March 15

Brittany Call, Orem High; teacher

Brittney was my son’s French teacher, and she makes all her students feel loved and accepted. At the end of each year she writes a personal note to each of her students, my son still has his even though he has since graduated college. Brit is an amazing teacher.

Nominated by: Tina Cragun, parent

Layton Darrington, Harvest Elementary; teacher

Mr. Darrington is a new 4th teacher at Harvest. My son has some anxiety and other things that make changes difficult for him. Mr. Darrington has really gone above and beyond for him, and all of his students to make class a fun and exciting environment. He is genuinely concerned for all of his students wellbeing and so so patient. I’m so thankful my son has him this year and I wish he could move up through all grades with him!

Nominated by: Megan Sucher, parent

Taylor Cash, Riverview; teacher

Mr. Cash is a patient, kind and caring teacher. He always tries to go above and beyond to help each student be successful. He has helped my son reach goals we didn’t think he could. He shows sincere love for every student.

Nominated by: Ashlee Nielsen, parent

Jill Atkinson, Mount Mahogany; librarian

Jill is one-in-a-million and truly is the glue to our school. She has been here since our school opened in 2000, working in the office and currently as our queen of the library and knows all there is to know about Mt. Mahogany! She has helped create fun traditions and is continually helping find ways to spread laughter and joy to everyone here at MM! She is a great listening ear to staff members and a rock star to our students. The kids all love spending time in the library with Mrs. Atkinson. She works tirelessly to build a love of literacy for all of our students! We love our queen!

Nominated by: Staci Gaines, district employee

Jill is the heart of our school! Nothing happens here without Jill being a part of it. She has worked at Mt. Mahogany since it opened in 2000. She loves and cares about the students and faculty here and goes out of her way to support them in anyway that she can. She is always helping students and faculty climb higher and always brings an element of fun to any situation. We couldn’t ask for a more dedicated, fun, competitive, funny, and loyal team mate. Thank you for all you do Jill! It is a pleasure to work with you!”

Nominated by: Melissa Connors, district employee

Jennifer Payne, Cedar Valley Elementary; teacher

Jennifer is an extremely dedicated and talented teacher who works hard to make sure her lessons are engaging and her student’s needs are met. Jennifer always has her classroom organized, and makes sure her students are getting the best instruction they need to be successful. Even a major surgery right before school started didn’t keep Jen down. She was in a wheelchair for the first six weeks of school, and then on crutches for another couple of weeks. She continually inspires me with her determination, preparation, and dedication to her students. Jennifer absolutely deserves this award.

Nominated by: Tanja Peterson, district employee

Margo Ungricht, Willowcreek Middle; teacher

Margo changed my life as a teacher and she continues to do so as a colleague. She is the “mother hen” and patrols the hall without being asked. She engages students by giving them voice and choice. She notices the student on the margins and makes incredible efforts to reach those students. She goes to the Dinosaur Museum and collects bedrock containing fossils for her students to discover. She uses these means and others to make connections with students and be a trusted adult in their lives. After arriving early and staying late, at home she cares for her disabled husband. She is superhuman.

Nominated by: Brady Schvanavelt, district employee

Kim Burnham, Cedar Ridge Elementary; teacher

Mrs Burnham is always kind to everyone. She makes me want to be a better person and encourages me to be my best. Mrs Burnham makes learning about science fun and interesting.

Nominated by: Dax Black, student

Nicolette Duffield, Mountain Ridge Elementary; teacher

Mrs Duffield was good at explaining and teaching math. She made it fun to learn and she made an effort to get to know me. I knew she cared about me and wanted me to succeed.

Nominated by: Miles Black, student

Shauna Fairbairn, Dan Peterson School; teacher

Shauna is new to the school and we are so grateful for her! She is patient and kind and cares about her students. She looks for the positive and celebrates successes.

Nominated by: Megan Black, parent

Leslie Rhodes, Pleasant Grove High; teacher

I’ve never come across a teacher so dedicated, and I don’t think I ever will. Her ability to see someone’s potential is inspiring, and the constant and consistent encouragement to work and grow is remarkable. Honestly, I’ve just grown accustomed to the fact that I have a teacher so determined and selfless at this point. Wouldn’t trade my high school experience for the world.

Nominated by: Paul Strickland, student

Anna Robison, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Anna is endlessly encouraging to all of her colleagues. She is the only teacher I’ve ever known who memorizes every new teacher’s name the first day we’re back at school and who continues to support them by taking them special treats and encouraging notes every month throughout the year. She is constantly supportive of those she’s closest to and when she knows we’re having a hard day will just pop in and say, “You can do hard things!”, or “You’ve got this.” She constantly brings lunch and treats that she’s made for everyone at the lunch table and is the most generous listener.

Nominated by: Jenna Flood, district employee

Ms. Robison is the funniest, kindest and coolest teacher you will ever meet. She makes every lesson fun, and she has such a fun personality. She is very caring towards her students, and she is such an awesome teacher.”

Nominated by: Jensen Bell, student

Frau Robison teaches German in a very fun, and good way! She makes sure we all know the vocab, and makes sure we all feel included!”

Nominated by: Brooklyn Eagar, student

Cherae Ecalono, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mrs. Ecalono is an amazing teacher that makes learning fun, while still challenging our minds. She is always caring about every part of your life and is always ready to help. Plus, she has amazing outfits!

Nominated by: Karrynn Hall, student

Emily Walton, Lehi Elementary; teacher

Ma. Walton truly cares about each and every student in her class. She has taken the time to make sure that my son understands his schoolwork and spends extra time on personalized assignments. She has made my son finally love school again. She pushes him to reach his potential and won’t give up on him or let him give up on himself. We couldn’t ask for a better teacher!

Nominated by: Karlie Turner, parent

Scott Lind, American Fork High; teacher

I have a sophomore daughter at American Fork, High School, that is in Mr. Lind’s class. Of her daily school recountings Mr. Lind is almost always at the top of her list. Even on B days when she’s not even IN his class. He doesn’t just teach her…he inspires her. He will find her in the hallway and go out of his way to make a connection. She feels seen, heard in class, and often talks with me about how great it is to be taking English from him and learning MORE than just academically important things! We are so grateful he is an educator… as well as a student advocate!!

Nominated by: Tami Lemon, parent

Angela Okada, Riverview Elementary; speech language pathologist

Ms. Okada is a Remarkable, Inspiring, Selfless, and Encouraging SLP and human. She is genuinely attentive with and invested in others, especially students, parents, and colleagues. She is so willing to use her many gifts and talents to bless, strengthen, and edify others! She is genuine and honest, and truly a force for good in this world!”

Nominated by: Allie Wright, parent

Alicia Stephensen, Riverview Elementary; teacher

I recently made the comment that I was impressed with Mrs. Stephensen and the fun, creative things she does to bring the curriculum alive. My son overheard and said with the biggest smile, “Oh yeah of all the teachers I’ve ever had, Mrs. Stephensen is my favorite! She is the best teacher! The best!!” In general my son does not like talking about school, so when he’s willing to talk I pay close attention. 🤗

Nominated by: Allie Wright, parent

Amanda Quigley, Cedar Valley High; school psychologist

Amanda is so caring and giving. Amanda splits her time between two schools–Eagle Valley ES and Cedar Valley HS. She cares so much about all the students. She works well with teachers and administrators to help all kids. She is what we need. Her load is heavy and she carries it with grace.

Nominated by: DJ Conger, district employee

Shannalee Jones, Sage Hills Elementary; secretary

Shannalee is so helpful and kind to students, parents, teachers and staff. She gets things done timely and usually goes above and beyond what is expected, and she always does it with a smile!

Nominated by: Katie Wilbur, district employee

Terrie Nitta, Orem Junior; registrar

Terrie is always so willing to give her time and talents to our school. She is a true “go-getter.” Her quick wit and warm demeanor are a magnet for both students and staff. She is detailed oriented and forgiving when we fall short. Terrie is an integral part of our team and we love her.

Nominated by: Orem Junior Counseling Team

Kirk Johnson, American Fork Junior; administrator

Over the many years Mr. Johnson has been involved at AFJH his support and encouragement to both students and staff has been exemplary. He has weathered many storms (ie.: Covid, staffing) and always demonstrates kindness, encouragement, flexibility and resilience. Through it all he has truly led by example.”

Nominated by: Debbi John, district employee

Analee Knutti, Sego Lily Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Knutti is the most amazing teacher. She is so caring and kind. She never gives up on her students and makes them try their best. She treats her students like they are her children and she is just so special to me and many other people. She is just the kindest person you’ll ever meet and you will always remember her. Last, she always makes her classroom feel safe and like you’re at home. That’s why I nominate Mrs. Knutti for this award. She deserves this because she is a thoughtful person who cares for her students so much. She puts everybody before herself. She always makes us feel safe and at home when we are in class. She also always is supportive and never lets us down. Her students all love her so much. That’s why she deserves this award.

Nominated by: Isabella Gajewski, student

Mrs. Knutti is a fun, kind, and loving teacher. She is always trying out different strategies and ways to teach her students. She is always doing her best no matter what.”

Nominated by: Austyn Brown, student

Emily Duncan, Lehi High; teacher

“She truly cares for her students and makes an effort to get to know and understand them.

Nominated by: Sarah Blair-Ramos, student

Barbara Green, Eaglecrest Elementary; librarian

“Mrs. Green is amazing. She has remembered me even though I haven’t been in Eaglecrest in years. She loving and such a great librarian! She is so supportive. She was very helpful finding books! She is just a great person.

Nominated by: Grace McChesney, student

Jolene Carpenter, Legacy Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Carpenter brings a big heart to school every day and is eagerly engaged in the progress of each of her students. Her focus is on the entire child… their talents, their struggles, and their triumphs. She is a wonderful mentor and a good friend to all.

Nominated by: Judy Hainsworth, district employee

Travis Braun, Lone Peak High; teacher

Mr. Braun is the best art teacher out there! He helps each student when they need it. He is always willing to teach you and inspire you and the students. We have a few special needs students in our class and he will help print out reference pictures for them. It’s very heartwarming to see the love and support he has for us students. It’s a very non-judgmental space. Mr. Braun is the best art teacher and role model a student could ask for!!

Nominated by: Tosh Walsh, student

Kyle Teuscher, Frontier Middle; teacher

The way he teaches makes me wake up every day, excited for school and ready for an awesome day in history class.

Nominated by: Hunter Austin, student

Misha Baca, Legacy Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Baca not only takes care of her little kindergarteners, but their parents too! Sue has a sixth sense for connecting with and involving us. She must know what it’s like to be a parent of a kindergartener – sending them to “big” school for the first time and being away from them for longer periods. It may be harder on us than our kids! One of my favorite ways she helps us transition is by sending photos or a videos with a written update daily! It not only gives me a chance to see how my kindergartener is doing but also helps me connect with him about his activities at school. #SoGrateful.

Nominated by: Chanté Engh, student

Misha Baca brings her “A” game every day to school. She is an organizational wonder and an incredible team – lead. Looking for ways to encourage growth, Misha Baca has implemented a movement program that preps her students every day to have minds ready to learn. She cares deeply about their learning and is setting her students up for success. She teaches stamina, self-reliance, and resilience.”

Nominated by: Judy Hainsworth, district employee

Toma Blair, Cherry Hill Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Blair has a desire to see all of her students succeed. She is able to create connection with her students and makes sure they feel seen, heard and loved. She makes every effort to support her students through their struggles. She has a capacity for kindness and patience that is unmatched. We love Mrs. Blair!

Nominated by: Sarah Farnsworth, parent

Ashley Sare, Riverview Elementary; teacher

I have a son with learning disabilities and Mrs. Sare has been absolutely amazing. Her enthusiasm and love for her student is astounding. She has done such an amazing job with my son as she has with all her students. Mrs Sare is one of the BEST teachers I have ever met and is beyond deserving of recognition. Her smile and personality is so infectious and it shows with her students. They absolutely love her.

Nominated by: Randi Hansen, parent

Nicole Robertson, Timberline Middle; teacher

Nicole Robertson is an amazing Math teacher who defies the odds by bringing Math to a level all students can understand and even learn to like or maybe even love! After having 3 children have her for Math, she’s our Family’s Math help hero! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nominated by: Shellie Slade, parent



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