Parent & Family Elementary Literacy Resources

Seven Essentials of Literacy

Click the heading of each of the seven essentials for a more in-depth explanation

The spoken language used to express knowledge, ideas, and feelings.

The ability to manipulate phonemes within words by isolating sounds and blending them.

The relationship between phonemes and printed letters and the use of this knowledge to read and spell.

The effortless reading of text with adequate rate, accuracy, and expression to support comprehension.

The knowledge of words and their meanings.

The ability to extract and construct meaning from text.

The ability to communicate knowledge, ideas, and feelings in written form.

Supporting Your Child's Literacy Development

Parent Guide to the Core

A parent guide from the Utah State Board of Education to help inform families on specific literacy skills in grades K-6th.

Kindergarten Here We Come

A guide to support your child's learning before they enter kindergarten.

Building Readers: A Parent's Guide

Age-appropriate guide and at-home strategies for parents to encourage their child to read.

Research and Innovation for a More Literate World

A source for research and developement on literacy in the United States and worldwide.

Helping Your Child Become a Reader

The United States Department of Education publishes activities by age level to help students become readers.

Hanover Parent Guide to Reading and Writing at Home

Help your child succeed by reading and writing at home.

Literacy Home Connection

Acadience Home Connection

This site provides resources for families to practice and reinforce important literacy skills with their children who are being assessed with mCLASS (Acadience) reading assessments. All students Kindergarten-Third grade are administered the Acadience testing screener at their local elementary school.

Reading Rockets

Support your child's reading and writing at home.

Do Regular Literacy Performance Check

Partner with your school and be informed about assessment information and instruction that best supports your child's needs.

Waterford Upstart

Waterford UPSTART provides four-year-old children access to academic support in their early education.

Improving Literacy for Parents & Families

Learn about your child's reading development.

Practical Ideas for Parents & Families

Help your child read and write with practical ideas and strategies based on what works.

Florida Center for Reading Research

Student-Centered Activities

Dyad Reading

Boosting your child's reading level at home.

Read Across America

Tools and Resources for Literacy

Partnering with Families to Improve Literacy Skills

Toolkit For Struggling Readers Icon

Toolkit for Struggling Readers Grades 6-12

The toolkit for struggling readers, produced by the Utah State Board of Education, is a resource for parents and teachers who work with struggling readers. It offers suggestions for instruction and for increasing the motivation of adolescent readers.

Dyslexia Handbook

This dyslexia handbook is published by the Utah State Office of Education and is meant to help local education agencies, educators, and parents support their struggling readers.

OpenDyslexic Icon

Dyslexia Google Plugin

Open-Dyslexic is an open sourced font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia. This extension overrides all fonts on web pages with the OpenDyslexic font and formats pages to be more easily readable.

children writing during a school class

Partnering with your Child's School

Collaborate with your school to make decisions about your child’s literacy education right from the start.

two girls eating lunch

Helping your child with homework

The United States Department of Education offers suggestions for creating a home environment conducive to productive homework time.

Group Of Students In Class

National Center on Improving Literacy

Practical help for implementing recommended literacy practices with beginning readers.

Library Resources and Suggested Book Lists

Unite For Literacy Logo

United for Literacy

Digital picture books for children.

Scholastic Logo


A website for parents with resources to encourage a love of learning.

Sora Logo


Sora by Overdrive is an online library that provides access to digital reading materials for students. This is a great resource for accessing audiobooks.

Utah Online Library Logo

Utah Online Library

Utah’s Online Library is a rich collection of digital resources provided for K-12 students and educators in the state of Utah. It provides access to subscription databases and services such as EBSCO, Utah Digital Newspapers, and World Book Encyclopedia.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is a great resource with a variety of read alounds for children.

I Love Libraries Logo

I Love Libraries

This website contains suggested reading lists from the American Library Association. The titles represent a broad range of interests, reading levels, and maturity levels. We highly recommend that adults take an active role in helping their students select books that are a good fit for them and their families.

Linking Literacy and Technology

Read Write Think, Construct a Word

Provides a simple, engaging way for students to generate dozens of different words by first choosing an ending (for example -an, -ed, -at, -op) and then adding a beginning letter or blend.

ASD logo

Supported Solutions

Click here for Alpine School District Supported Solutions which is an online resource supported by the district for teacher use in the classroom.


Starfall is a site specializing in reading, phonics, and math educational games, movies, books, songs for children K-3rd.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a site with educational games and videos that support early literacy skills.

Lexia Supported Solution

This site provides resources for families and teachers to practice and reinforce important literacy skills with the Lexia Supported Solution. Lexia is a computerized reading program that provides students with independent practice in basic reading skills. Lexia consists of MyLexia for teachers, Core 5 for students in K-5, and PowerUp for students in 6-12.

Lexia Student Login

Click here for the student login to Lexia.

Waterford Student Login

Click here for the student login to Waterford.

PowerUp Student Login

Click here for the student login for PowerUp.

Wonders: Alpine District's Comprehensive K-6 Literacy Curriculum

Wonders Supported Solution

Click here for Alpine's Wonders supported solution which is an online resource supported by the district for teacher use in the classroom.

Wonders Student Login

Click here for the student login to Wonders.

Kindergarten –
Home/School Connection

Click here for the Kindergarten curriculum.

1st Grade –
Home/School Connection

Click here for the 1st Grade curriculum.

2nd Grade –
Home/School Connection

Click here for the 2nd Grade curriculum.

3rd Grade –
Home/School Connection

Click here for the 3rd Grade curriculum.

4th Grade –
Home/School Connection

Click here for the 4th Grade curriculum.

5th Grade –
Home/School Connection

Click here for the 5th Grade curriculum.

6th Grade –
Home/School Connection

Click here for the 6th Grade curriculum.

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