioned him by name. Conner goes above and beyond to make our school look great. No one works harder than he does. He is constantly on the move making spaces better than when he found them. He does an exemplary job in every possible way.

Nominated by: Amren Patterson, district employee

Ricardo Ceta, Windsor Elementary; teacher

He makes learning fun. We sing lots of songs and speak Spanish.

Nominated by: Montana Robbins, student



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