Secondary Literacy Resources

Classroom Resources for Use at Home

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Sora by Overdrive is an online library that provides access to digital reading materials for students. This is a great resource for accessing audiobooks.

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Lexia is a computerized reading program that provides students with independent practice in basic reading skills. Lexia consists of MyLexia for teachers, Core 5 for students in K-5, and PowerUp for students in 6-12.

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Read 180/HMH Central

Read 180 is a reading support and intervention program that is used by some of the schools in our district.

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NewsELA is an instructional content platform that posts a variety of different articles and analysis questions at adjustable reading levels. Students can also use this platform in several different languages.

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Language! Live

Language Live is a program used to assist English Language Learners in their literacy skill building and language acquisition.

Support for Struggling Readers

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Toolkit for Struggling Readers Grades 6-12

The toolkit for struggling readers, produced by the Utah State Board of Education, is a resource for parents and teachers who work with struggling readers. It offers suggestions for instruction and for increasing the motivation of adolescent readers.

Dyslexia Handbook

This dyslexia handbook is published by the Utah State Office of Education and is meant to help local education agencies, educators, and parents support their struggling readers.

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Dyslexia Google Plugin

Open-Dyslexic is an open sourced font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia. This extension overrides all fonts on web pages with the OpenDyslexic font and formats pages to be more easily readable.

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National Center on Improving Literacy

This organization aims to help students learn to read and write by providing access to practical, research-based strategies. If you are the parent of a secondary student, check out the “Resource Repository” section found near the bottom of the page or under the “Tools and Resources” tab at the top.


National Center for Families Learning

This site provides resources for students and families through the 8th grade. They offer suggestions for engaging with literature, informational text, and foundational skills.

Resources for Approaching Graduates

College Board Icon

College Board

This site will have all of the information regarding the PSAT, SAT, SAT II, and AP testing. They also have a robust scholarship bank for students who are ready to apply for college scholarships.

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Purdue Online Writing Lab

The Purdue Online Writing Lab is a tool to help students with different aspects of writing, including grammar, punctuation, and citations. The site offers free access to the MLA, APA, and Chicago citation manuels. It also provides a succinct explanation of grammar concepts for students reviewing for the ACT.

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ACT Academy

This a a resource to help students who are preparing to take the ACT.

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Seal of Biliteracy Pathway

This pathway explains the requirements for graduating from Alpine School District with a seal of biliteracy on your diploma.

Library Resources and Suggest Book Lists

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Utah Online Library

Utah’s Online Library is a rich collection of digital resources provided for K-12 students and educators in the state of Utah. It provides access to subscription databases and services such as EBSCO, Utah Digital Newspapers, and World Book Encyclopedia.

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I Love Libraries

This website contains suggested reading lists from the American Library Association. The titles represent a broad range of interests, reading levels, and maturity levels. We highly recommend that adults take an active role in helping their students select books that are a good fit for them and their families.


Young Adult Library Services Association

The Young Adult Library Services Association is a great resource for discovering new books for students to read. They publish lists of award-winning books for teens and offer several resources for recommended reading. This organization selects books specifically for middle and high school students, but the titles span a broad range of reading and maturity levels. We encourage adults to take an active role in helping teens choose books that are the best fit for them and their families.

Parent Guides

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Building Readers: A Parent's Guide

This resource provides age appropriate activities for supplementing literacy skills from birth through 7th grade, explains dyad reading, and suggests some high frequency words to practice with your student.

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Partnering with your Child's School

Collaborate with your school to make decisions about your child’s literacy education right from the start.

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Helping your child with homework

The United States Department of Education offers suggestions for creating a home environment conducive to productive homework time.

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A website for parents with resources to encourage a love of learning.

Seven Essentials of Literacy

Oral Language

The spoken language used to express knowledge, ideas, and feelings.

Phonological Awareness

The ability to manipulate phonemes within words by isolating sounds and blending them.


The relationship between phonemes and printed letters and the use of this knowledge to read and spell.


The effortless reading of text with adequate rate, accuracy, and expression to support comprehension.


The knowledge of words and their meanings.


The ability to extract and construct meaning from text.


The ability to communicate knowledge, ideas, and feelings in written form.

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Jaime Sadleir-Holley
Director of Secondary Literacy
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