January 4 nominees

Nancy DeBry, Dry Creek Elementary; teacher

Nancy is the best teammate to work with. She is dedicated to her team and students. She has great ideas and is always willing to collaborate and share. She has a wonderful rapport with students and parents in our community. She motivates everyone around her and has great love and compassion for all she comes in contact with. Nancy has touched so many lives. I ran into one of her past students this year and they had nothing but nice things to say about her. She is so deserving of this recognition!

Nominated by: Colleen Guerrero, district employee

Sandra Acosta, Orem Junior; aide

Sandy is a great person! She loves students, and she is a hard worker! She is always willing to help students to be better!

Nominated by: Raquel Padraza, district employee

Julio Escobedo, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

“He jokes around with students he does fun science labs and he is just generally fun.

Nominated by: Brandon Fox, student

Cameron Kohl, Mountain Ridge Junior; teacher

Mr. Kohl wholeheartedly brings a passion for film to his students, inspiring them to engage in critical thinking as they analyze and discuss. He ignites creativity, helping students apply what they’ve learned to their own storytelling. He also collaborates with ELA teachers to help cement literary concepts they’re teaching. Mr. Kohl works tirelessly to create new content and improve his teaching, seeking and applying feedback from both colleagues and students. When he’s not in the classroom, he can be found throughout the school, encouraging fellow teachers and building community.

Nominated by: Leslie Dalton, district employee

Zane Ruegner, River Rock Elementary; teacher

Zane is an outstanding teacher. He values friendship and is truly a friend to every student. He wants everyone to succeed and is kind and uplifting. And he’s so funny!

Nominated by: Kay Dee, parent

Bethany Booth, Springside Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Booth is like the real life Snow White. She is so kind and really has a way with children. She is so patient and made a hard situation really positive and helpful with her response to not only my child, but me. My child loves her so much and gets excited to see her and learn!

Nominated by: Kaylee Dix, parent

Cara Thomas, Brookhaven Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Thomas will forever hold a special place in our heart. She is the kind of teacher that takes time to really get to know each student and ensure their success. My son is a very energetic, chatterbox and instead of pointing out the negatives in his behavior, she focused on his strong points and found ways to relate to him on so many levels. She makes each day of learning fun for her class and truly cares about each student. Mrs. Thomas made all the difference in my child’s learning and an impact that will lifetime!

Nominated by: Lindsey Ward, parent

Jacob Saentz, Lakeridge Junior; teacher

He is a very good teacher he makes sure everyone understands what he is teaching. He even has helped students with subjects he doesn’t teach just so they can do better in school and he just over all is a very good person.

Nominated by: Miley McDonald, student

When there was a medical emergency with another teacher Jake and Phil stepped up to support all students. As a second year teacher Jake willingly took on a new course part way through the semester to support student learning and his colleagues. I have continually been impressed with his willingness to collaborate and do what is needed to support those around him.”

Nominated by: Merinda Davis, district employee

Staci Chase, transportation; bus driver

This bus driver really cares about the students she transports. She made the effort to get to know their names, their likes, involves them in effective reward systems, has fun competitions for them, is aware of medical issues, and really goes the extra mile, even more than some teachers. She is great!!

Nominated by: Carissa Whitworth, parent

Dave Christensen, Vista Heights Middle; teacher

He is always in a good mood, he loves teaching, he’s always there to help you out, and he’s just there when you need him.

Nominated by: Samuel Brimhall, student

Madison Larson, Cedar Valley High; teacher

Mrs Larson truly goes above and beyond to make sure all of her students’ needs are met! You truly couldn’t find a teacher as amazing as she is! She got me through some of the lowest points in my life!

Nominated by: Camryn Morris, student’

Sarah Blair, Pony Express Elementary; aide

Sarah greets and interacts with children, specifically those with special needs, so warmly. She works to keep classroom areas germ free, safe, and fun. She helps find solutions to unusual situations. Her positive attitude and professional manner makes each school day more pleasant for everyone.

Nominated by: Holly Cook, district employee

Susan Pugh, Pleasant Grove Junior; teacher

“She is the best teacher in the world and cares for every single student. When I walk into her class on A days it’s packed with kids talking and joking with her and she is a MATH teacher! I think everyone that is at PGJH can agree with me.

Nominated by: Saige Sprague, student

Mrs. Pugh is a super nice teacher who cares about all her students’ needs. You can tell her anything and she will listen and help. She is always so nice about everything.”

Nominated by: Millie Hawkes

Shasta Rodriguez, Sage Hills Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Rodriguez is an absolutely amazing Life Skills Class teacher. She is knowledgeable and compassionate. She loves the kids and our 10 year old daughter loves her. She is an ideal teacher for these special little ones. She communicates so well and her commitment is remarkable. She is so deserving of a RISE Award.

Nominated by: Ken Stewart, parent

Lauren Jensen, Saratoga Shores Elementary; aide

Lauren is so deserving of this award! She is the kindest human and the kids safe space at school. When they are upset the first person they want to go to is Lauren who comforts them with kind words + she celebrates the kids triumphs with them to! Saratoga Shores is so lucky to have Lauren- she is so loved by all! (Kids, parents, faculty!).

Nominated by: Tasha Brown, parent

Kaitlyn Smith, Frontier Middle; teacher

They made me feel so welcomed in class. She also helped me understand and focus in class.

Nominated by: Cambree Mullins, student

She understand the students, and uses our kind of humor to keep us focused.”

Nominated by: Addie Gardner, student

Dolph Hunt, Lone Peak High; teacher

Mr. Hunt is an amazing teacher. Whenever I wake up on the days I have his class, I can’t wait to go and learn from him. He is very funny and makes learning exciting and fun for him everyone in his classes.

Nominated by: Lexi Basilicato, student

Sam Beeson, American Fork High; teacher

Sam Beeson is an amazing teacher at AFHS. He inspires his students to love learning and is very positive in helping them do their best. My son looks forward to when he has class with Mr. Beeson. I appreciate teachers like Mr. Beeson who encourage and uplift their students to be better. Thank you for being a creative, and motivational teacher!

Nominated by: Nate Priday, parent

He is so COOL. The teenagers LOVE and respect him. He speaks their language. He has elevated my daughter’s life in every way. His classroom is a safe place to feel successful and safe. He has shared with his students about his own mental health struggles and what he has personally done to RISE above the pitfalls in life. He is understanding, kind, and just simply amazing. Several of my children have learned valuable life lessons in his classroom. I’m beyond grateful he is a teaching professional in high school.”

Nominated by: Janee Roper, parent

Lisa Dunn, Dry Creek Elementary; teacher

She is excellent with her kids and my daughter is learning so much as a kindergartener. She is patient and helps the students to succeed. Her exceptional teaching abilities reflects on the students grades.

Nominated by: Denise Cordero, parent

Donna Neibauer, Special Education; TVI

Donna makes her students feel safe and loved. She works hard to meet all of their needs in the vision department. She has worked with two of my kids for over three years now and we could not be happier with her care and love for them. She reaches out and involves us in every aspect of their learning. We love Miss Donna!

Nominated by: Katelyn Risenmay, parent

Jason Herrud, American Fork High; teacher

Jason Herrud is an amazing teacher and coach. My daughter’s confidence has increased as well as her ability to play tennis under his coaching. He has created an environment of acceptance and encouragement between the girls on the tennis team. They have a fun competitive atmosphere where each girl can succeed. I encourage everyone I know to join the tennis team because Coach Herrud has made it such a great experience.

Nominated by: Nate Priday, parent

Jason hops on the court with students–for life. He “gets” teens. He knows his students all personally, attends their mission farewells, weddings, piano recitals, practices with them in off hours, and plays pickleball with them years after graduation. He sits by the player who lost, encouraging and teaching the skills to win next time. He built a small tennis program into a close-knit tennis-epicenter that wins state, allows anyone to join, has 150+ yearly players who love the game and serve the community, and is so respected that families move into AF boundaries just so he’ll be their coach.”

Nominated by: Judy Davis, parent

Leslie Pritchard, American Fork Junior; teacher

“Mrs. Pritchard is a really good math teacher and everybody likes her. She always is nice to us in class and she really loves us being in her class. She is the best teacher a student could have!

Nominated by: Nathan Kunze, student

Lisa Lister, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mrs. Lister helped me appreciate English. Her class was engaging, but she also made us feel valued and she didn’t treat us like little kids. I usually don’t like English, but I always looked forward to her class and it was the highlight of my day. Almost all the other students I’ve talked to absolutely loved her, and she seemed to genuinely care about us. Her kindness motivated us to actually try in her class. I enjoyed Shakespeare in her class and she taught me to appreciate poetry. I learned better in her class than any other English class I’ve ever taken.

Nominated by: Meleani Tukuafu, student

Michele Todd, Liberty HIlls Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Todd always went above and beyond being a part of the “village” that takes to take care of my child.”

Nominated by: Tamy Hulse, parent

Brooke Wall, Aspen Elementary; teacher

My son really struggled with school last year in Las Vegas from behavior issues, to anxiety issues the list just goes on and on. This year Mrs. Wall has completely turned around his outlook on school, learning, reading and even his social side. He loves to go to school now. He is making so many friends and even coming out of his comfort zone. Thank you for making this year such a dream come true. You have no idea the difference you have made for us! We appreciate you more then you will ever know!

Nominated by: Adessa Bratton, parent

Traci Parkinson, Eaglecrest Elementary; teacher

Mrs Parkinson has a true love of learning and she has passed that on to her students. Through her hard work and dedication she motivates the students to grow as individuals, to see their potential, and believe in themselves. Her connection with her students is genuine. She’s is an outstanding educator and we’re so lucky to have her as a teacher at Eaglecrest Elementary!

Nominated by: Breanne Allen, parent

Holly Thunell, Valley View Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Thunell has done absolute wonders working with my son. He entered first grade very behind academically & she was so dedicated to help him catch up. She always treats Stark with kindness & love & knows exactly how to interact with him on his level. She appreciates his strengths and talents & recognizes them as such. She is such a fun, positive teacher, dedicated to supporting her students learning & growth.

Nominated by: McKenzie Alvidrez, parent

Travis Adamson, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mr.Adamson is one of the nicest teachers I have had. He is always there if you need someone to talk to but he also make sure we get our work done.

Nominated by: Kimball Peterson, student

Lisa Graff, Centennial Elementary; teacher

Lisa goes above and beyond to help every student find a place at Centennial. My son had her last year and was struggling with various problems that made him not want to go to school… except that Mrs. Graff was there. She loved him, accommodated his struggles without being asked to, and quickly became his favorite. My daughter who skipped a grade has her now. My daughter got sick the first week of school, where she definitely needed the 4th grade review since she missed all that. Mrs. Graff came to our house in a storm to give my daughter her work and explain it. We love Mrs. Graff.

Nominated by: Angela Johnson, parent

Hannah Widman, Meadow Elementary; teacher

Miss Widman works hard to not only teach her students the required standards but also emotional health. She spends money out of her own budget to make learning fun, and helped me tremendously in my 6th grade year. She knows every student individually and makes subjects like math and science understandable and fun for everyone. She is the only teacher I have ever met who loves her students so deeply, she’s practically your second mother.

Nominated by: Lila Shearer, student



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