December 14 Nominees

Kristy Tyson, Vista Heights Middle; registar

In many ways , Kristy is the face of Vista Heights, and she represents the best of what we have to offer. Kristy epitomizes the values associated with this award. She is remarkable, inspiring, selfless, and encouraging to our students, their families, and our staff. She works hard, giving of herself and her own resources to support our students however she can. She is constantly identifying needs of our students and their families, and she connects them to resources, rallies the troops, and often takes care of their needs from her own pocket. She is the BEST!! You didn’t give me enough words!

Nominated by: Alice Gold, district employee

Kristy is an amazing registrar. She works so hard to meet the needs of our patrons. She has made herself available in evening hours for families. She makes sure that languages services are available for families, even if that means recruiting her family members that speak other languages. Once students are enrolled, she then helps student find success and connect. She has organized activities for new students to get to know each other, like lunches for students of a common language or “get to know you” games for new students. Kristy is amazing!

Nominated by: Tim Thompson, district employee

Taralyn Holmes, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mrs. Holmes is amazing! She is kind and supportive and always ready to try new things to help support students. She is one of the most compassionate and committed educators I have had the privilege to work with and she makes me a better teacher!”

Nominated by: Alicia Walters, district employee

Nicole Hopkins, Skyridge High; teacher

Ms. Hopkins goes above and beyond everyday for her students. She makes engaging lessons that help students at any level learn and enjoy their learning. She believes every student can be successful both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. She goes above and beyond for the FFA program also, she makes sure all students are welcome and encouraged to succeed in the chapter.

Nominated by: Samantha McAllister, district employee

Storm Champagne, Cedar Valley High; teacher

Storm is not only a favorite with the faculty, he takes the time to learn about his students. He not only knows their names, he makes his classroom a safe environment for participation. Storm is extremely active with the youth, serving on youth council as well as devoting time as an assistant tennis coach. Storm is often seen at most school activities, setting an example for school spirit. If I had to start choosing a “dream team” of the best teachers, Storm would definitely be on that list!

Nominated by: Robert Hampton, district employee

Colby Smith, Skyridge High; teacher

Mr. Smith goes above and beyond for his students. He cares for every student that walks into his classroom and makes sure they feel welcome and encouraged. He makes sure that every FFA member also feels welcome and supported. Mr. Smith also helps support all of his colleagues and makes sure that if they are ever in need he will be there to help.

Nominated by: Samantha McAllister, district employee

Cali Templeton, Oak Canyon Junior; office technician

Cali is our Office Tec and new to Oak Canyon, she has jumped right in and has made the students , Faculty and Staff in any way she can. We love her!!

Nominated by: Rebecca Greenland, district employee

Shayla Warner, Alpine Elementary; teacher

She finds different ways to challenge me and make me a better math student. She gives us rewards and encourages us to support our classmates outside of school. She really wants us to love to learn and be good people.”

Nominated by: Vaughn Nash, student

Andrea Salvania, Thunder Ridge Elementary; teacher

We were lucky enough to have her 2 years in a row and she was so amazing with our son. She showed love, kindness, patience and understanding and really helped our son love and enjoy school. She always celebrated his accomplishments and always tried to find ways to help him in areas that he struggled.

Nominated by: Kristen Vallen, parent

Sarah Nelson, Thunder Ridge Elementary; teacher

Miss Nelson is the biggest cheerleader for her students. Every year she quietly goes about searching for just the right tools and ideas to help all of her students succeed. She thinks up new games, activities, motivational tools, or anything each one needs to insure every student has had every chance possible to learn to read, write, become a mathematician and become more confident. She is the quiet superstar who should be celebrated for the amazing growth in each of her students.

Nominated by: Lisa Aase, district employee

Ashley Petersen, Dry Creek Elementary; teacher

Ashley Peterson is a PHENOMINAL teacher. She is always trying to help the underdogs in her class. She is a no nonsense woman who will use everything she knows to help these kids. When others would sweep these children to the side and tell her that they will catch up eventually or that she should wait a few years and see what happens, Ashley is there pushing those people to see that a child is NEVER too young to get help from the district. Fighting for the underdog and still educating all the others…Ashley you are wonderful.

Nominated by: Michele L Burgoyne, district employee

Sharon Kunz, Dry Creek Elementary; lunch manager

Sharon is always looking for ways to make the lunch room a better place. Sharon has pride in her work and loves all of the kids and teachers that she takes care of. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help you no matter the day. Dry Creek is better because of Sharon and her support team. Thanks ladies for all you do!

Nominated by: Michele L Burgoyne, district employee

Kristy Rasmussen, Dry Creek Elementary; teacher

Kristy Rasmussen cares for her students and always tries hard to go above and beyond. Ms. Rasmussen is an outstanding teacher of writing and 3rd Grade is lucky to have her. She is always looking for new ways to help those students who are far behind and that is hard to do with so little teaching time available to teachers. Keep fighting the hard fight!

Nominated by: Michele L Burgoyne, district employee

Bobbi Wong, Bonneville Elementary; aide

Bobbi is a phenomenal aide at Bonneville Elementary. She works closely with students and always make sure their needs are met above all else. A few days ago, I noticed Bobbi stop to help a lost student in the hall find their way back to class. She speaks with love and kindness in her voice and emulates this years’ theme to focus on the individual child because they are what truly matter’s most. Bobbi is also a friend to all teachers at our school. She donates books to teachers and always has a smile on her face.

Nominated by: Hannah Wold, district employee

Luis Vera Perez, Vista Heights Middle; teacher

Mr. Vera is an amazing teacher! I had him for math last year and I am so grateful for him! He made it so I am actually good at math. Mr. Vera cares for each and everyone of his students and wants them to succeed! He not only helps us in math but he also makes class fun even though it is math class. Thank you Mr. Vera for being an amazing math teacher. I will forever be grateful for you!

Nominated by: Ella Holt, student

Meridith Walch, Pony Express Elementary; teacher

Miss Walch is incredibly amazing! I had her when I was in 6th grade (now i am in 8th) and I am so grateful for her! I love her and I can’t even explain in words! she made class fun everyday by having all these inside jokes with us. she connected with each and everyone of her students. in 6th grade and I went through a lot of mental health and Miss Walch helped me through a lot of it!! she will always be one of my favorite teachers!

Nominated by: Ella Holt, student

Jon Standing, Centennial Elementary; teacher

Fun, Compassionate, Adaptable, Hardworking and Patient. Mr. Standing cares about helping his Life Skill kids be able to mainstream in our school and feel comfortable with their peers. He takes his class to BYU for their Swimming Program once a week. He Teaches them how to use Bus and how to be active in the community. He works hard to help each child feel important and heard. He takes time to get to know who they are, so he can best help support them in their education. He helps to make Centennial a strong community.

Nominated by: Katie Giras, district employee

Natalie Matthews, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

She is nice and kind and funny and teaches really well and gets through things really efficiently. And her main goal is to help us succeed and I really like her

Nominated by: Hallie Crane, student

Jennifer Lamoreaux, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mrs. Lamoreaux always makes class fun, and she is very kind to everyone in her classes. She takes time to talk to her students to find out what they can do to improve their grades in her class, and she makes sure everyone has a good time, while making sure that work gets done! She is simply the best teacher!

Nominated by: Elizabeth Loveridge, student

Alyssa Meinzer, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

She is an amazing teacher! She teaches both my PE and Health class and makes sure that everyone is having a good day and is included! She makes her lessons fun and she connects with the students to make coming to school more fun!”

Nominated by: name withheld, student

Liz Swalberg, Ridgeline Elementary; teacher

Mrs Swalberg was my sons teacher for kindergarten and 1st grade and I can’t tell you how amazing this woman is. Mrs Swalberg is so encouraging and positive and makes sure your child is achieving all their goals. My child had some struggles and she took time out of her own life to help us help him. She saw something in our son that other people hadn’t, I was able to get him the help he needed and today he’s in 3rd grade and such a happy student. Mrs Swalberg is the type of human everyone needs in their lives. She will forever hold a special place in my heart and I am forever grateful her!

Nominated by: Brooke Hitchcock, parent

Rachael Johnson, Silver Lake Elementary; teacher

“Ms. Johnson has made it extremely easy to let my oldest child go to school for the first time. She has made it fun and exciting and we love her and trust her with our child. So important to start their school experience off right!

Nominated by: Bryn Aumua, parent

Brett Birkeland, American Fork Junior; teacher

If you know Mr. Birkeland, one thing rises up as you hear his perspective and see his focus. . . Brett cares about kids. He is such an amazing educator because he is here to make a difference in students’ lives. One of my favorite things to see is how Mr. Birkeland puts students on an equal playing field; he gives them voice and has positive things to say about each student he is working with.

Nominated by: Dane Hanvey, district employee

Amy Clay, Lindon Elementary; teacher

As parents of 3 visual impaired children, it is often difficult for them to fully integrate in a social setting. This is further compounded by trying to access the curriculum. Mrs. Clay went above and beyond this last week when she used a cart from her own house and had her son modify it to allow our daughter to be able to use her Vizio book. Our daughter is young enough that she cannot carry her Vizio book on her own and had to ask Mrs. Clay to carry it to her desk for her. This cart allows her to be able to get her needed vision tools on her own and feel more normal like her peers.

Nominated by: Verdon and Amberlee Walker, parents

KaCee Smuin, Lindon Elementary; teacher

She is the best teacher ever! Mrs Smuin is so much fun and brought us a lot of joy last year. She also works hard to help us learn and understand things.

Nominated by: Avery, student

Jake McDonald, Printing Services; coordinator

It amazes me the amount of work that passes through the District Print Shop on a daily basis and Jake and his crew handle it with a smile. He is so kind and is always willing to help meet deadlines. I always walk away from the Print Shop feeling better than I did when I walked in.

Nominated by: Kristie Wheeler, district employee

The printing services team is professional and encouraging. They help me do my job, even on a tight deadline. I have worked with Jake and the printing services staff many times. They are patient with my technical difficulties and selflessly help me produce great products for my students. They deserve this recognition.”

Nominated by Monica Milburn, district employee

Amy Wilson, Warehouse; mail carrier

Amy Wilson delivers packages to many of the schools in our district. When she walks in the building, she always greets us with a smile and she knows the names of everyone in the office. I want to nominate her because she stands out as the best kind of employee!

Nominated by: Kristie Wheeler, district employee


Jake Harper, Black Ridge Elementary; custodian

Jake is a man of many talents. He works hard to keep our school looking sharp and clean. He has been working extra hard this year trying to keep things in tip top shape. He treats everyone with kindness and respect. He’s not afraid of a good challenge, ball game, or showing off a magic trick. Jake is a great role model for anyone willing to learn something new. Our school is very lucky to have him.

Nominated by: Ms. O’Roark’s 4th grade class

Jake keeps one of the most populous schools clean and orderly. He makes sure things are well kept, neatly organized, and looking spectacular.”

Nominated by: Jackson Scott, community member

Travis Hunt, Riverview Elementary; custodian

Travis started this year and has worked harder than anyone I have seen. I will often come into my classroom after dropping kids off at the bus and he will be straightening chairs, picking up a mess I have left, or sanitizing areas of the room that NEED it! Travis always has a smile and goes out of his way to make you feel good, saying hi in the halls and asking how your day is going. Travis goes above and beyond!

Nominated by: Taylor Cash, district employee

Brock Giles, Lake Mountain Middle; onsite tech

Whether it’s helping teachers, students, or parents, Brock goes above and beyond in his efforts. He’s quick to respond to problems, knows how to fix the problem, and if he doesn’t, takes the time to find out an answer. Brock does his job with such competence and a friendly disposition, it’s no wonder his nick-name is Brockstar.

Nominated by: Dave Lee, district employee

Grant Cotterell, Canyon View Junior; administrator

I have only worked at CVJH a few months but have been so impressed with how Mr. Cottrell interacts with the staff and students. He makes everyone feel wanted and needed. Even when working with discipline problems he is positive and encouraging to the students. He renamed ISS to Student Success Center so that we can make it a positive experience for the students who need it. I love working at CVJH and the reason comes from the top down.

Nominated by: Tina Cragun, district employee

Heather Hall, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Heather has many exceptional qualities! She is a life skills teacher and is amazing at what she does! She is patient, kind, thoughtful, positive, tackles challenges with love and I cannot be more grateful that my child has her as a teacher! My child is learning so many good qualities and skills from Heather! I feel beyond blessed to have her teaching my child!

Nominated by: Jodi Garner, parent



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