Alpine School District

New Administrative Assignments

Secondary School Assignments

Tim Brantley

Principal, Lehi High School

Theron Murphy

Principal, Timpanogos High School

Tammy Stuart

Principal, Orem High School

Kari Shirk

Principal, Mountain Ridge Jr. High School

Hannah Figueiredo

Director, Polaris High School

Kori Thomas

Assistant Principal, Mountain View High School

Cole Perry

Assistant Principal, American Fork High School

Lisa Gallagher

Assistant Principal,
Lehi High School

Eric Wilkes

Assistant Principal, Westlake High School

Cody Thompson

Assistant Principal, Frontier Middle School

Shari Taylor

Assistant Principal, Lehi Jr. High School

John Broadhead

Assistant Principal, Vista Heights Middle School

Lisa Twitchell

Assistant Principal, Lake Mountain Middle School

Nathan Crandall

Assistant Principal, Oak Canyon Jr. High

Steven Fisher

Assistant Principal, Lakeridge Jr. High

Todd Jepperson

Assistant Principal, Mountain Ridge Jr. High

Jeremy Scott

Assistant Principal, Lehi Jr. High

Jaxon Warr

Assistant Principal, Frontier Middle

Colin Gill

Assistant Principal, Cedar Valley High

Micah Jessup

Assistant Principal, Westlake High

Shane Hill

Principal, Willowcreek Middle

Asa Nielson

Assistant Principal, Orem Junior

Cameron Dickson

Assistant Principal, Lone Peak High

Lindsay Baccus

Assistant Principal, Canyon View Junior

Elementary School Assignments

Aaron Stevenson

Principal, Desert Sky Elementary
effective March 1, 2023

Pete Swiderski

Principal, Pony Express Elementary
effective March 1, 2023

Helena Mueller

Principal, Sego Lily Elementary
effective March 1, 2023

Cindy Gregson

Principal, Saratoga Shores Elementary
effective March 1, 2023

Jeff Shirley

Principal, Thunder Ridge Elementary

Carla Jensen

Principal, Sage Hills Elementary

Carl Stubbs

Principal, Cedar Ridge Elementary

John Emett

Principal, Mount Mahogany Elementary

William Shumaker

Principal, Riverview Elementary

Alicia DeMill

Principal, Centennial Elementary

Kyle Hoopes

Principal, Foothill Elementary

Matt Dias

Principal, Bonneville Elementary

Adam Huffaker

Principal, Mountain Trails Elementary

Brittany Cochrane

Principal, Eaglecrest Elementary

Ana Rojas

Principal, Cherry Hill Elementary

Camille Zollinger

Assist. Principal, Mountain Trails Elementary
effective March 1, 2023

Kira Beck

Assistant Principal, Black Ridge Elementary

Amanda Siebert

Assistant Principal, Desert Sky Elementary

Jennifer Marin

Assistant Principal, Cascade Elementary

Karen Chappell

Assistant Principal, Freedom Elementary

Courtney Knight

Assistant Principal, Pony Express Elementary

Miriam Richards

Assistant Principal, Greenwood Elementary

Tiffinie Littlefield

Assistant Principal, River Rock Elementary

Cherstine Willis

Assistant Principal, Harvest Elementary

Rachel Prestwich

Assistant Principal, Silver Lake Elementary

Misty Hall

Assistant Principal, North Point Elementary

Tiffany Hone

Assistant Principal, Cherry Hill Elementary

Jeff Clark

Assistant Principal, Meadow Elementary

Dan Griffey

Assistant Principal, Shelley Elementary

Ruthie Cheeseman

Assistant Principal, Grovecrest Elementary

Erin Thomas

Assistant Principal, Fox Hollow Elementary

MaKenna Etie

Assistant Principal, Mount Mahogany Elementary

Julie Fleming

Assistant Principal, Central Elementary

Sheila Brady

Assistant Principal, Forbes Elementary

Sean Bowman

Assistant Principal, Parkside Elementary

Alex Chappell

Assistant Principal, Aspen Elementary

District Assignments

Aaron Hale

Director of Dual Language Immersion

Doug Webb

Administrator of Secondary Schools

Dr. Richard Thomas

Educational Equity & Compliance Officer

Dr. Joe Jensen

School Administrator on District Assignment

Dave Mower

Administrator of Secondary Schools

Lynn Gerratt

Director of Alternative Programs

Heather Slaymaker

Director of Special Education Preschool

Craig Jensen

Director of Auxiliary Services


Please check school websites for school based resources, such as bell schedules and school meals. Employees should visit the Alpine Employe Gateway for employee specific resources. 

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