May 17

Judy Hainsworth, Legacy Elementary; teacher

Judy has a the incredible ability of making children and adults feel seen, heard, and valued. For the past three years, I’ve seen her looking out for her students whole-being socially, emotionally, and academically. She’s quick to let everyone that she comes in contact with the goodness she sees within them. Her smile and attitude is contagious with coworkers and students. I’m so glad she’s at Legacy Elementary and a helps me to be a better teacher.

Nominated by: Kiyo Richins, district employee

Amanda Banuelos, Legacy Elementary; teacher

We are so lucky to have Amanda at Legacy Elementary as a second grade Spanish teacher. Amanda is a great team player on our second grade team and truly sees all second graders as her students as she does her best to communicate with DLI and non-DLI students. She makes students feel comfortable, confident, and excited about Spanish. Also she goes the extra mile and goes outside of school time to attend students extracurriculars which make them feel seen and important.

Nominated by: Kiyo Richins, district employee

Jill Hanson, Legacy Elementary; administrator

Jill has strengthened our sense of community here at Legacy Elementary between students, parents, and the faculty. Everyone knows her from her efforts in helping students during recess, keeping everyone safe every morning and after school at the crosswalk, or even in connecting parents in her weekly LowDown emails. But what makes Jill stand out is her exceptional ability to create weekly announcement videos that include photos or videos of amazing things happening at Legacy. I am impressed by her ability to make everyone seen and valued at our school.

Nominated by: Kiyo Richins, district employee

Alisia Conley, Legacy Elementary; classroom aide

Alisia Conley has made a DRAMATIC difference in my classroom as my classroom aide! She provides interventions for my students on a daily basis and is always looking for a way to help them understand and practice concepts they need. She also prepares fun activities as rewards or for holidays. The students adore her! She has brought joy to our first grade team through her cheerful and energetic personality. In addition to her work in my classroom, she is also the Room Mom for her two children’s classrooms. She is such a blessing to our school and I am grateful to be able to work with her!

Nominated by: Amy Mason, district employee

Shauntell Kanigan, Legacy Elementary; teacher

Shauntell is a wealth of knowledge in early care, education, special education, and best practices with young children. She is an advocate not only for the students she serves but the families and teachers as well. She always comes in with a positive demeanor and is willing to help with anything and everything! She is a great team member!

Nominated by: Shannon Leinenger, district employee

Cody Mortensen, Lehi Elementary; counselor

“He is a kind, awesome person who can really help other people and always a helps kids rise to their best. He is a very good counselor.

Nominated by: Dominic Provenza, student

Marjory Andersen, Lehi High; teacher

Marjory is an amazing art teacher at Lehi High School. Not only does she project calm and clarity for her students, but she has been willing this year to be our district Visual Art Leadership Team and also participate in our Student Engagement Academy. She is always bringing great ideas forward and is very mindful about implementing the latest research-based practices. She is a rock for our visual arts teachers. She is definitely NOT the type to toot her own horn, so I thought I would do it for her.

Nominated by: Anna Davis, district employee

Dawn Parker, Lehi High; copy center aide

Dawn is a person who really makes a teacher’s job easier. She is kind, helpful, positive, and encouraging while being really good at her job. Her efficiency is impressive! She is the copy center at LHS.

Nominated by: Marjory Andersen, district employee

Matt Baugh, Lehi Junior; teacher

Mr. Baugh makes me feel very French. I’ve really liked being in his class the last 2 years and I’ll miss him when I go to high school. He’s a real swell teacher and he makes class so fun, but it’s one of those classes where you learn stuff too. Like usually classes are either fun or you learn stuff but he has a mix of both. Mr. Baugh is a true homie.

Nominated by: Easton McAvoy, student

Bill Hagert, Lehi Junior; teacher

I hate science, but I love Mr. Hagert’s class, and I’m learning lots about water. I’ve always been real bad at science and I hated it, but I love Mr. Hagert’s class. It’s so fun and educational. I still don’t like science but I’m doing really well in class thanks to Mr. Hagert and Mr. Hagert is really cool.

Nominated by: Easton McAvoy, student

McKay Crockett, Lehi Junior; teacher

What do you think of when you think of math class? Boring, that’s what I think. But Mr. Crockett is so cool, he makes class fun, but somehow we all learn everything that we’re supposed to be learning. Math is the highlight of my A days. Thank you Mr. Crockett.

Nominated by: Easton McAvoy, student

Mardi Weber, Lindon Elementary; teacher

As a first-year art teacher, Mrs. Weber has devoted countless hours creating amazing grade-specific art curriculum for Lindon Elementary. She constantly finds innovative ways to teach art concepts that are not only instructive but also engaging and fun. She even found a kiln at the district surplus, and now the students are trying their hands at making unique clay creations. She also wants the school to be welcoming and has spent many hours beyond her contracted time decorating the school’s entryways and hallways for each changing season with the children’s artwork. She’s simply incredible!

Nominated by: Janice Esplin, parent

Cheri Pitcher, Mountain Ridge Junior; teacher

Cheri Pitcher is an art educator of the highest quality. She currently teaches junior high students in the subject of Ceramics and 3-D. She reaches her students through amazing engagement activities and learning goals. Cheri also is the CTL for the ASD 3-D collaboration team and has created detailed rubrics, student workbooks, and project assignments with her team to increase deeper learning in the visual arts. Her work ethic goes above and beyond to connect with students in meaningful ways and exemplifies what an art educator should be!

Nominated by: Heidi Boden, district employee

Sarah Crossley, Mountain Ridge Junior; teacher
Stephen Scholle, Mountain Ridge Junior; teacher
Cameron Kohl, Mountain Ridge Junior; teacher

My son Logan is a 9th grader in Sarah Crossley’s Life Skills class. Sarah knows that Logan loves basketball and arranged for him to be a team manager for the boys basketball team. After school each day, she walked him to the gym for practice. The coaches gave Logan an assignment and included him. At the last home game, they arranged for Logan to start the game and make the first basket. Coaches Scholle and Kohl made this a special experience for Logan and set a great example of kindness and inclusion for the players and fans. Coach Kohl even put together a highlight video for Logan.”

Nominated by: Carrie Watkins, parent

Jenna Flood, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

When your child comes home from school each day telling you how much they love their teacher, that is a special thing! I appreciate Madam Flood’s ability to connect with her students, cheer them on, and truly brighten their day. She keeps my daughter laughing with her positivity and wit and always seems to know when she needs a pick me up. She has mastered the balance of respect and fun and I couldn’t think of a better teacher for junior high age kids.

Nominated by: Jordan & Michelle Hunt, parents

Alicia Waters, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mrs. Walters has created a classroom filled with unique & fun ways to learn, compassion, & understanding. She has been a strength in my daughter’s personal struggles this year and I appreciate Mrs. Walters desire to see her students succeed while also connecting on their level.

Nominated by: Jordan & Michelle Hunt, parents

Ms. Walters is the best! She is always in the same mood and treats all her kids equally the same, she makes it obvious that there is no favoritism. Ms. Walters teaches in a way that her students are able to understand and enjoy being in her class. She is kind and stern. The best teacher I have met since being in the USA!”

Nominated by: Charlene Roberts, parent

Mrs. Walters is so kind to all students. She is a great teacher, explains everything perfectly, makes class fun, stands her ground, and when things get out of hand in class she helps make everything normal again. There is this one 8th grader that is always bugging me and my friend group, and Mrs. Walters talked to him and politely asked him to knock it off and he hasn’t bugged us since. Mrs. Walters is so friendly to all of her students and if they are different, she is their friend. Mrs. Walters is a really good teacher and helps me in everything I need help with, school related or not.”

Nominated by: Chloe McMillan, student

Mike Bearden, Oak Canyon Junior; counselor

Mr. Mike Bearden has been my three children’s counselor over the past several years. He is always friendly to all the students at the school and has the kids’ best interests at heart! If we express a need, he makes a change quickly with a desire and understanding to help the child succeed!! If I email him, he gets it done super fast! We know we can depend on Mr. Bearden to help all the students at Oak Canyon!!

Nominated by: Laurie Nielson, parent

Deborah Jorgensen, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Debi is REMARKABLE in her ability to teach lessons straightforward enough for lower-achievers, interesting to higher achievers, engaging to both. Her knowledge of the world and passion for math is deep, broad, and INSPIRING; she enlarges her students’ minds with her insights on math and life. She SELFLESSly spends time beyond her contracted hours preparing, and trying to improve students’ chances for success. She has high expectations, and ENCOURAGES struggling students and high achievers alike, sometimes with simpler or more challenging problems. She is a blessing to her students!

Nominated by: Annette Bean, district employee

Matt Marshall, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mr. Marshall is an amazing teacher who cares about all of his students. He teaches really well and makes sure to help every student in his class learn, prepare for tests, and enjoy class. He’s also super encouraging when students answer questions in class by answering positively even when they aren’t completely right, and even has the class give a round of applause for answering difficult questions. This keeps the classroom upbeat and fun, even though a lot of students find history boring. Honestly he’s a super kind, fun, and unique person. This is why he deserves the RISE Award.

Nominated by: Jaden Seal, student

Curtis Nguyen, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mr. Nguyen has helped my son have a passion for history. He makes the information accessible to teenagers by making the class fun. It helps that both he and my son love the Marvel Universe. My son talks about how great Mr. Nguyen is all the time.

Nominated by: Amanda Morrison, parent

Trevor Kunkel, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mr. Kunkel is a really good math teacher! He explains things thoroughly and makes it fun! I really enjoy going to math. Mr. Kunkel makes the classroom feel safe, and it’s a fun learning environment!

Nominated by: Brooklyn Eagar, student

Brad Johnson, Oak Canyon Junior; counselor

Mr. Johnson is a wonderful counselor who always go the extra mile to help students succeed. He answers email very quickly, arranges meetings when necessary and sends ideas for help when needed. He truly wants to help the students succeed. He also has a very easy going and approachable personality. We have loved having him as a counselor for both of our daughters. He is such an asset to Oak Canyon Jr.

Nominated by: Melissa Gibson, parent

Rondi Jensen, Orem Elementary; counselor

My daughters adore Mrs. Jensen. She does small groups to help them with things like resilience and anxiety. They love the time they spend with her and have told me that when they’re struggling with something they go find her to try to talk to her. I’m so grateful they have that resource at school.”

Nominated by: Julie Taggart, parent

Sandy West, Orem Elementary; teacher

Miss West has helped me understand and has been in constant communication with a daughter that has anxiety in school. Miss West teaches the ALL program at Orem and she has been so accommodating and helpful in dealing with my daughter’s stress. I am blown away by her patience and kindness to all of her students while helping them learn, in the best possible way, and in a positive and fun environment. She holds fun events and auctions and encourages the kids to do extra work and participate in a fun way for everyone. While at the same time, not adding extra pressure on the kids.

Nominated by: Cheriess Seastrand, parent

Laura Giles, Orem Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Giles has been so sweet and patient with my son this year. He learns so much from her and genuinely enjoys being in her class! It is hard to send my baby to school, but makes it a little easier knowing he has such a wonderful teacher!

Nominated by: Megan Johnson, parent

Megan Carter, Orem Elementary; teacher

When Mrs. Griffith unexpectedly and tragically passed away within the first weeks of school, Megan Carter moved from being the technology specialist to taking over a whole 1st grade classroom with almost no notice. It must have been more than a little terrifying, but she’s been AMAZING, and makes sure the kids know they are loved and taught at an individual level. That courage and heart needs to be recognized!

Nominated by: Ben Olsen, parent

Megan has been amazing this school year. When one of our 1st grade teachers was diagnosed with cancer, she stepped in to cover her class in addition to many of the duties associated with her job as the computer teacher. She continued to assist students in resetting their logins, created sub plans for the long term computer sub, and helped everyone access the programs and apps they needed. She has continued to train the new computer teacher and help students and teachers with computer needs while teaching 1st grade full-time.”

Nominated by: Tamara Bahr, district employee

Phillip Hanney, Orem Junior; teacher

Phillip Hanney is very talented in the area of the computer sciences, which makes him the perfect individual to teacher computer functions to the students at Orem Junior. Phillip knows the essential steps that need to be taken when instructing students on how computer programs function and the skills that need to be strengthened along the way to help generate success. He has a super personality that is jam packed with a positive humor, that keeps his classrooms functioning in a cheerful environment; while he answers the many questions students can have about what they are learning.

Nominated by: Jalaire Terry, parent

Lavon Vogl, Parkside Elementary; nutrition services manager

LaVon is one of a kind! She works tirelessly to provide not only great tasting food, but a sense of belonging and fun. During October she converted the lunchroom into what looked like a movie set from Harry Potter complete with the Hogwarts Express. She used the month to try and get more students to eat school lunch and breakfast. Every day students could go to the lunchroom and draw a token out of a “sorting box” to win a Harry Potter-themed prize. Students love going to lunch and breakfast because of LaVon!

Nominated by: Sean Bowman, district employee

Susy Bird, Pleasant Grove High; teacher

“She cares so much about her students and wants them to do well. She is a delight and is absolutely hilarious, she is also extremely kind and understanding. She supports us and genuinely cares.

Nominated by: Bella Smith, student

Susan Pugh, Pleasant Grove Junior; teacher

She makes lessons fun engaging and not that hard. She is an amazing teacher and is always working hard to help students understand. She hardly ever gets frustrated and always tries to make it a great experience for students who have her class.

Nominated by: Averie Crawford, student

Ben Call, Pony Express Elementary; sweeper

Ben takes his job very seriously. He is very good at his job. He goes above and beyond to make sure that I get the supplies that I need. He is friendly and kind. My room is so clean when I am on Ben’s rotation.

Nominated by: Dusti Ansah, district employee

Charity Perry, Pony Express Elementary; teacher

Mrs Perry has been incredibly supportive of our son! She works with him when he struggles, is incredible at communicating with us as parents and is an empathetic and diligent educator!

Nominated by: Spencer Johnson, parent

Kristine McDonald, Purchasing; secretary

Kristine is very kind. I appreciate all that she does for our department get-togethers and for the efforts she puts forth to make everyone feel important and welcome. Kristine is Remarkable, Inspiring, Selfless and Encouraging, and much more!

Nominated by: Sandy McAvoy, district employee

Debra Reinhart, Ridgeline Elementary; teacher

Debra Reinhart has changed the trajectory of our daughter’s educational path. Our daughter started 6th grade low in math. Miss Reinhart identified our daughter’s academic gaps and communicated how to best assist her at home and at school. From our daughter’s beginning of year to mid year i-Ready diagnostic, our daughter improved by 40 points and is now at grade level. At the beginning of the year we never thought our daughter would make it to grade level, we just wanted her to improve. Under Miss Reinhart’s tutelage, our daughter achieved what we could only dream of.

Nominated by: Julie Jacobsen, parent

Liz Swalberg, Ridgeline Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Swalberg is such an amazing teacher! She is so energetic and makes learning fun! She genuinely wants to see her students succeed and celebrates every success, small or big! She takes time every morning and every day after school to individually greet and talk to each student in her class. She stays after school, several days a week, to help not only my daughter in her class, but also her older sister, with their reading. She has built their confidence in reading and they have made huge strides working with her! She is so wonderful and we are so lucky to have her as a teacher!

Nominated by: Stephanie Yates, parent

Phyllis Patlan, River Rock, Elementary; teacher

Phyllis is so positive with her students and staff members. She sincerely listens makes you feel valued. She always has a smile on her face and it spreads to others. She is a joy to work with.

Nominated by: Amanda Hodges, district employee

Kalli Robison, Riverview Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Kaili Robison at Riverview is my daughter’s first grade teacher. She is extremely engaging, kind and creative, making fun stories and games for math and other subjects. Mrs. Robison also invests a lot of time and energy helping parents be informed and involved with weekly emailed newsletters reviewing topics covered in class, announcements, book recommendations, and more. My daughter told me Mrs. Robison’s favorite thing in the world is her students. I am grateful she creates an environment where my kids feel welcomed, important, wanted, valued, and safe.

Nominated by: Becky Doman, parent

Meikina Stuy, Riverview Elementary; teacher

“When I went to Riverview Ms. Stuy was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I was only with her for a few months and she was a great teacher to me and the class. Understanding, kind, and always willing to help.

Nominated by: Charlotte Mouer, student

she deserves it for allllll her hard work :D”

Nominated by: Jayla Kettering, student

Jeni Boston, Riverview Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Boston was my 4th grade teacher, she always took the time to talk to me and get to know me better especially because i was a new kid 4th grade year. This was greatly appreciated and I think she deserves to be nominated by Alpine School District.

Nominated by: Charlotte Mouer, student

Jennifer Lee, Rocky Mountain Elementary; teacher

Have you ever met someone to who you were excited to get the chance to talk to? You know you will feel better about yourself and the world after a conversation? That is Jenn Lee. Everyone needs to know Jenn Lee. She is the super glue of our school. Jenn is an aide at Rocky Mountain who takes the time to know something about everyone. She has kind words, encouragement, a smile, and exciting energy for everyone. She is the sunshine that brightens everyone’s day. You can conquer the world after talking to Jenn Lee.

Nominated by: Lisa Aase, district employee

Ginnie Earl, Saratoga Springs Elementary; teacher

Ginnie Earl, AKA Mz. G, is well-loved by parents and students. Mz. G is a perceptive observer. When Nicole struggled on an important test, Mz. G dug deeper to find the reason; she had a discussion and fixed the underlying problem, which was unrelated to her academic ability. When we spoke with Mz. G at a parent teacher conference last year, she demonstrated a unique appreciation for our daughter’s less apparent strengths. Mz. G is a special teacher because she always looks at the big picture. Not only is Mz. G a talented teacher who builds character on top of academics, her students have fun and are energized by her class. Mz. G’s classroom is engaging, with opportunities for creativity and innovation, as well as interesting projects and activities throughout the year and always treats the students with respect, and seems to genuinely enjoy her job.

Nominated by: Carly Ferrin, parent

Cindy Bigler, Shelley Elementary; teacher

A combination of ADHD and other health problems caused my daughter to have an extremely difficult experience last year. Getting her to school was a daily battle of heart-breaking tears while physically dragging her to her class. After only a few weeks, Mrs. Bigler facilitated a 180 degree miracle. She infuses her redirection with love and positivity; her classroom is a place my daughter feels safe and loved. I will never stop being grateful for Mrs. Bigler; I don’t know how we’ll ever get on without her.

Nominated by: Annalise G Larsen, parent



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