April 24 – RISE Nominees

Whitney Elkins, Thunder Ridge Elementary; teacher aide

Whitney has taken the job of creating a school choir at Thunder Ridge. My son has been part of this choir since last year, and I have been just amazed at how good they are. It is no small feat to conduct a choir of at least 50 4th-6th graders and have them sound so good. The concerts have been professional. The narration was enlightening. The singing was uplifting. She has created something special at Thunder Ridge.

Nominated by: Whitney Child, parent

Eileen Lovelace, Pleasant Grove Junior; student advocate

Ms. Lovelace is a student advocate that has made a HUGE impact in our credit recovery at PGJH. She helps all students succeed by caring deeply about their individual needs and helping them to reach their full potential. The minute she arrives for the day she is go go go! She calls parents, meets with students and teachers and tracks progress. She is a huge piece to our school improvement efforts! Thank you Ms. Lovelace for all you do!”

Nominated by: Chelsea Budge, district employee

Alicen Waldron, Westlake High; hearing specialist

I’m a senior at Westlake, and Alicen Waldron has been working with me since 5th grade. She is the most kind, intelligent, and supportive person I’ve ever met. She was with me through all of my hearing loss struggles, and she made me feel strong and capable. She never gave up on getting me the help I needed in school, even when I was reluctant to work with her. She deserves to be recognized for the amazing work she has done to help kids accept and work with their disabilities while helping them to feel loved and understood.”

Nominated by: Seery Kipp, student

Becky Parchman, Lindon Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Parchman has now taught two of our kids at Lindon Elementary. To say she cares about her students is an understatement. She is the best encourager, she is quick to understand our children and know what our children need to grow. We appreciate everything she does for Lindon and our family!

Nominated by: Krystin Sanchez, parent

Tatiana Vincent, Fox Hollow Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Vincent effortlessly provides her students kindness, love, confidence and compassion each day. Her students love coming to school. She knows each student and gives them each personal help for their specific strengths and weaknesses. They see her as an example of the best way to treat others. She helps them soar emotionally and intellectually. We love you, Mrs. Vincent!”

Nominated by: Marci Enlow, parent

Emily Wilcox, River Rock Elementary; teacher

Ms. Wilcox makes the day of each of her students. She is kind, attentive, patient, and makes each of her charges feel special. She is always going above and beyond, helping each individual student be the best that they can be.”

Nominated by: Julia Keanini, parent

Tiffany Crockett, Manila Elementary; teacher

We’ve been so lucky to have both of our children taught in kindergarten by Mrs. Crockett. She instills such a passion for reading and learning in the students she teaches, and it can genuinely be said that Mrs. Crockett gives her students the foundation for a successful education. Her role in her students’ lives is crucial, and they are so fortunate to be taught by her!

Nominated by: Emily Wikle, parent

April Thompson, Westlake High; teacher

No other teacher has made me so confident in myself in a class that’s as hard as chemistry. Ms. Thompson is always there to help and make everyone smile and there’s never a boring or bad lesson. I’ve done amazing in her class thanks to her and always have so much fun.

Nominated by: Boston Drakulich, student

“Ms. Thompson is so nice and the best teacher and interacted with the students a lot and is just lit yk.”

Nominated by: Symon Su’a, student

Travis Thomas, Thunder Ridge Elementary; teacher

Travis Thomas exemplifies many traits that make him a fantastic teacher. He is remarkable in the way he helps not only his students but anyone he comes in contact with. He excels at maintaining a calm, patient, and reassuring presence that inspires students to engage in learning at their highest level. He perseveres through whatever challenge he faces, and he never wavers in his encouragement and belief in his students that they can accomplish greatness. He embraces challenging situations and never hesitates to help in any way he can. He is a joy to work with!

Nominated by: Kathy Loveridge, district employee

Denise Lindberg, Pony Express Elementary; teacher

Miss Lindberg is remarkable. She teaches our students about friendship and has selflessly went above and beyond to provide a very detailed daily email to me to help and encourage a positive change in my student. I could not say, “Thank you” enough to her!

Nominated by: Austin Cope, parent

Adam Perkins, Harbor Point Elementary; occupational therapist

Mr. Perkins has filmed and produced a wide variety of videos on his occupational therapy Youtube channel. The videos are very well done. We use his videos every day in helping our students learn. Lots of our students respond better to Adam’s videos then any other intervention we have tried.

Nominated by: Steven Smith, district employee

Amanda Reynolds, North Point Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Reynolds is the best teacher ever! Both my boys have had the pleasure of having her as their kindergarten teacher! She is patient, kind, and thorough. I love her organization, and plan she gives my boys.

Nominated by: Tammy Peterson, parent

Natalie Jenkins, Legacy Elementary; teacher

I would like to nominate Natalie Jenkins for the Rise Award. She has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication to student success through innovative teaching methods and personalized attention to her students. Natalie is also an exemplary team member who contributes valuable insights to enhance our education community. Natalie is highly deserving of this recognition. I have loved working with Natalie for many years and grateful for her dedication, positivity and teamwork that makes Legacy Elementary a great place to work. Thanks for your outstanding contributions Natalie.

Nominated by: Sara Workman, district employee

Katie Atkinson, Bonneville Elementary; community outreach

Katie is our community outreach liason. There are so many needs in our school and Katie is able to pull off miracles everyday. Getting donations for our pantry, distributing our weekend food bags, putting together a sub for Santa program, and putting a packet together of resources for our community. Katie is what helps make our school great. Katie shows all of us that we can always try a little harder to be a little better.

Nominated by: Camie Howlett, district employee

Katie is our school’s miracle worker. She is always going out of her way to make sure that our students have what they need to be successful at school. If there is a student or family in need, she will find any and all resources that are available to them and ensure that they have access to them. She treats everyone with care and is always there to cheer up our students and staff. We are so lucky to have her!”

Nominated by: Bailey Iguchi, district employee

Annie Hallam, North Point Elementary; lunchroom worker

Annie is incredible. She cares so genuinely for the students. Her efforts of “Elf on the Shelf” during Christmas time just shows how much she cares and wants to help our students be happy and loved!

Nominated by: Sarah Rogers, parent

Jade McMullin, Orem Junior; student advocate

Miss McMullin is an incredible advocate. One of the most thorough, reliable, hard working, go-getting and caring that I have had the pleasure of working with. She follows through on every detail of a student’s success and is proactive in helping them. Students in her purview have a strong and capable ally who is determined to help them succeed.

Nominated by: Trevor Schramm, district employee

Renae Barker, Mountain Ridge Junior; teacher

Last year I really struggled with math, I simply didn’t understand the concept and dreaded going there for my class periods. Ms. Barker always has a smile on her face, and has been patient with me not being able to understand some concepts. She really has been super kind, and it’s the kind of kindness that you know is actually genuine. Ms. Barker really tries to connect with me and my classmates, and has really been a great teacher. I went from hating math to actually looking forward to the class period because of her.”

Nominated by: Kate Parks, student

Jonny Hulse, Pleasant Grove High; counselor

Mr. Hulse makes everyone feel welcome and people trust him and feel comfortable around him.

Nominated by: Maggie Hulse, student

Matt Longson, Lakeridge Junior; teacher

Mr. Longson makes everything so much more fun and enjoyable and are great at teaching.

Nominated by: Maggie Hulse, student

Mr. Longson is an amazing teacher and always works hard to make class enjoyable and educational for all students. He works hard and does everything he can to make sure every student learns and if they miss class, he tries his hardest to get them caught up.”

Nominated by: Sophie Alger, student

Matt Longson is a great teacher. He always does fun things and makes every class worth it, even if we are doing something really boring. He is honestly my favorite teacher at Lakeridge Junior. He is one of the only reasons I can go to school in the mornings. It is always exciting to think about what fun things we will do. He always adds fun little twists to things that make it all the better. I think that he is the best teacher ever, and that is why he deserves the RISE award.”

Nominated by: Ella VanDyke, student

Mr Longson makes coming to school so fun. Science is my favorite class because he makes it so much fun and exciting. He is so happy and fun to be around but he also teaches us in exciting and easy to remember ways. He inspires us to learn more and is always encouraging for anyone. Mr. Longson is the best!”

Nominated by: Afton Largey, student

Mr. Longson (Matt Longson). is one of the best science teachers you could ever ask for. He is such a fun person to be around. You learn so much in class but also makes it fun and not boring. He is a great support in school besides teaching. He always is always helping out and gives a lot to the school. Every person that has known Matt loves him and his personality. He is the best.”

Nominated by: Kennedy Macy, student

Carrie Chandler, Willowcreek Middle; teacher

My son has enjoyed Mrs. Chandler’s English class this year. He likes learning English now and says that he understands things that didn’t make sense to him before. He talks about her and is willing to do things he normally wouldn’t do. Thank for your dedication to your profession Mrs. Chandler.

Nominated by: Kira Beck, parent

Mrs. Chandler is so funny. She makes learning so much easier and reading so much more fun. She is a great teacher and gives great advice.”

Nominated by: Lexi von Gostomski, student

Brian Crosby, Willowcreek Middle; teacher

Mr. Crosby has my child every day of the week because he is in two of his band classes. Mr Crosby meets before school to offer Jazz band to the students. My child now knows more about music and loves playing because of him. Mr Crosby communicates proficiently and we always know what is happening. Thank you for your dedication and the caliber of music you help these kids produce.

Nominated by: Kira Beck, parent

Jeff Farnsworth, Willowcreek Middle; teacher

Mr. Farnsworth has been a blessing to our daughter. She was recently diagnosed as High Functioning Autistic with ADHD Inattentive presenting and she has been struggling since kindergarten, with fourth grade being one of her worst years. She was so frightened to come back she was suffering from panic attacks. BUT that has not been the case since she started Mr. Farnsworth’s class. The way he runs his classroom and is willing to work with non-nuerotypical students creates an atmosphere where they thrive. He is willing to work with what they need and it creates a safe place. He goes the extra mile.

Nominated by: Sarah Lyons, parent

Denise Peck, Eaglecrest Elementary; teacher

Caring, thoughtful, wonderful, these are all words we could use to describe Mrs. Peck. When we heard that Mrs. Peck was returning to teaching first grade at Eaglecrest we knew that our son would be in good hands. Since he was homeschooled for preschool and kindergarten we were worried about how he would feel coming to a big class, we were also hopeful that he was up to speed with the other students in his grade. Mrs. Peck lovingly took him under her wing and helped him. She patiently helped him acclimate socially as well as academically. Because of Mrs. Peck’s efforts, he is thriving.”

Nominated by: Jeff Young, parent

We just want to shout out to Mrs. Peck for teaching her class with patience, kindness, and love. Our first grader has had such an incredible year with Mrs. Peck, not only has he grown academically, but at the beginning of the year he was struggling to come to school because he was so nervous. Mrs. Peck was so patient in guiding him through those first weeks. He loves school now and he loves Mrs. Peck. We appreciate her efforts in helping our child find success in school.”

Nominated by: Brooke Young, parent

Amie Senior, Eaglecrest Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Senior is a wonderful teacher, she handles her teaching with ease. She’s great at communicating and my son has had great teachers at Eaglecrest and Mrs. Senior is carrying on the tradition. I have seen his growth and I know it is because of Mrs. Senior. Our son has nothing but praise for Mrs. Senior’s teaching ability, especially in math. His confidence in doing math had been magnified thanks to Mrs. Senior. She is amazing!”

Nominated by: Brooke Young, parent

Lynsie Timoteo, Mountain Trails Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Timoteo is AMAZING!! She is always so patient and caring. She loves her kids and gives her all every day. She also has many other responsibilities but still makes time for anyone who needs her. She is truly a huge asset to the school and all who are fortunate enough to get to work with her. She is the definition of the teacher we all hope our children have the privilege to experience. She amazes me daily. She truly deserves to be honored as the beautiful human being she is. ❤️

Nominated by: Lisa Hansen, district employee

Katie Durrant, Vineyard Elementary; teacher

Katie has made a lasting impression on my daughter & our family! We had her as my daughter’s kindergarten teacher & surely miss her this year. Mrs. Durrant goes out of her way to make everyone she encounters feel special.

Nominated by: Adriane Skousen, parent

Sydnee Page, Trailside Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Page has been a wonderful teacher for my daughter in second grade. She keeps students engaged and uses all kinds of encouragement and rewards in creative ways. My daughter has loved going to school every day this year because Mrs. Page keeps her motivated and interested in learning. I feel like I always know what my daughter has been working on and how she’s progressing at school. We’re lucky to have great teachers at Trailside and Mrs. Page is one of the best.”

Nominated by: Maria De Los Santos, parent

Marie Freestone, Barratt Elementary; secretary

This school year, as a result of our boundary changes, we have had a number of non-English families come in to get help to register their students. Our fabulous office tech, Marie Freestone has been patient and kind to each and every one of them. She helps them through the registration process which often takes over an hour due to the translation needed. Often we have had families come in that actually not in our boundaries. Marie still helps them get their students registered online before they head to their actual boundary school.”

Nominated by: Caroline Knadler, district employee

Travis Adamson, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Mr. Adamson is so funny, friendly, and very nice and helpful to students all the time.

Nominated by: Ade Ott, student

Deborah Jorgenson, Oak Canyon Junior; teacher

Ms. Jorgenson makes sure everyone knows what she is teaching and is super kind and devoted.

Nominated by: Taya Peterson, student

Laci Jorgensen, Skyridge High; testing coordinator

Laci Jorgensen is the testing center facilitator at Skyridge High School and she is such an incredible asset to our school. I get to watch students every day go into the testing center to take tests feeling anxious, nervous, and scared, but they leave the testing center smiling and at peace (even if they failed their test!) because Laci is such a joy to be around. She is kind, compassionate, and loves the students she gets to serve. She is a truly remarkable and inspiring person!

Nominated by: Elise Wilcox, district employee

Erin Kunzler, Sage Hills Elementary; teacher

Erin has been my mentor teacher for the last year and a half. Her guidance has been essential in helping me to make it through my first two years as an elementary teacher. She goes out of her way to help when needed and designs incredible lesson plans that make our job so much easier as 4th grade teachers. She is always trying to find ways to improve as a teacher. She is also always looking for ways to make our job easier as teachers, and I am so grateful that I have been able to work with her these last two years.

Nominated by: Emily West, district employee

Karen Rasmussen, Mountain Ridge Junior; teacher

Since I first began teaching in 2020, Karen has provided consistent support. Whenever I have reached out with questions or have been in need of materials or supplies, Karen has never hesitated to provide help. She is humble, hardworking, and has been an awesome example to me of how to be a true collaborator and valuable team member.

Nominated by: Teresa Gonzalez, district employee

Samantha Akiyama, Mountain Ridge Junior; teacher

Samantha is an incredible example of a collaborator who is humble, hardworking, awesome at team dynamics, and leads by example. She is unselfish in sharing her knowledge and work. She is willing to help out when other teachers have questions or need materials or supplies. I have been so impressed and have appreciated the opportunity I have had to work with Sam. She has set the bar high and models the right kind of example of what a valuable teacher and Alpine District employee should be. Thank you, Sam!

Nominated by: Teresa Gonzalez, district employee

Julie Garfield, Dry Creek Elementary; teacher

Mrs. Garfield is PHENOMENAL with my son who was extremely hesitant to enter class, and she was so kind and understanding about it. She gave him incentives, talked with him so sweetly, and has been nothing but amazing! My son is very advanced, and she works very hard to accomodate that. She has been encouraging, thoughtful, and kind to our family as well in our current situation as I am a single mom of five kids. We adore her!

Nominated by: Danielle Baxter, parent

Layton Darrington, Harvest Elementary; teacher

Mr. Darrington, an exceptional educator, embodies RISE qualities. His commitment to my son’s academic excellence and love for learning is evident. Mr. Darrington’s personalized approach identifies strengths and addresses challenges. Collaborating with me, he creatively redirects my son, fostering invaluable growth. His communication reflects grace and love, ensuring a seamless partnership in my son’s educational journey. Mr. Darrington’s unmatched energy and optimism create an inspiring classroom, contributing to a motivating space for all students.”

Nominated by: Tiffany Brown, parent

Samantha Clark, Lehi Junior; secretary

Samantha Clark is a fantastic member of our team and a great support to the school! She has a humble, unassuming way of simply getting things done and taking care of people. She can take anything that’s needed and handle it efficiently and effectively. She is positive and always has a smile as she goes about her day. She is able to listen and understand situations and the needs of others in order to take care of them, and she demonstrates patience and kindness in all she does. She is a critical part of our school community, and we are so grateful to have her at Lehi Junior!!

Nominated by: Janet Henrie, district employee

Candace Wilson, Westlake High; teacher

Mrs. Wilson is kind to all of her students and treats them as she would want to be treated. She teaches us the curriculum in ways that not only make it fun but help us remember it. She has helped me not only become a better student but a better person overall.

Nominated by: Kameron Hughes, student

Christian Smith, Westlake High; administrator

The positive impact of his leadership is evident in the remarkable achievements and character of the students under his guidance. He has demonstrated exceptional dedication to fostering an environment that encourages students both academic excellence and personal growth. Their passion for learning, community engagement, and overall positive demeanor are a testament to the impactful leadership he provides. It is through individuals like Christian, that our educational institutions flourish.

Nominated by: Wendy Jensen, parent



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