February 1

Michael Bottita, Legacy Elementary; teacher

Mr. Bottita is 200% invested in his students. He recognizes their strengths and teaches them not only academic skills, but also how to simply be a good person, laugh, and work hard. His enthusiasm for learning and energy in the classroom and through school is endless. He is a dedicated, invested, and integral part of our Legacy community.

Nominated by: Cortney Teeples, parent

He goes above and beyond to encourage confidence in his students. He cares deeply and is parents feel that.”

Nominated by: Rachel Adams, parent

Ammon Grannis, Timberline; teacher

Mr. Grannis is an amazing person and teacher and he is funny at the right time and he knows how to make teaching fun.

Nominated by: Avri Davidson, student

Mr. Grannis goes above and beyond to teach his students, and tests new and engaging ways to bring faster, more efficient, and more useful teaching into his classrooms. He runs extra-curricular events and fun activities, while always adding teaching into it.”

Nominated by: Logan Bingham, student

Suzanne Hullinger, Canyon View; secretary

Ever since I began working at Canyon View Junior, Sue has gone above and beyond to make sure not just me but all teachers and staff have all the help they need. She is always on top of her game and she is truly an amazing person.

Nominated by: Evelyn Ceballos, district employee

Lori Bullock, Pleasant Grove Junior; librarian

Mrs. Bullock is always so kind, and takes the time to know everybody individually. No matter what you are struggling with, she always has something to say, or a gift to help you. One time i was having a bad day, and she brought me a cookie from Chick-fil-A! She always goes out of her way to help you, and deserves to win an award more than anyone else I can think of.

Nominated by: Lucy Earl, student

Lori has created an environment of support, kindness, and positivity through her fantastic use of library resources. Her ideas ripple out into the entire school community. She collaborates with other people in the school community to foster a place of learning and excitement.”

Nominated by: Ben Olsen, district employee 

Michelle O'Very, Hidden Hollow Elementary; teacher

Mrs. O’Very has been a great teacher towards me and my classmates. She is very including, she is amazing, and overall I know she deserves the RISE award.

Nominated by: Alexander Patterson, student

Taylor Byer, Dry Creek Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Byer is one of the best teachers my son has ever had. She has a way of making children feel wanted and loved the minute they walk into her classroom. Mrs. Byer has a fun and positive classroom environment. Students want to do their best because she makes them feel like they are capable of it. Mrs. Byer has excellent communication with parents through weekly emails that include a monthly calendar and by responding to emails quickly. Now if we could talk her into moving to fourth grade next year, I’d be thrilled!

Nominated by: Noelle Clement, parent

Kirsten Anderson, Vista Heights Middle; teacher

Mrs. Anderson is extremely helpful and wants everyone to succeed. She truly cares about all of her students and will do anything she can do to help them. She is amazing!

Nominated by: Abby Snow, student

Mrs. Anderson is such a fun and energetic teacher. I have a great time in her class, and I know my day will always get better when I have her class. :) She has helped me become so much more comfortable in my own skin and confident while performing! When I need help or if life just sucks, she is somebody I feel I can go talk to. She is so kind, and incredibly funny. She has made a big impact in my life! I am very grateful that I have gotten to have her as my drama teacher these past few years!!” 

Nominated by: Stella Upstill, student

Karen Hackett, Lake Mountain Middle; teacher

Ms. Hackett is very kind and always empowers students to do their best no matter what.” 

Nominated by: Delilah Snell, student

Summer Royce, Lehi Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Royce was a teacher for my older son and she’s now a teacher for my younger child as well. She is one of the most patient, attentive, joyful educators I’ve ever seen. She clearly has love and respect for all her students and she does many things to make her classroom dynamic and engaging. Regular art projects, unique assignments, family engagement, and home reading activities are all part of her teaching style. Both of my children have loved having her as a teacher.” 

Nominated by: Katie Porter, parent

Emily Kennedy, Dan Peterson School; paraeducator

Emily Kennedy is excellent at her job and is a shining example to our classroom staff. This week especially, her strength has shone brightly through challenges. Our school needed to make staffing adjustments and two of my three paras were asked to assist another classroom. I was also away at a conference this week. Emily was left as the sole person in our room with knowledge of our students. She taught, provided personal care, and trained two new paraeducators. I am so grateful to work with someone so hardworking and who I can trust to take over the classroom when I am away. Emily is the best!” 

Nominated by: Robbie Cromwell, teacher

Curtis Nyugen, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Curtis is an amazing person! He arrives early, leaves late, and makes sure that everyone in his path knows that he cares about them. In the classroom, he is engaging, enthusiastic, and a perfectionist at his craft–the art of teaching! At the core of his teaching pedagogy, the student is first and foremost. I am nominating Curtis because he is both inspiring and supportive to all that have the pleasure of working with him.” 

Nominated by: Matt Marshall, district employee

Dana Slaybaugh, American Fork Junior and High; teacher

Mr. Slabaugh is the percussion teacher for American Fork JR and HS. He is an amazing and skilled person who is the best teacher I’ve ever had. He lets us have fun in the classroom but also knows when to get to work. He is also a very knowledgeable man, he has spent his entire life working with drums so he knows how to play them to play them EXTREMELY well and is a master at maintaining them.” 

Nominated by: Julian King, student

Alberto Oquendo, Lakeridge Junior; teacher

Being a teacher I can go to, and being able to rest in his room. Knowing I have a safe place in school no matter what happens and someone I can trust.” 

Nominated by: Luka Ellsworth, student

Christopher Facer, Viewpoint Middle; teacher

Mr. Facer is my favorite teacher and all the kids in my class love him. He is very funny but still teaches us so much. I have learned the most in his class than any other class. This is why I think Mr. Facer is deserves the RISE award.” 

Nominated by: Jackson Newman, student

Renee Condie, North Point Elementary; librarian

Renee is our new librarian this year. She worked this summer and now tirelessly to transform the library into a place of learning for all students. She is very diligent to create an orderly environment, providing structure for students. I never see her just sitting. She is constantly working on improving the layout of the inventory to ensure it meets library standards, or tidying books. She is very dedicated to staying focused on what is best for student learning. We are so lucky to have Renee as our librarian at North Point!” 

Nominated by: Melody Pizzi, district employee

Tayva Simpson, Cherry Hill Elementary; teacher

When I went to that school in 6th grade, she made every day a lot better. A teacher who knows to get along with her class, and make people happy. Making lessons fun and easy to understand! and that was probably the best behaved classed I have had at that school. No matter what, she was there for us and took care.” 

Nominated by: Luka Ellsworth, student

Christopher Green, Pleasant Grove Junior; teacher

Mr. Green was so kind and understanding to each and every one of his students. We all loved him and he went out of his way to make class a fun and safe place. He always made sure we knew what we were learning and worked with students individually to help them succeed.” 

Nominated by: Rune Dietzel, student

Angie Adams, Freedom Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Adams has taught three of my children through the years and no matter how long she has been teaching, she gives it her all every year. She truly wants the kids to learn all they can and she introduces them to so many new things that excite and stretch them. She probably creates more work for herself with always adding new learning experiences but she does it for the kids. She wants them to succeed and she does whatever that takes even when it takes extra time out of her schedule. She is so sweet and she even comes to events of her students outside of school. She is one of a kind!!” 

Nominated by: Amiee Belliston, parent

Brett Taylor, Mountain View High; teacher

Mr. Taylor is a fun loving choir teacher whose goal isn’t to make us sound good. Which he does any way! His goal is to make us better people and if we learn some music on the way that’s a plus! He is friends with all the kids in his choirs, and he makes everyone feel comfortable!” 

Nominated by: Emily Hulse, student

One of the best teachers I have ever had, willing to work with any student as well as being open to help and care. This teacher as well makes the school feel welcoming, and inspires me and other students to succeed.”

Nominated by: Alex Gurrero, student

Heidi Weight, Orem High; teacher

The “S” in RISE is for Selfless and Heidi Weight has been an example of this as she has taken on the many FACS classes she teaches at Orem High. I have witnessed some of the countless hours she has put in to streamlining the educational experience for her students and helping them achieve cool things in her classes. Heidi deserves praise for her efforts and her attitude in helping her students be successful.

Nominated by: Monica Milburn, district employee

John Bowman, Mountain View High; teacher

He is a great music teacher like the movie “Mr. Holland’s Opus”.

Nominated by: Megumi Mori, parent

Rick Sannar, American Fork Junior; teacher

I really appreciate the care and time that Mr. Sannar has taken with my boys. Not only has he helped them in looking at options to meet their goals, but he has been a great resource for my son when he has needed someone to talk to about friends, struggles, and stressors he’s been experiencing. I am grateful to know Mr. Sannar is looking our for the students at AFJH including mine.

Nominated by: Jennye Harding, parent

Jesse Lewis, Skyridge High; teacher

Mr. Lewis is amazing. He sees the students and takes an interest in them. You can tell that this is more than just a job to him. He wants to see each student succeed and does all he can to help them do that. We are so grateful for his example and leadership and wish all teachers were like him.

Nominated by: Tricia Wood, parent

Scott Sackett, Orem High; teacher

Mr. Sackett always makes everyone feel welcome. Mr. Sackett has helped me in so many ways. He always has time to help people. Mr. Sackett goes over beyond doing his job. I always look forward to going to his class.

Nominated by: Emma Zemp, student

Trevor Kunkel, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mr. Kunkel has fostered a love of Mathematics in my children and for that I will be forever grateful. He has taught all three of my children who have attended Oak Canyon Junior High. Math is a challenging subject for most students. Often kids feel confused, however, Mr. Kunkel teaches in a manner that is consistent and clear. My children often said of their math class, “I understand the concept much better after today’s lesson.” Additionally, Mr. Kunkel has served as a kind mentor who really cares about his students.

Nominated by: Allyson Omdahl, parent

I really like being in Mr. Kunkel’s class for lots of reasons! He makes math fun, and also explains it very well. He helps you if you don’t understand, and is very patient. He goes out of his way to make sure everyone feels included, and makes it so you feel safe in his classroom!”

Nominated by: Brooklyn Eagar, student

Mike Redford, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mike Redford is a CTE teacher and TSA advisor at Oak Canyon Junior High. As the TSA advisor, he has led his students to dominate the state competition every year. He gives great tips to students on how to improve their projects and perform at their best. Students gain practical skills that will be useful in college and in their future trade. I am so grateful that Mr. Redford is over TSA because he makes learning fun!

Nominated by: Allyson Omdahl, parent

Hannah Sanders, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Hannah Sanders is a new teacher to Oak Canyon, but she comes with many years of experience. Choir demands a lot of the teacher. My family lived in the state of Texas for a while and Texas hires three teachers to do the work that Hannah Sanders does alone. The recent choir concerts were exceptional! You can tell everyone was having a good time at the concert and enjoying the nostalgia when the audience pulled out their phones and turned their lights and swayed to the song “Faithfully” by Journey. Thanks, and good job!

Nominated by: Allyson Omdahl, parent

Nathan Huezo, Viewpoint Middle; teacher

Mr. Huezo is always helping me with my coding when I am stuck. He also helps everyone else in the class with coding. He is also is very funny. He gives us educational candy. It always helps everyone in the classrooms when in the last period they get to go to his classroom. He gives us stickers with his classroom mascot on them, Puddles the Duck. We start the class with Kahoot sometimes. I think he should get the RISE award because he makes last period the best one.

Nominated by: William Lords, student

Kirsten LeClaire, Springside Elementary; teacher

My daughter has never liked math. She has struggled with it all through elementary school. Ever since she has been in Mrs. LeClaire‘s class, she has actually started to not only understand math, but enjoy it. My daughter was so excited to show us a video that she watched in school about counting by 12s. She is loving learning multiplication and is looking forward to learning division! She is finally starting to connect with the patterns that her teachers have been trying to teach her for several years. I am grateful for Mrs. LeClaire and her innovative teaching that is helping my daughter succeed.

Nominated by: Kristen Reber, parent

We have been beyond impressed with Mrs. LeClaire. She has amazing communication and accountability systems in place to help with parental involvement, and keep kids on track in a positive way. Our son has been more willing to try in areas that he struggles in school, his behavior is improving, and we see academically that he is catching up on things he may have missed in the past. His confidence has grown. She gives such positive feedback, and rewards for his progress. We are so grateful to have her!”

Nominated by: Amara Doxey, parent

Christine Crandall, Northridge Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Crandall is an amazing 1st grade teacher helping young kids improve their reading and math skills. Last year, my son went into her class behind, and she helped him so much; now he is excelling in 2nd grade. Based on conversations with other parents and teachers, I know that she did the same for many other students whose learning was disrupted by the pandemic and I know that she has done the same for many students in the past. At a time when many teachers are giving up because of all the challenges (her classroom was even vandalized over the summer), Mrs. Crandall is persevering.

Nominated by: Brent Eliason, parent



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