PUBLIC HEARINGS for the consolidation of Hillcrest and Scera Park elementary schools will be held November 14th and December 12th during board meeting at 6:00 pm at the Alpine School District Office, 575 N. 100 E. American Fork.

This page was updated November 6th, following community input and a discussion held by the board of education on September 26th, 2017. Specifically, two features have been added:

“Hotspots” on the infographic below reveal current considerations.
“Additional Questions and Information” have been added in response to specific inquiries made by community members during the feedback process.
Proposed consolodation of Orem elementary schools
Community feedback overwhelmingly favors keeping the current Geneva school community intact. The board of education discussed placing the rebuild of Geneva (and possible school consolidation) on the 5-year capital improvement plan. Therefore, Geneva will not be considered as a temporary site for housing students during reconstruction of other schools.
Since Geneva will no longer serve as a temporary site for Cascade students, the board of education discussed rebuilding Cascade on phase 3 of the 2016 bond, as originally planned (opening August 2020). Under this plan Cascade students will remain on site during the reconstruction.
The proposed consolidation of Scera Park and Hillcrest warrants additional time for study and dialogue.
Enrollment trends in Orem
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Additional Questions and Information

Class & School Size

What are the average elementary class sizes for each school in ASD?

These tables include: numbers of students in each grade level at each school, number of teachers per grade level, and student-to-teacher funding ratios for both traditional and extended day models.

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District enrollment tables
This section represents student-to-teacher ratios used to staff traditional and extended day schools.
This section represents school enrollment by grade.
This section represents the number of sessions (or number of classes within each grade level). Green highlights indicate split grade-level classes.
This section represents the average class size per grade. Within each grade-level column there are ten cells highlighted in green and ten in red. Green indicates the ten schools most below the staffing ratio. Red indicates the ten schools most above the staffing ratio.

What are the average elementary school sizes by area over the last 30 years?

This graph shows average school size in five general geographic areas for the past 30 years.

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Elementary Schools average size chart

If Scera Park and Hillcrest were consolidated into one school, what would be the result?

Scera Park and Hillcrest, both traditional schools, use the following staffing ratios:

Grade Level Student-to-Teacher Staffing Ratio
Kindergarten 23
1st-2nd 23
3rd 25
4th 26
5th-6th 28

This table shows projected 2020 class sizes under a traditional model:

Grade Projected Combined Number of Teachers Projected Combined Class Size Current Class Size Scera Park Current Class Size Hillcrest
K 2.5 23.6 24 23
1 5 23.2 21 21
2 5 24 22 21
3 4.5 24.2 22 18
4 4.5 25.1 25 24
5 4 28.8 25 26
6 4 28 30 25

Students at a traditional school typically receive 30-40 minutes of specialty time per week throughout the year.  It is provided by one half-time teacher in one subject area (such as computers). Consolidating Scera Park and Hillcrest under a traditional model would provide two half-time specialty teachers.  Students would still receive the same amount of time in specialty classes, but they could have two subject areas taught instead of one.

Modified extended day schools use these student-to-teacher staffing ratios:

Grade Level Student-to-Teacher Staffing Ratio
Kindergarten 23
1st-2nd 26
3rd 29
4th 30
5th-6th 32

This table shows projected 2020 class sizes under a modified extended day model:

Grade Projected Number of Teachers Projected Class Size
K 2.5 23.6
1 4.5 25.8
2 4.5 26.7
3 4 27.3
4 4 28.3
5 3.5 32.9
6 3.5 32

Students at a modified extended day school typically receive 30 minutes of specialty time per day throughout the year, Tuesday through Friday.  It is provided by multiple teachers in various subject areas (such as computers, PE, and art).  Consolidating Scera Park and Hillcrest under an extended day model would likely provide three specialty teachers.  Students would receive both additional time and variety in specialty classes compared to what they currently receive at Scera Park and Hillcrest.

The decision to move from a traditional to a modified extended day model is a site-based decision and must carry the vote of the school community council and teachers.  Under this model, half of every class (grades 1-6) attends school from 8:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m., while the other half attends from 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Small group reading (and occasionally some math) is taught in the first and last 75 minutes of the school day to a group of approximately 12-16 students.  From 9:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. all of the students are present and this is the time when specialty classes, grade-level rotations, lunch, and library times occur.  The increase in class size during this time is what generates the funds to compensate teachers for an additional hour of instructional time.

Tax Information

How much property tax does my city generate for ASD?

This table provides comparison data between cities in Alpine School District including population, enrollment, tax and district facilities.

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District cities table
This represents the total population by city.
This represents total number of ASD students by city
This represents the percentage of students to population.
This represents the number of ASD buildings by city.

Of the total revenue sources for Alpine School District, what percentage comes from property taxes?

These graphs show total revenue sources (Where the Money Comes From) and General Fund Revenues.

Where the Money Comes From Chart
General Fund Revenues Chart

What other entities publish information on school finances?

The Utah Tax Payers Association publishes an annual “School Spending Report.” It contains per-student spending, teacher and staff compensation, and school property tax data for Utah school districts. School districts most similar to Alpine include Davis, Granite and Jordan.

School Spending Report

Buildings & Operations

What are the vital statistics of my school building?

This table provides the following information for each school in Orem:

  • Square footage
  • Acreage
  • Year built (& remodeled, if applicable)
  • Square feet per student
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How much is spent per student each year at each school?

This table shows the expenses per child in each school within Alpine School District. The average district-wide expense per child is $5,943.

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General fund table

Proposal FAQs

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