December 13 – RISE Nominations

Ashley Peterson, Dry Creek Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Petersen has been a great teacher to my student. My daughter comes home every day and tells me what she has learned. Mrs. Petersen communicates what is happening in the class weekly and it makes helping my daughter easier. I love how she always has a smile and welcomes each kid. Thanks for helping my daughter want to go to school!

Nominated by: Amanda Hodges, parent

Jessica Bergesen, Cherry Hill; teacher

Miss Bergeson stands out as one of the most caring, encouraging, and hard-working teachers I’ve met. She helps all students feel comfortable and welcome at school, and encourages her students to be their best self every day. She teams up with parents and other faculty to create strong support groups that help students learn and thrive. She leaves a lasting impression on those who know her and sets her students up for a lifetime love of learning. I can’t say enough good things about her! She deserves all the awards for the remarkable work she does.

Nominated by: Bonnie Reid, parent

Marianne Cowley, Riverview Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Cowley has made kindergarten and school such a happy place of learning for our son. He comes home every single day so excited to share the new things they tried at school including technology, classroom expectations, learning letter names and sounds, letter bag, All About Me, and more! She has created a safe and friendly learning environment and works hard to celebrate each child and their important part of the classroom environment. Reading and learning are clearly a priority and she is doing so much to help our child grow. We are so grateful for Mrs. Cowley!

Nominated by: Lindsi Coughran, parent

Misty Ward, Pony Express; aide

Ms. Ward is exceptionally kind. She always does her best to make my daughter feel comfortable, safe, and cared for. She goes out of her way to help. I am extremely grateful that she is in my daughter’s class. She deserves this award and so much more.

Nominated by: Nicole Bourque, parent

Lara Harvey, Liberty Hills; teacher

Mrs. Harvey is the best teacher! She is so patient and kind. My special needs son absolutely loves school. And honestly, I think he loves going to school so much because of Mrs. Harvey. As of today, she has 14 students in her Life Skills class. I know it’s hard but she is always smiling and giving her best.

Nominated by: Elisabeth Robinson, parent

Anna Azevedo, Eagle Valley Elementary; teacher

Ms. Azevedo is very understanding and patient with the children. She really takes her time with them. She will go out of her way to make sure your child is successful.

Nominated by: Whitney Alvarez, parent

Anna is not only an all-star teacher, but she creates and supports a kind, collaborative and supportive working environment. I have seen Anna go above and beyond her own job and do so much for her team and other employees over and over again. She optimizes what every teacher strives to be. Anna is selfless and so good. I want to be just like her when I grow up!” 

Nominated by: Erin Druce, district employee

Torey Bassett, Belmont Elementary; teacher

Ms. Bassett is concerned about students’ feelings and genuinely wants them to succeed academically and emotionally.

Nominated by: Nathan Coleman, parent

“(Ms. Bassett) has completely transformed my daughter. She’s always struggled with school and anxiety, but Ms. Bassett has been so empowering, and she has built confidence in my daughter who is finally reading on grade level and feeling happy about school.” 

Nominated by: Brookanne Taylor, parent

David Beck, Pleasant Grove Junior; teacher

This year is our first year having a junior high student (terrifying)! Mr. Beck ran an incredible camp over the summer to aide in not only the learning of our daughter’s instrument, but also to acclimate her to the craziness that is junior high! She had the absolute best start to any school year and it is in large part due to Mr. Beck. He is motivational, caring, and strives to make each kid feel like they can achieve greatness. I am so grateful for teachers that know what is important in a child’s development.” 

Nominated by: Nicole Robertson, parent

Rebecca Lambert, Westlake High; teacher

Ms. Lambert is an amazing teacher and Student Council advisor! She is always willing to help her students with anything and is always there for her them! She creates a great learning environment and has the best jokes! I couldn’t think of another teacher who deserves it more than Ms Lambert! She is definitely someone I’m gonna miss once I graduate!!!” 

Nominated by: Lindsey Palfreyman, student

Ms. Lambert is very dedicated to her students and is a very good teacher. She also runs student council and is very helpful on student council. She is amazing with her team and loves to create a good bond with her students.”

Nominated by: Lizzy Hansen, student

Ms. Lambert is so supportive of all of her students and helps us to be our best selves!”

Nominated by: Sarah Anderson, student

Ms. Lambert works very hard to make sure we all feel safe and she is our safety net for when we’re not sure of ourselves or our work. It’s very comforting to know she has our back and I think she does the work that very few people can do for Student Council!”

Nominated by: Lucia Araujo Alba, student

Lambert is an amazing math teacher and a great student council advisor. She’s the perfect mix of friend and a teacher with a math meme wall and some great jokes. In addition right now she is doing the job of two people because our other student council teacher has been seriously ill for some time and has had to have many surgeries. Lambert has picked up that extra work and still seems just as happy fun.”

Nominated by: McKay Jenson, student

Eric Lindsay, Willowcreek Middle, teacher

I am nominating Erik Lindsay, my son’s special education teacher, for the Rise Award because of his exceptional dedication and expertise. Erik has consistently gone above and beyond to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for his students. His innovative teaching methods and personalized approach have helped my son overcome challenges and achieve remarkable progress. Erik’s genuine care, patience, and understanding have not only impacted my son’s academic success but also his self-confidence and overall well-being. Erik Lindsay is truly deserving of this RISE award.

Nominated by: Whitney Sinclair, parent

Kami Adamson, River Rock Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Adamson is an exceptional teacher who goes above and beyond to advocate for her students and sees their potential outside of any test scores. She spends countless time and energy to make sure each student’s individual needs are met and I know she has impacted our son for the best by seeing he could do what others felt was impossible!

Nominated by: Kimberly Stoddard, parent

Melissa Jones, Orchard Elementary; teacher

Ms. Jones is an awesome lady. She has been so kind and helpful to my son in the few short weeks since school started. She has brought him out his shell. GOD BLESS HER!

Nominated by: Dennis B Montag, parent

Tiffany Rollins, North Point Elementary; preschool itinerant

Tiffany walks into a room and it’s a sigh of relief. There is nothing she can’t make right and she is always ready with an idea to help any situation. She cares about her students and co-workers and is always so bright and positive. She works hard to make sure her students are getting the best interventions and help, and takes the time to train others to use the same care and consideration.

Nominated by: Serena Laird, district employee

Jordan Earl, Lake Mountain Middle; teacher

I appreciate Ms. Earl because she’s super kind and helps students when they need it. She uplifts the class and her students. We had a student in class who was struggling and she continuously went over the lesson with him until he got it. When she was short on time, she’d also assign other students to help him so he wouldn’t fall behind.

Nominated by: Lincoln Holtom, student

Rita Lewis, Central Elementary; teacher

My son had Ms. Lewis as a teacher last year and it made a huge difference! She was patient, understanding, kind, and really helped to turn his school experience around after a few rough years. She emphasized learning from mistakes and even communicated with me very well and positively. This year when she changed schools, she invited my son to help her and to meet school staff to start off on the right foot and make good first impressions. I’ve never known a teacher to really care about a student like she did for mine and I’m so grateful for that!

Nominated by: Erin Kern, parent

Carly Carter, Pleasant Grove Junior; aide

Carly is consistently showing up for her students no matter the circumstances. She fights for them and they know she has their back. Every day I worked with her she was doing many tasks while also helping every other teacher and support staff in the school. She makes almost nothing but is still continuously contributing to the kids!

Nominated by: Kanesha Cobbley, former district employee

Kylianne Moe, Mountain Trails; teacher

Mrs. Moe is consistently upbeat and high energy as she patiently meets her kindergartners where they are. My son comes home happy to share the interesting and engaging ways he’s learning and growing. As a parent, it’s so important to know that I can trust that my child will feel safe and secure. I love that every morning Mrs. Moe gets down on her knees at the door to greet each child one by one. She’s sensitive to their emotional needs as well as their intellectual needs. I’m so grateful for the care she takes to holistically guide and direct her young students. What a star!

Nominated by: Nicole Rebentisch, parent

Ashlee Scadden, Sage Hills Elementary; aide

Ashlee Scadden works with the SPED students and is an aide in the library. We nominate her for the RISE award because she is an amazing employee here at our school! She’s a team player and willing to do anything to help our school. She is loved by the students and teachers alike. We love her positive attitude, kindness and patience with the students, she “gets them”. She understands when to jump in – never have to say “do this”, she’s in the job everyday, helping to build the students self-esteem and making them feel that they are important. We love Ashlee and appreciate her everyday!

Nominated by: Carissa Allen, Sara Holmer, & Lisa Shirley, district employees

Luis Cueva, Lakeridge Junior; teacher

Señor Cueva is a unique teacher. He truly cares for each of his students and fixes attainable goals tailored to their particular needs. He gives them fun classroom activities to encourage fun learning and team work. He addresses student’s issues promptly to parents to intervene in any negative behavior in the classroom or in school. I’ve seen an immense improvement in my son’s school experience after having Señor Cuevas for a teacher. Now that my son has new teachers in a new school he continues to reach out to Señor Cuevas for advice and he’s always prompt to reach back. He makes a big difference!

Nominated by: Orlando Shiloh Rodriguez, parent

Rebekah Smith, Freedom Elementary; secretary

Adjusting to a full day of school has been hard for my first grader. He’s dealt with some heavy anxiety and there were many tearful days for a little while. Rebekah took note and has gone above and beyond in helping my son feel seen. She takes time to say hello to him and has helped him feel like he is not alone at recess. She’s been part of the team of people who helped us come up with solutions to help my son make this adjustment. She has been so encouraging and I am so grateful.

Nominated by: Nikki Salazar-King, parent, and Daxton King, student

Erika Clement, Freedom Elementary; teacher

Ms. Clement cares so much about her students, takes the time to connect with them, and goes above and beyond to make them feel loved and accepted in her classroom.

Nominated by: Katie Craigo, parent

Megan Hansen, Timberline Middle; teacher

Ms. Hansen is an outstanding teacher. She leads an interactive and engaging classroom making the children look forward to class each day. She is also involved in extracurricular activities with students after school encouraging them to be healthy and active. Ms. Hansen has a passion for teaching and a love for her students. We’re so lucky to have her as a teacher at Timberline!

Nominated by: Breanne Allen, parent

While this is a team effort of the entire 7th grade science team, I will focus on Megan for this award. This year, Timberline has been pushing for a greater emphasis on deeper learning. Meaning that students not only learn content but understand it and its applications. In class earlier this year, the science team once again pushed for deeper learning in their emphasis on gravity and forces. Using a lab in the library, they were able to not only illustrate the principle but also let students experiment and come to their own understanding. They truly represent the mission and vision for Timberline!”

Nominated by: Ammon Grannis, district employee

Mackenzie Neptune, Black Ridge Elementary; teacher

Mackensie is an amazing educator that loves her students. She is passionate for education, paciente and very well prepared to teach students at their highest levels always looking for students through their lenses of learning. She loves to share knowledge with colleagues and is a great person to work with. Mackensie is a highly effective teacher and a great team player that deserves to be nominated for the Rise Award.”

Nominated by: Andreia Bevilacqua, district employee

Jackie McHenry, Black Ridge Elementary; teacher

Jackie does everything it takes to build relationships with students and co-workers. She is a leader at our school. She is someone that all teachers love talking to and working with. I’ve benefitted so much from working with her!

Nominated by: Brison Dodge, district employee

Kirk Johnson, American Fork Junior; administrator

In my 13 years of teaching, I have worked under multiple administrators. Kirk has always been an advocate for the music programs at American Fork JH and he has always shown care and concern for any issues that I bring to him. Kirk is always willing to take time out of his busy schedule to discuss items of concern with me whether it is planned or a quick drop by visit. Even during the few times we haven’t come to a consensus on a subject, I always have felt that Kirk respected me and valued my perspective in shaping his decisions. I feel fortunate to work under his leadership!

Nominated by: Lance Major, district employee

Courtney Paul, Riverview Elementary; teacher

Ms. Paul went above and bound for my daughter. She was her 6th grade teacher last year. My daughter had some health problems and Ms. Paul saw her for who she truly was and helped her shine and move confidently in her new reality. I’ll always be grateful to her.

Nominated by: Lindsey Parker, parent

Charlotte Elsey, Pleasant Grove High; counselor

As a first time high school parent I was stressed on how to create my daughters school schedule with concurrent enrollment. I emailed Charlotte Elsey four weeks before the school year started. She was instant in her reply to me, which was at about 10pm. She said she would meet me at the school the following week early in the morning, even though she wasn’t scheduled to work during that time of the summer break. I am overly impressed that she took her personal time to meet with me and my daughter. She was encouraging, pleasant, and so sweet to me and my daughter. She was the angel I needed.

Nominated by: Veronica Chapman, parent

Jessica Russell, Westlake High; teacher

Jessica Russell is always positive with her interactions between students and collegues. She works hard to help students apply for the Sterling Scholar Scholarship. She makes her room welcoming and inviting to the students she serves daily. Being a young teacher, I see that she has endurance and perseverance. She is very supportive to other school groups. Westlake High School is lucky to have her as a teacher there.

Nominated by: Candace Wilson, district employee

Ashley Fuller, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Just this month (September), Mrs. Fuller has helped me learn and actually like math, which is a big job considering I hate math. When I said I was bad at math, she called me after school and told me to believe in myself. And when I’m confused and need help, she helps me understand what to do and know how to do the other problems. Mrs. Fuller is one of the nicest teachers I have ever had and one of my favorite teachers.

Nominated by: Edgar Meza, student

Deborah Jorgensen, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Ms. Jorgensen is dedicated and patient to help and inspire student discover the beauty of math.

Nominated by: Xiaobo Gu, parent



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