January 24 – RISE nominations

Mitch Hall, Cedar Valley High; teacher
Orien Landis, American Fork High; teacher

My kids are in Westlake marching band and our big trailer was found to be unfit on inspection three days before our first competition. Our band director reached out to the Cedar Valley and American Fork band directors for help and they both let us borrow their little trailers so we could get all of our equipment to the competition. They are both competing in our same division this year and it was really cool that they helped a “rival” be able to perform well. I’m not sure something like that would have happened in other sports!

Nominated by: Shiree Dome, parent

Kristen Anderson, Legacy Elementary; teacher

Kristen literally holds the 5th and 6th grade together. She is truly the best aide anyone could ever ask for. She is so organized, on top of all her work, cares about EVERY kid, is so helpful, and quick to step in and take over when needed. Kristen has been working well above and beyond her job title and pay-grade to make sure all of our 5th and 6th graders are progressing and successful. We ADORE her!

Nominated by: Jess Campbell, district employee

Stephen Barrus, Westlake High; teacher

Every student should be lucky enough to have a teacher like Mr. Barrus. My daughter has worked with him as a teacher, a coach, and an advisor all three years of high school, and we appreciate his positive influence in her life more every year. Mr. Barrus shows up for his students in every way possible. We are grateful for exceptional teachers like Barrus!”

Nominated by: Meredith Sager McNett, parent & district employee

Mikayla Poole, Orem High; teacher

I have been so lucky to witness the way Mikayla teaches her English Language Learners for the past 5+ years. I always learn from the incredible things she is doing in her classroom. She is an incredible advocate for students who are learning to navigate a new language and culture. Mikayla is innovative and creative in her approach, and her students and colleagues benefit tremendously. Even though I am no longer teaching next door to her classroom, she still helps me figure out ways to effectively help my own ELL students.

Nominated by: Meredith Sager McNett, district employee

Heather Stewart, Orem Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Stewart is an incredible educator! Our daughter has struggled with anxiety and ADHD-I for several years and it has affected her success in school. This year, our daughter is already excelling because of her teacher. Mrs. Stewart is patient and caring with students on a personal level, and openly and effectively communicates with parents. Her lessons and assignments are structured and efficient, yet also allow for creativity and individuality. Mrs. Stewart’s compassion and positivity has allowed our daughter to feel comfortable in the classroom, focus on learning, and love going to school!

Nominated by: Krystal Pierce, parent

Mrs. Stewart is an excellent teacher. My son is in her 6th grade ALL class. She really pushes her students to excel in exciting and creative ways. She is teaching them to be successful in junior high, while having fun with science projects, oral and group projects, book reports, class auctions, and service projects. I have seen such growth and improvement in my son. She goes above and beyond and is one of the best teachers any of my kids have ever had. I’m truly grateful that we get the privilege to have Mrs. Stewart this year as a teacher!”

Nominated by: Gena Lattin, parent

Kira Haslem-Hoffa, Black Ridge Elementary; teacher

Kira is a wonderful teacher who cares deeply about her students. She tirelessly works to make sure that all of her students are learning. She constantly learns new teaching practices and will try different things to be a better teacher each day.

Nominated by: Taunya Baker, district employee

Krissi Mortenson, Black Ridge Elementary; teacher

Krissi is a hard working teaching that gives her all each and every day to help her students learn and grow. She always tries to find a better way to teach or intervene. She takes responsibility and always asks how she can do better. She also implements new training quickly and efficiently.

Nominated by: Taunya Baker, district employee

Spencer Davis, Lake Mountain Middle; teacher

Mr. Davis has been a phenomenal teacher for our 7th grade son. Mr. Davis went out of his way to help our son acclimate to 7th grade and helped him feel confident, supported, and encouraged. We’re grateful to him and that he is a great mentor for our son and all of his students. Keep it up Mr. Davis!”

Nominated by: Danny & Kelly Horne, parents

Laura O'Connor, Cedar Valley High; registrar

Laura O’Connor, registrar at Cedar Valley High School, epitomizes the criteria for the ASD RISE Award. She consistently demonstrates a thoughtful and helpful disposition, often extending herself to aid others. Her vast knowledge ensures the smooth operation of registrations, while her meticulous attention to detail and organized nature optimize the process for all. By consistently going above and beyond, Laura ensures that every student feels valued and understood. It’s this exceptional dedication and her innate ability to create streamlined experiences for students and staff.

Nominated by: Michelle Moser, district employee

Jami Dawson, Orem Junior; administrator

Mr. Dawson is amazing. He is invested in the school and cares about each student. He frequently greets students in the morning outside the school and talks with them at lunchtime. He has an amazing memory for names. I joke that he knows everyone’s cousins’ names and their eye colors, but he truly makes an effort to get to know students, school staff, and parents. As a former teacher, he is the kind of principal that I would have looked forward to being in my room to give me and my students support, rather than nervous about getting in trouble. We are so lucky to have him in our school.

Nominated by: Karly Salisbury, parent

Sean Black, Timpanogos High; teacher

I hear students consistently talking about Sean and his class. They are excited about what they’re learning and what they’re making. He makes sure that the students know that they’re important and valued. He also has them show off their welding skills with a display of turkeys they made. They even auction off the turkeys and money does towards helping students and their families who are in need.

Nominated by: Natalia Louder, district employee

Juliet Guillot, Pleasant Grove High; teacher

Mrs. Guillot truly cares about her students. Every day she exudes kindness and love for them as well as having a positivity for her subject of English and Literature so the students in turn have the same attitude. She is known for bringing them snacks, helping them diligently write essays, taking them outside for a sunshine break, and also attending extra meetings for the benefit of her students. She is a true example of what it means to Rise above her normal teaching job to make it exceptional. We are so grateful for Mrs Guillot at PGHS!

Nominated by: Jamie Nettesheim, parent

Stephanie Nelson, Transportation; bus driver

A student had her treasured stuffed animal thrown off the bus by a neighbor in the rain. Stephanie helped us resolve this with the two students and went back on her busy day to hunt for the stuffed animal. Our third grader was so relieved and grateful that we were able to present her with her lost treasure. Stephanie works late running special needs routes and has been so collaborative with our late route to make sure kids get home as soon as she can. She always makes it fun for the kids and tries to keep them motivated, even though the kids need to wait for their bus.

Nominated by: John Emett, district employee

Shayla Warner, Vineyard Elementary; teacher

Shayla Warner has a heart of gold! She is sincere, kind, and caring. She is compassionate and upbeat. She keeps it real and goes above to make sure her students are successful. She has been a blessing and a breath of fresh air. Thank you for working so hard and staying positive!

Nominated by: Amber Hopkins, parent

Lily Spieth, Fox Hollow Elementary; aide

Lily is so amazing! She takes the time to connect with students and goes above and beyond at every task she is given. She is willing to whatever it takes to help everyone succeed in class! Lily is the best!

Nominated by: Lindsay Bradford, district employee

Giullia De Sousa, Fox Hollow Elementary; aide

I am so grateful for Giullia! She is patient and caring – she has connected with many students and has helped them feel comfortable, safe, and welcomed at school. She has been phenomenal helping a Portuguese speaking ELL student learn to love school and feel confident in both languages as she translates and teaches.

Nominated by: Lindsay Bradford, district employee

Sheila Alt, Foothill Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Alt is a teacher who shares part herself with everyone. She is compassionate, thoughtful and intelligent. When I communicate with her about my child’s needs, she relates to me as a mom, and solves problems as a professional. She works well with her team teachers to identify struggles of individuals as well as whole classes and finds ways to find solutions. She is currently continuing her education while she also maintains a nurturing classroom, is mentoring a student teacher, is taking on a new curriculum and still goes out of her way to check in one on one with her students.

Nominated by: BriAnn Christensen, parent

Bailey Jarvis, Northridge Elementary; teacher

Bailey has been such an asset to our son’s growth. We were so lucky to have her this year and last year. My son has dyslexia and she is there to support him in every way! She has even added posters to her room just for him about staying positive. For the first time my son is now on grade level and I know with her help that is how we got here. She loves to share his success with me when he won’t, even if she has to race him to the car at pick up! My son gets so excited every day to be able to wake up and go to school to see her. She is absolutely the best!

Nominated by: Jessica Douglas, parent

Bailey gives her whole heart to her students. She comes up with lessons geared towards their specific needs and makes them enjoyable. She loves the kids and is in it all the way FOR THEM. She is amazing, caring and always there to help when needed.”

Nominated by: Abby Murdock, district employee

Aaron Behm, American Fork High; teacher & coach

Coach Aaron Behm, AFHS Football Coach, is a person who represents all parts of the RISE Award: Remarkable, Inspiring, Selfless, and Encouraging. Coach Behm has taught being caring, having a work ethic, and high expectations are valuable lessons on and off the field. Coach Behm won his 100th game (earlier this year) and along with that has influence hundreds of young men over the years. Although our son has graduated he was fortunate enough to learn life long lessons from Coach Behm. Thanks for shaping these young men to be exceptional leaders that last a lifetime!

Nominated by: David and Michelle Stephenson, parents

Jenna Flood, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Ms. Flood is so loving and genuinely concerned for her students. She makes sure her students have time to prepare for things and that they understand what they are learning. She also keeps the learning environment in the classroom while also keeping everyone energized and amused. She gets to know her students like family and recognizes their birthdays, struggles, and other important dates and events. She loves her students like a cat and a laser beam!

Nominated by: Adelaide Ott, student

She is an engaging teacher who has been able to make my daughter fall in love with learning French. She is very helpful with my daughter when she has questions. Madam Flood is also willing to help a student who is struggling with a grade by reviewing the material with them and letting them retake the mastery check. She is also very concerned about the well-being of her students. She brings blankets in case students get cold.”

Nominated by: Erin and Danielle Rigby, student and parent

Ashlee Young, Silver Lake Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Young is a truly remarkable teacher! Due to some changes, my son was more nervous than usual to start school. Imagine our surprise when he got a personal, handwritten postcard in the mail welcoming him to 3rd grade! Such a small thing made a huge difference. Mrs. Young communicates well with parents, has many fun classroom incentives for behavior, and even does vocabulary words weekly (some of which my advanced reader doesn’t know yet! – he loves the challenge!). I cannot adequately express in words how much my son LOVES his teacher and learning with her.”

Nominated by: Adele Curtis, parent

Shauna McPherson, Lone Peak High; teacher

Shauna is an excellent teacher, always going above and beyond to help our students. She is so patient and never gives up on a student, she loves effort. She is from a family of teachers and people who care about others. On the teacher work day, Study Hall was open to all students, she stopped by and I had a student who needed math help and the tutors were not coming in until 9 am. She called her own mom, who tutored our student over the phone for the next hour and half. Shauna and her family are amazing. I love her organization, and how she takes an interest in every student.

Nominated by: Sherri Berry, district employee

Kris Holderness, Cascade Elementary; custodian

Kris always goes above and beyond for the Cascade Cougar family. She helps clean the school an deal with large projects. She sets up and supports all of the assemblies and other events taking place. She has personally helped me with students that need a little extra love and support. She truly looks after the individual and makes the school a better place to be. I am grateful for her and her commitment to excellence.”

Nominated by: Hannah Wold, district employee

Scott Huntington, Shelley Elementary, custodian

For as long as my kids have been at Shelley Elementary, Scott has been one of the best parts of Shelley Elementary. He is loved by the kids, friendly with everyone, keeps the building and grounds running well, and has time to add his photos in the school’s hallways creating an exhibit that would be the envy of any photo gallery. He has also donated his after school time in coaching sports teams and connecting with kids that way. Scott is a great custodian and an even better human being and we’re proud to have him at Shelley Elementary!

Nominated by: Bryce Shelley, parent

Kristen Cottrell, Aspen Elementary; teacher

I have been incredibly impressed with the remarkable person Miss Cottrell is. She is thoughtful, caring, kind, encouraging, selfless, positive, and patient. Her attention to detail with each of her students is absolutely outstanding. She communicates incredibly with parents and is very positive, encouraging, and inspiring with her students. I know she truly cares about every student personally in her classroom and about their growth and development as a person. She is the epitome of who the RISE award was created for.

Nominated by: Shanna Steinkopf, parent

Julie VanDijk, Aspen Elementary; administrator

Julie is an absolutely wonderful principal. Any concerns or hesitations I have had about sending my child to school have been put at ease knowing that Mrs. Van Dijk is the administrator. I have watched her interact with many students with the same loving, encouraging, and positive attitude every single day. She selflessly creates countless opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with every single one of the students. She is happy and inspiring. She does not allow one person to go unnoticed. She goes out of her way to make sure students are comfortable and confident at school.

Nominated by: Shanna Steinkopf, parent

Lisa Jones, Harbor Point Elementary; SPED paraeducator

Lisa is a passionate and dedicated worker. She shows up every day and gives the kids her all. She is always happy and has a positive outlook on life. The students love and adore her and so do the staff. Lisa is a wonderful person to be around and works hard everyday to make sure our students become the best human beings they can be.

Nominated by: Jessica Drake, district employee

Jana Ford, Oak Canyon Junior; paraeducator

Jana has worked at Oak Canyon as a SPED Aide for over 5 years. Her dedication to the physical and emotional needs of our students is amazing! She is always willing to go above and beyond to help a student out. Thank you so much, Jana!!

Nominated by: Rebecca Greenland, district employee

Libby Bulkley, Oak Canyon Junior; aide

Libby is an amazing aide in our ED unit. She is patient and kind to both the students and faculty. Her concern for others and willingness to help out is amazing!! Thank you so much for all you do, Libby!!

Nominated by: Rebecca Greenland, district employee

Janessa Fronce, Oak Canyon Junior; student advocate

Janessa is an asset to our guided studies team. She is always willing to help out any student who is in need. Janessa is an amazing advocate and makes sure that each student that she works with has everything they need to accomplish an assignment or task. We would be lost without her. Thank you, Janessa.”

Nominated by: Rebecca Greenland, district employee



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