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August Nominees

August 24, 2022 Nominees

Madison Larson, Cedar Valley High; Teacher

“Madi excels at everything she does! Not only does she take such great care of her students, she rises above and beyond to push them with opportunities outside of the classroom. Every single time I am in Madi’s classroom, her students are engaged in a rich learning activity. I reach out to her frequently to collaborate and she is excited and says yes with enthusiasm every time. Madi is in inspiration for what teachers can be when they put their whole heart into what they do.”

Nominated by: Korryn Coates

Mandi Olson, Saratoga Shores Elementary; PLC Coach

“Mandi is always willing to help other teachers. She is supportive and willing to step in no matter what the situation. She has used her expertise to help teachers develop their own confidence and improve their practice.”

Nominated by: Marissa Wade and Saratoga Shores Employees

Jennifer Shepherd, Lehi Junior High; Registrar

“Jennifer, our Registrar, not only always gets me reports and information that I need, she does it quickly and always with a genuine smile. She is reliable, resourceful and friendly to parents, teachers, students, and admin. She’s great!”

Nominated by: Bryce Shelley

Michael Pehrson, Lehi Junior High; Custodian

“Michael is our cheerful and soft-spoken custodian. I have yet to find a request for supplies, borrowing equipment, or information that I need about the building that he hasn’t been able to answer. And he is never bothered by my requests regardless of when I ask or where he is when I need the items or info. I love having a custodian who is so consistently helpful in getting me what I need to help the kids. “

Nominated by: Bryce Shelley

Cari Greer, Willowcreek Middle; Teacher

“Cari has been my mentor this year and has helped me so much!!! I have texted her about so many silly little things, and she’s always been positive and encouraging. She’s uplifted me everyday and helped me know that I can be the best teacher!!”

Nominated by: Kristi Bingham

Hannah Grover, Centennial Elementary; Teacher

“Hannah is truly a remarkable educator who is inspiring, selfless and encouraging. She especially embodies the characteristic of encouraging as Hannah often finds herself in situations needing encouragement. From the pressures of assessment to ever-growing class sizes, Hannah stays positive and encouraging through it all. She uplifts her 1st grade team and the school as a whole. She is a bridge-builder and a magic-maker.”

Nominated by: Hailey Hamblin

Jennifer Jones, Hidden Hollow Elementary; Aide

“Jenn is my classroom aide. I work from a wheelchair and she helps when I can’t do things alone. If there is anyone in this district that exemplifies RISE it is Jenn. She is remarkable in what she is willing to do and the passion she puts behind it. She is inspiring in the face that she will do even the dirtiest of jobs with a smile and positive attitude. She is selfless in the time she gives, she came in during the summer to help me when she didn’t get paid or really had no obligation to! And she is encouraging. I have never had a better cheerleader than Jenn.”

Nominated by: Chelsie Gustafson

Lindsay Casper, Summit; Teacher

“Lindsay is constantly coming up with fun and challenging activities in her science class. She prioritizes getting students outside the classroom and helps them have hands on learning experiences. Some of the different experiential learning activities include visiting the fish hatchery at Strawberry Reservoir, hiking outings to study different trees and plants, and visiting the Provo river to sample water. She builds relationships with students and works hard behind the scenes to advocate and support them.”

Nominated by: Tanner Renshaw

Taylie Thomas, American Fork Junior; Teacher

“Taylie exemplifes RISE in our school. She is a remarkable English teacher who balances rigor with adaptation for each student. She Inspires her students through connection and feedback. She is one of the most selfless educators who seems to always have a listening ear and empathetic approach to helping her students. She encourages students and faculty with her positive perspective and happy demeanor. I fully endorse Taylie Thomas for a RISE award.”

Nominated by: Dane Hanvey

Hailey Stewart; East Shore Online; Teacher

“Haylee is an incredible teacher who builds interactive and engaging modules for students. She is the coworker who is always there to answer questions and offer a helpful opinion. She organizes and puts on the best professional development I have seen as an educator. It is useful, engaging, purposeful and has revolutionized my teaching. I’m a better teacher because I work with Haylee.”

Nominated by: Katie Pickett

Shaylee Richardson, Horizon; Teacher

“Shaylee lifts EVERYONE around her. She exudes kindness, positivity, and selflessness. She creates a remarkably positive learning environment for her students, many who have severe behavior concerns. Regardless of how the day goes she gives every student a clean slate to start every day and encourages students to be their best selves in an assertive yet caring manner. She inspires our team to be champions for every student. She carries the Horizon School banner proudly and represents our school and district community incredibly well. Shaylee is one-of-a-kind and deserves every accolade!”

Nominated by: Dan Heaps

Kelli Eisenhart, Willowcreek; Assistant Principal

“Since coming to our school, Kelli has brought a fun positive energy. She was also asked to take on some challenging situations and has done a great job solving difficult problems in a way that everyone has been happy.”

Nominated by: Asa Nielson

Mitch Hall, Cedar Valley High; Teacher

“Mitch has built a terrific music program and has helped hundreds of students to grow their skills. More importantly, he grows their confidence. He shows up with a great attitude and a phenomenal work ethic every day and our school is a much better place because of him!”

Nominated by: Nate Crandall

Elisabeth Anderson, Harbor Point Elementary; Speech Language Pathologist

“Beth works incredibly hard to help ALL students in our school, validate parents’ concerns, and help other educators. She makes learning fun for her students and work fun for her coworkers. She often volunteers to help others despite how busy she always is. She also always makes time for the one student in need.”

Nominated by: Hannah Beus

Jason Langlois, Lake Mountain Middle; Teacher

“Jason Langlois is the most incredible worker I have ever seen! I am so impressed by the work ethic that he has. This theater teacher has gone FAR above and beyond the scope of his teaching duties. He is has a multi-award winning team for the last 3 years. Our school has only been open for three years. The students absolutely look up to him. He is so remarkable with the amount of work he puts on. His talents are endless and he has SEVEN different preps. He is a multi-tasking master, a leader, a master teacher & is very respected in our community. I’m under-selling this guy. You need to meet him!”

Nominated by: Jordyn Earl

Amanda Goodman, Cedar Valley Elementary; Librarian & Assistant Secretary

“Amanda goes above and beyond for EVERYONE! Not only is she the school librarian and assistant secretary, she is ready to help any staff member or student that needs her! She is creative, funny and caring. She will brighten your day the minute you see her! Her emails not only enlighten us, but they entertain us and bring us joy! We appreciate her so much and are so lucky to have her at CVE! The students look forward to their time in the library with Mrs. Goodman and enjoy her lessons and the attention she gives them. She is a ray of sunshine!”

Nominated by: Traci Morenos

Allison Northcott, Meadow Elementary; Teacher

“Allison makes her students her main priority at work. She makes the effort to get to know them individually and invest time in them. She is always smiling and has a loving demeanor. You are so important when you are with her and colleagues, parents, and students feel it.”

Nominated by: Chéla Jenkins

Kenneth Bryson, American Fork Junior; Teacher

“Because he was an outstanding teacher!”

Nominated by: Nathan Kunze

Brooklyn Jones Jorgensen, Eagle Valley Elementary; Custodian

“Crystal is an amazing woman and always goes above and beyond for those kids. Brings a smile to your face everyday and works so hard to make sure all is well with the school and staff. We are so grateful to have met her. “

Nominated by: Crystal Dorrall

Becky Struthers, Meadow; Teacher

“Mrs. Struthers went above and beyond to make my son’s second grade year great! She had so many fun activities (many of which took a lot of prep time outside of work) for the kids that made them love learning. She also made her students feel loved and important. My son was sad to see his second grade year end because he loved his teacher so much!”

Nominated by: Julie Strong

Nicole Goodman, Greenwood Elementary; Office Technician

“Nicole is an integral part of Greenwood. She is patient and loving towards every kid that walks through the doors and an absolute pleasure to talk to and work with as a parent. Greenwood is seriously lucky to have her as the first person people come in contact with when they enter their doors.”

Nominated by: Alex Bosley

Sherry Du Moulin, River Rock; Teacher

“I have never met a teacher who shows such a genuine love toward each student in their class. This lady is amazing with kids, and goes above and beyond EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to make the kids feel like they matter and are important to her. She’s the type of teacher that makes me want to stop everything I have going on to nominate her. Kids thrive in her classroom and I count my family lucky for having had the privilege for one of us to be in her classroom. She gives 110% every day. Love her!”

Nominated by: Lacey Hammond

Lynn Meek, Skyridge; Counselor

“Mr. Meek is the BEST. He has taken such good care of me and my older brother. We love Mr. Meek! I’ve never felt so supported, seen and heard from a school counselor. He’s already made a huge impact on me and it’s only my first year in high school.”

Nominated by: Kate Andrews

Jamie Sam, Bonneville Elementary; Teacher

“Last year, Mrs. Sam really took the time to help our daughter feel comfortable, recognized, appreciated, and safe. By providing this environment, our daughter was able to thrive in her kindergarten year and build a love for school, learning, socializing, and especially reading. We are so grateful to Mrs. Sam. Thank you!”

Nominated by: Andy Gowans

Emily Toronto, Bonneville Elementary; Teacher

“Emily Toronto is a new employee in Alpine School District. This past summer she collaborated well with her team. She contributed amazing ideas especially in science and social studies. Emily looks after individual student needs and is focused on making every moment count with her students. On the first day of school, Emily helped a first grader find her parent pick-up after school even though that student was not in her class. Emily makes Bonneville Elementary a happier place to be!”

Nominated by: Hannah Wold



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