School Governance

Policy 4071 | Half Days Without Students

By Certified Personnel, School Governance

It is recommended that the Board avoid calendar adoptions which require the educators presence on days beyond the negotiated total number of days. In general,half days should not be scheduled. There should, however, be some local discretion in this matter to address needs which may be unique to the operation of certain schools. If local option is provided, and half days seem appropriate, they may be approved by the principal after consultation with the faculty.

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Policy 4069 | Sexual Harassment

By Certified Personnel, School Governance

Alpine School District is committed to the maintenance of an environment which is free from any form of sexual harassment; an environment in which employees are allowed to work free from unwanted conduct or communication of a sexual nature; one which is in compliance with State and Federal laws dealing with this form of discrimination.

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Policy 4068 | Counselor Utilization

By Certified Personnel, School Governance

It is agreed that every reasonable effort should be made to allow professional certified employees, regardless of certification, to focus their time and energies in their areas of expertise. This concern relates to, but is not limited to, counselors. It is also agreed to encourage the utilization of available funds to assist certificated employees in their responsibilities such as scheduling.

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