January 18

Melany Bunnell, Cedar Ridge Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Bunnell deserves to be recognized because she is such a sweet and caring teacher always, and forever! She also gives respect to her students, and her students give respect back! She is such an AWESOME 5TH GRADE TEACHER!!!!!

Nominated by: Brooklyn Taufer, student

John Lyman, Canyon View Junior; counselor

John Lyman deserves this award because he takes time to get to know his students, will always smile and say hello, and is always just so kind. He works hard and takes care of a lot of students. Aside from being a counselor, he sets apart time to tell everyone what’s happening and what to look out for. John is amazing.

Nominated by: Lily Jolley, student

Roxanne Beal, Harvest Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Beal is so kind and truly cares about her students. My daughter had her last year and she still talks about how amazing she is and how much she misses her. I will forever be grateful for her!

Nominated by: Jessie Russell, parent

Kylee Dixon, Eaglecrest Elementary; teacher

Mrs Dixon has made a huge impact on the lives of the children in her classes. Her love for each of them is obvious and she strives to make a personal connection with each child in order to help them succeed in every aspect academically as well as in life. She celebrates accomplishments and pushes the kids to see their own potential. Her classroom is a fun, enjoyable, and safe environment for everyone. We love Mrs Dixon and so appreciate her dedication to her students!

Nominated by: Breanne Allen, parent

Tanner Bowman, American Fork High; teacher

“Mr. Bowman is passionate and enthusiastic about teaching students how to code. Always gives his best in teaching.

Nominated by: Terry Zambrano, student

Chandra Young, Frontier Middle; teacher

“Ms. Young is one of the sweetest, nicest, kindest people I’ve met. She teaches band and is very helpful and encouraging. She is able to be stern, although nice and still stay on track and help us practice our instruments. She often rewards students for working hard with treats. Every band kid loves her and I hope for her kindness and hard work she will get her just reward. All the best, Ryken.”

Nominated by: Ryken Carter, student

Lisa Wilkins, Cherry Hill Elementary; teacher

“My son has Type 1 Diabetes and Mrs Wilkins has been a huge blessing to our life. She takes such good care of him and has been able to settle a lot of his fears and anxieties. A week ago his blood sugar went down really low and he was terrified. He went to the office and Mrs. Wilkins went with him(the TA/aide stayed with the class). She stayed by his side until his bg was normal. She talked him through the anxiety and gave my husband and I a call to let us know she was with him and to make sure we knew what was going on. She went above and beyond and we just love her so much!”

Nominated by: Teresa Harper, parent

Cindy Skillcorn, Sego Lily Elementary; teacher

“Mrs. Skillicorn was my son’s teacher last year and was amazing with him and the other students. She was always positive, energetic, and loving and really cared about her students. She also went the extra mile with picture updates, which I absolutely loved! I wish she could be his teacher every year!!”

Nominated by: Heather Richardson, parent

Randall Brady, Westlake High; teacher

“Mr. Brady is always encouraging his bands to play better and to be better people. He always brings a positive attitude and a smile to class even though he’s just as tired, if not more so, then we are.”

Nominated by: Lilly Heath, student

Brittney Elanyu, Westmore Elementary; speech therapist

“Brittney is incredible at building communication for students with a variety of backgrounds. She truly loves and cares about her students and it shows! She is always positive and such a great resource to collaborate with and always going above and beyond!! All the students LOVE Miss Brittney!”

Nominated by: Brylie Mason, district employee

Aaron Andersen, Skyridge High; teacher

“Mr. Andersen would excel in any profession, but instead chooses to serve as a wonderful teacher who aims to grow his students capacity to learn. Between his engaging lessons, his amazing AP preparation, and passion for the courses he teaches, he is a truly one in a million teacher. I’m lucky to have been one of his students. He has taught me not only the ins-and-outs of US history, but also how to be a good AP tester, academic, and person.”

Nominated by: Madison Kearns, student

Scott Wilson, transportation; bus driver

“He never fails to brighten my day. I’ve had some really dark days but when Scott tells me to have a great day with a perky smile he makes me happier! He’s so sweet and kind to all the kids on the bus, and treats everyone with love and respect.”

Nominated by: Leah Bell, student

Libby Lloyd, Ridgeline; teacher

“Coach Lloyd is the best P.E. coach ever! She helps me learn new things. I now know how to play a lot of different sports because of her. She keeps encouraging us to get up even when we fall. I have never seen a P.E. coach work so hard as her. She always knows what she is going to have us do to get better. She always switches off between a bunch of different sports for us to do. She is the one that makes P.E. so much fun! I could never have so much fun in P.E. if she wasn’t there. Coach Lloyd always helps us RISE up to our challenges. She helps us all the way ’til we get there.”

Nominated by: Elle Schwartz, student

Todd Jepperson, Viewpoint Middle; teacher

“Mr. Jepperson is an amazing teacher. He cares about all of the students. He has a point in what he’s teaching and why, with his drill effort. He will help not only his students and his class but other students and he helps them with different classes. He helped me with my science homework and helps with many things.”

Nominated by: Sydney Finlayson, student

Mr. Jepperson is the best teacher because he is super nice and teaches super well!!”

Nominated by: Paisley Sorenson, student

Scott Ripple, American Fork Junior; teacher

“Mr. Ripple is the funniest teacher you will ever meet! He also cares about each of his students, and genuinely wants them to do well! He is such a fun teacher, and has such great/fun experiments in his science class to make you excited to learn! Mr. Ripple makes learning science fun! I had so much fun in his class last year, that now I’m a TA for his class. He is a very funny guy, and he listens to you. He’s an amazing friend as well as a teacher! He can make a lesson you won’t like, into something you have fun with! Mr. Ripple is an amazing teacher and I admire him!”

Nominated by: Gunner Jeppson, student

Sherilyn Rawlins, American Fork Junior; teacher

“Mrs. Rawlings is such a great teacher. She explains everything so well and takes time to make sure you understand. She’s willing to help anyone with anything, even if you aren’t in her class or it isn’t related to school. She’s gone above and beyond to help me and all the other students whose lives she’s influenced.”

Nominated by: Emily Weaver, student

Mrs. Rawlings is always there to help us and encourage us whenever we need it. She is also very kind to all of her students and doesn’t put anyone down. She also makes math fun because she lets us have brain breaks but also makes sure that we understand the material. She is the best teacher ever!!!”

Nominated by: Kylie Collier, student

Maria Larson, Liberty Hills Elementary; teacher

“I’m an intentional parent when it comes to curiosity & confidence cultivation, teaching boundaries, leadership building, and in the emotional development of my children (all girls). I expected some challenges when my kids hit kindergarten. When the stimulation & requirements of a new environment became too overwhelming for one, Mrs. Larson had recognized those values in my student and worked kindly and mindfully to help them adjust. Even though my student may have had a hard day, they were still excited to go to class the next day & still spoke highly of Mrs. Larson.

Nominated by: Elizabeth Draper, parent

Esther Judd, Orem High; teacher

“Ms. Judd is always being so kind and helpful! She helps the marching band to the very best of her ability, she even does the same work along with the other band kids. She’s also a dedicated orchestra and guitar teacher. More than that, she always is sweet while being entirely honest with her students. She’s extremely friendly, and she’s so kind!!! She also teaches at not one but TWO schools! She is absolutely incredible.

Nominated by: Alex Rhinehart, student

Peggy Wright, Greenwood Elementary; aide

“She always strived to help me and my peers be successful. She become our friend and a great example for many students!

Nominated by: Sally Gallman, student

Kay Beck, Cedar Ridge Elementary; teacher

“Kay is the most selfless and loving teacher. When my daughter started attending Cedar Ridge Elementary we weren’t sure how she would do in Kay’s class but I can say 5 years later it was the best decision we made. She has made so much progress in her reading and writing but also in her social skills and confidence. Kay is the life skills teacher at this school and she truly loves and cares about each of the students in her class.

Nominated by: Yolanda Dujardin, parent

Stephanie Kolan, Lehi Elementary; wellness room coordinator

“Stephanie is our cheerleader, calm in the storm, and comedy relief all wrapped into one fun package. She exudes love to every person at our school. She’s there to help students and staff when they are in crisis, shutdown, or just needing a smile to brighten their day. We LOVE our Pit Stop Crew Chief!

Nominated by: Staci Cobabe, district employee

Marie Glahn, Orem High; teacher

“Marie Glahn is magic. She puts my son, William, who has anxiety, completely at ease. He can tell that she genuinely loves him. William behaves for her because he cares about her. She goes the extra mile ALL THE TIME for her students. She advocates for their inclusion and acceptance at Orem High. She founded the Best Buddies Club that gives my son outings with friends outside of school hours. She makes sure William and all of his classmates go to both Homecoming and Prom every year. She supports and cheers them on in extra curricular activities. She communicates details with parents weekly.

Nominated by: Becca Black, parent

Amazing and energetic Special Ed Teacher!”

Nominated by: Maria Tenorio-Rocio, parent

James Porter, Central Elementary; Space Center Director

“Mr. Porter is one of the most kind, genuine, funny hard working people you will ever meet. He is a great teacher and fantastic director of the Christa McAuliffe Space Center. He always tries to make relations with all the students volunteers and staff. He really wants to make sure you have the best time and know you have a place. Thank you so much.

Nominated by: Michael Wiltbank, student

Kyoko Jensen, Skyridge High; teacher

“She is such a kind and loving teacher, you can tell that she loves her students and wants them to succeed. I was out of school for a month for mental health reasons and when I came back she was the kindest teacher, making sure I was okay, helping me lean back into school and the class, helping me with assignments and helping me get caught up. She’s hugged me a few times and has had me come on to meditate with her too. She is an amazing kind teacher, and she loves having fun with her students and joking around, I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Love you, Kyoko Sensei!!

Nominated by: Sophia Madden, student

Courtney Paul, Riverview Elementary; teacher

“Ms. Paul was an excellent teacher for my child. She went above and beyond to create a classroom environment for her students to thrive in the 6th grade. She really instilled in my daughter an excitement and love for learning that she is carrying with her today. She’s an amazing teacher that I know will bless many other students lives!

Nominated by: Victoria Dial, parent

Audrey Smith, Parkside Elementary; teacher

“Teach with love. My girl learn so much with her and motivated to be better. My kid love her.

Nominated by: Nayrim Tavárez, parent

Glen Vawdry, American Fork High; custodian

“Glen is the head custodian at American Fork High. Not only does he do a great job supervising the custodial staff, he is friendly and kind. He always takes time to smile and say Hello and visit with my daughter and other students at the school. His presence is welcoming and he is the kind of person you just like to be around.

Nominated by: Luisa Bennett, parent

Sherry DuMoulin, River Rock Elementary; teacher

“Even only knowing Miss Sherry a short time, we are so impressed by her remarkably beautiful (research-based!) education she is providing our son. It is his first experience in school ever, which can be overwhelming, but Miss Sherry was kind, patient and supportive during his transition. I appreciated her encouragement to build a short good-bye routine which has helped him transition into school easier. I am inspired by her exceptionally calm and warm demeanor. It makes it easy to send my little one into someone else’s care.

Nominated by: Emily and Brian Russo, parents

Justin Taylor, Hidden Hollow Elementary; teacher

“This teacher is remarkable the love he has for his student, what he does for every kid to learn, amazing communication with parents, I felt include as a parent and we both work together for my son to be successful. I believe he does this with each student. The lessons are amazing, he doesn’t see color of the skin of the kid, he only see his students are wonderful kids, hungry to learn. My son is sad when he has a sub and not his teacher. He touch every student’s heart with his lessons. I am a Latina and I wish we could have more teacher like him.

Nominated by: Luisa Bennett, parents

Kylie Childs, Ridgeline Elementary; teacher

“Mrs. Childs is one of the best teachers I have ever seen! She is so helpful and is great at teaching. Once I didn’t understand anything that was going on in math, so I asked for her help. She explained it to me and I can now understand it. She is the one that makes teaching so fun. She has us play games in class to study for our tests. She has helped all of us to RISE up. She is super nice and sweet! She isn’t super strict, but she always has us stay on task. She does her job very well and she RISEs up to her challenges. I couldn’t have gotten a better teacher than her. Thank you, Mrs. Childs!!

Nominated by: Elle Schwartz, student

Because she is my favorite teacher of all time and she if really good at helping me understand things but in a fun way. That is why I am nominating Mrs.Childs.”

Nominated by: Aria McClelland, student



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