March 29

Jamie Madsen, Foothill Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Madsen is by far the best elementary school teacher out there. She is always will to help and her class is never boring. Her classroom is also very cute!

Nominated by: Madisen Christensen, student

Trever Whiting, Westlake High; teacher

I would like to nominate Mr. Whiting. My daughter has had extreme anxiety and troubles in school and she’s always comfortable in his class. He makes learning fun. But most of all she’s had some medical issues and yesterday had surgery was home the two weeks recovering. He was amazing communicating through this process. He even showed up to our home with her favorite treats to check up on her. He definitely went over and beyond.

Nominated by: Jullian Pexton, parent

Elizabeth Stone, Westlake High; teacher

Mrs. Stone is an exceptional math teacher. My daughter struggles with math but she makes the environment a place where she can learn and grow. She goes over and beyond to make sure that my daughter understands and helps her after school often. She spends many extra hours helping her succeed in Math. While she is home recovery from surgery she set up zooms calls to make sure she doesn’t fall behind. She is simply an amazing teacher.

Nominated by: Jullian Pexton, parent

Ted Taylor, Cedar Valley High; teacher

Mr. Taylor is one of the most selfless, caring, humorous, educational and personable people I’ve ever met. He is an idol of mine and he always inspired people whenever he can.

Nominated by: Brady Lockwood, student

Thomas Walsh, American Fork Junior; teacher

Mr. Walsh is an amazing teacher, and he is one of the best coaches. He makes an effort to know every student.

Nominated by: Abigail Combs, student

Bobbi Edwards, Silver Lake Elementary; teacher

Ms. Edwards goes above and beyond for her students. She cares deeply for each one and wants to help them succeed. She treats each student equally and makes everyone feel like they matter. She will also challenge students to help them get better. She will always help students however she can.

Nominated by: Adelyn Quinn, student

Autumn Linsley, Orem High; teacher

Mrs. Linsley, Is THAT PERSON!!! She is a GOAT at her occupation which is being a teacher of jewelry, Studio Art and Art 2D. She makes sure we have all the supplies we need and she is like a second mom to us. She always cares for us to the point where she admitted that she worries about her students at night. It just shows that she is a true example of a mother and a teacher. She shows honesty, trustworthy, and kindness. She is one of Orem High favorites and one thing about Mrs. Linsley is that she is so chill and laid-back. Thats why I nominate Mrs. Linsley because she is DA BEST!

Nominated by: Pepe Toilolo, student

Audra Yocom, Pleasant Grove High; teacher

“Audra Yocom is one of the most caring, inclusive, observant people that I know. She is incredibly invested as a computer teacher, and truly shows her students that she cares. She puts much of her personal time into our club and gets involved anywhere that she is needed, and she is actually aware of the mental struggles that too many students go through. My life would be on a completely different trajectory without her – and I know I’m not the only one. Few are as deserving as Audra Yocom; Remarkable, Inspiring, Selfless, and Encouraging can barely begin to describe her.”

Nominated by: Benjamin Lamoreaux, student

Andrea Morley, Ridgeline Elementary; teacher

“Mrs. Morley is an amazing person who wakes up early to teach the band and orchestra at Ridgeline, and works into the evening to teach at Highland. She provides an awesome opportunity for music through a number of programs, including a band, orchestra, symphony, and a choir. She works hard to make sure her students are prepared for later music programs, and also serves as the music teacher at Ridgeline. She is kind, and is a fun person to talk to and consult about music and life. She has taught me valuable skills and I really appreciate learning with her.”

Nominated by: Brinton Bishop, student

Natalie Dalton, Poney Express Elementary; teacher

“As a classroom parent volunteer in Ms Daltons class, I feel such pride when I witness an amazing teacher who genuinely believes in helping her students achieve goals and unified understanding of lessons. I am thoroughly impressed by her aptitude to be available for students with greater needs whether it is before or after school tutoring. Above all else, Ms Dalton is immensely grateful for any time I give to her classroom for whatever she needs. But in truth, I need to say “Thank You Ms. Dalton for being an exceptional teacher!””

Nominated by: Susan Byers, parent

Daniel Morris, Viewpoint Middle; teacher

“I think Mr. Morris should be nominated because of his kindness, encouragement, and way of teaching. He has made my school experience much better by always providing a safe work space and makes the assignments a little more fun and more like the real world. He is never in a bad mood or stingy; he always makes everyone laugh while trying to improve academics. He is an overall great teacher and you should definitely consider him.”

Nominated by: Charlize Whitfield, student

Amy Cottle, Eaglecrest Elementary; teacher

“Mrs. Cottle is remarkable. We moved here from WA just a few months ago. Mrs. Cottle made it so easy for my daughter to come into a new school. She noticed I might have some concerns based on my daughter’s last school and immediately reached out to address them. She has watched her closely and communicated with me so well. I know that she truly cares about her students and wants them to succeed. She is the best—so encouraging and entirely selfless. She was made to be a teacher and she’s darn good at it!”

Nominated by: Jackie Hall, parent

Mrs. Cottle has made the transition from home school to elementary school exceptional. When my son came back to school after being home schooled due to COVID he was nervous about being behind his peers. Mrs. Cottle has patiently guided him this year and I have seen him grow academically in so may ways. I know that this growth in no small part is due to the hard work and dedication of Mrs. Cottle.”

Nominated by: Jay, parent

Sonya Cuff, Skyridge High; student advocate

“Sonya is a very positive member of the Skyridge High School family. She has been a student advocate for 5 years. Sonya always has a smile and a kind word for students and other staff members. She cares about her students so much that they see her as their “mother at school”. Because of Sonya’s personal care, countless students have improved attendance, study habits, behavior, etc. She has been a strong motivating force for many students who felt like giving up to stay engaged in school and graduate.

Nominated by: Lynn Meek, district employee

Jaden Taylor, Meadow Elementary; teacher

“Mrs. Taylor goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She makes sure each student is heard and feels special. She takes time out of her schedule to go to extra curricular actives students are involved in. She is the best!

Nominated by: Chantelle Paramore, parent

Kalynn Webb, Viewpoint Middle; teacher

“I think that Kalynn Webb is deserving of the RISE award because she makes me feel safe and welcome in her classroom. She is my favorite teacher and always makes an effort to make sure everyone in the class understands. She is accepting of everyone and is just amazing in general.

Nominated by: Eliana Harris, student

John Hughes, ATEC; administrator

“John’s leadership has been remarkable and inspiring for my son Emmanuel, he is so friendly easy to approach and have a good conversation. Our special needs children see him like a friend, I can see how John loves them. He is always taking good care of them. I really appreciate all the resources he provides in our IEP meetings to help Emmanuel to achieve his goals. We need more principals like him!

Nominated by: Blanca Gualotuna, parent

Jenny Nudd, Frontier Middle; teacher

“Ms. Nudd deserves the RISE award. In 7th grade I didn’t really want to take choir. But I took Choir in 7th grade anyway, and I loved it. Ms. Nudd made my experience in choir so much better than I thought it would be. I’ve always loved singing, and not going to choir would’ve stunk, but Ms. Nudd made me lovechoir again! This is why she deserves the RISE award. Ms. Nudd should know that she makes a good impact on her students.

Nominated by: Lily, student 

Sally Cannon, Vista Heights Middle; teacher

“Mrs. Sally will always go above and beyond for her students.

Nominated by: Mackenzie Larson, student

Kiersten Holt, American Fork High; teacher

“I once apologized asking her for help, because I thought it was an inconvenience. But she told me to never apologize, that she is here to help me. She really built trust and I feel like I can come to her with anything.

Nominated by: Nanea Lindo, student

Alexis Bosco, Lake Mountain Middle; teacher

“Miss Bosco understands people and she know’s how to react to things nicely and stuff.

Nominated by: Madilynn, student

Amanda Riley, Timberline Middle; teacher

“Mrs. Riley is a very positive orchestra teacher. She is so kind to the kids. All the kids at the school love Mrs. Riley. She always is talking kindly and has control of her class. She cares about the kids. My daughter is a competitive gymnast. Mrs. Riley took time out of her week to come to my daughter Gymnastics competition. This made my daughter feel so great. She goes the extra mile to show to her students that she cares about them as a person.

Nominated by: Janis Aden, parent

Mitchell Jorgensen, Willowcreek Middle; teacher

“He is my favorite teacher. He makes class fun and interesting. He encourages us to do our best.

Nominated by: Emma Sweeney, student

Melanie Hilton, Viewpoint Middle; teacher

“She is very understanding and always checks up on our mental health. And makes sure we love ourselves.

Nominated by: Jade Stumph, student

They are supporting and a great teacher. She is nice to everyone and makes you feel happy if you are having a bad day.”

Nominated by: Isabel Potter, student

Pollina McQuivey, Cedar Ridge Elementary; teacher

“Mrs. McQuivey, is highly deserving of a RISE award as she exemplifies everything you ask for from a parent as teacher. My son is currently in her class and has loved every day of it! Mrs. McQuivey is incredible in her communication, organization, and how she connects with her students. Each day, I hear how happy, fun, engaging, and innovative her instruction is. Although only in her first year of teaching at Cedar Ridge, Mrs. McQuivey is a shining example in terms of kindness, love for her students, and dedication to her craft. She makes every day special for them! Thanks Mrs. McQuivey!

Nominated by: Ashleigh Shirley, student

Melanie Jesperson, Cedar Ridge Elementary; teacher

“We are so impressed with Mrs. Jesperson! She has an unwavering commitment to the educational success her students and a genuine love and concern for our Kindergartener and everyone she meets. She’s extremely positive and caring, and we can tell she spends countless hours maximizing the potential of her students. Her high character, work ethic, and devotion are highly admirable. It is a true joy to have our daughter in her class each day, as she shows tremendous patience, nurture, and care for her and her needs. As parents, we wish all teachers were like her. Thank you, Mrs. Jesperson!

Nominated by: Ashley Shirley, parent

Hillary Tolman, Mount Mahogany Elementary; Title 1 Coordinator

“Hillary’s contributions are an incredible asset to Mount Mahogany! She has served our students in many capacities as a classroom teacher, specialty teacher, and in administrative duties. She is always happy and positive. No matter her position, she is adept at finding ways to boost morale and has spearheaded projects focused on helping our school culture. No matter who she works with, others consistently feel of her kind, caring love for them. She takes initiative to do extra things to help students and staff members feel special and appreciated. We love Hillary!

Nominated by: Shanell Jared, district employee

Jill Anderson, Mount Mahogany Elementary; school nurse

“Nurse Jill is incredible! She shows a great deal of care, nurture, and patience in her dealings with both students and staff members. She is adept at making others feel comfortable and at ease under her care. She is always happy, and is calm and level headed, even in difficult situations. She has guided our school through some extremely challenging years due to the Covid pandemic, and she is always positive. She is unwavering in her commitment to helping others and never complains. We’re so fortunate to have such a kind, caring, nurturing school nurse! Thanks, Nurse Jill!

Nominated by: Staci Gaines, district employee

Lyndsai Sylva, Sage Hills Elementary; teacher

“Lyndsai is a PHENOMENAL teacher and friend to all. As a classroom teacher she goes above and beyond to support the learning of ALL students. She shows students that they are loved and important. She makes learning fun and has a way to connect with her students that is so inspiring. Students absolutely adore her and look forward to seeing her everyday. As a coworker and friend she is always supporting other staff with resources, encouraging notes and compliments to build school morale and is always making people laugh. She is the epitome of what it looks like to be a RISE teacher.

Nominated by: Kristen Davis, district employee

Stephanie Bautista, Legacy Elementary; teacher

“Stephanie is always going above and beyond. She is our team´s CTL and is always on top of everything. She makes sure every member of our team is doing okay and on track, and is a great teacher! She makes sure every standard is met and taught. All of the kids love her and she has a great rapport with all of them. She’s amazing!

Nominated by: Jess Campbell, district employee

MacKenzie Smith, Greenwood Elementary; ELL Specialist

“MacKenzie is always the first person willing to help wherever needed. Not only does she do her job, but she is willing to step in everywhere else we need help. This year she has helped at recess, with behaviors, in the office, and so much more. She also looks out for her co-workers and tries to help anyone having a bad day. MacKenzie loves and cares for the students at Greenwood and it shows. She has a passion for teaching and coaching and she is amazing at what she does.

Nominated by: Torri Phillips, district employee



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