Policy 4193 | Salary and Monetary Agreements

By Certified Personnel, Compensation
    1. Salary Agreement
      1. Alpine School District Board of Education agrees to add .61 to the base of the salary schedule. (This percent may increase based upon further insurance savings.)
      2. The Board agrees to provide the increased cost required to implement the 2006-07 lane and step changes.
      3. Commencing with the 2006-07 year the salary schedule base will be increased by 3%. 
    2. Additional Monetary Agreements 
      1. The Board agrees to provide the increased cost required to maintain the district designated insurance at its present level.
      2. The pay rate shall be $7.50 per hour for extracurricular supervision during the 2000-02 school year. 
        1. Prescription drug claims will be paid at the current benefit levels using the current exclusions and limitations as per the district designated plan. 
      3. The district will allow the establishment of district noncontributory Flexible Spending Accounts by educators.
      4. The effective date for retroactive pay adjustments following the close of negotiations would be the start of the teachers’ contract year, including day covered by an extended contract agreement.
      5. The hourly rate for non-instructional time outside the regular contract day will be $17.50 an hour. This does not apply to productivity, ALLC, summer school or any other existing program.
      6. Five hundred dollars will be paid annually to teachers who have been on the last step in Lanes II through VII for more than one year.
      7. Certified educators who are new hires in the Alpine District and who have signed a contract by the established date for the August Time and Attendance Report shall receive their annual salary in thirteen pay periods. The first pay check shall be provided at the end of August of the first month of their contract.
      8. For the 2004-05 school year, a $300 one time payment will be paid to each teacher who is on the following lanes and steps. Lane III steps 14, 17; Lane IV steps 14, 17, 20, 23; Lanes V, VI, VII steps 14, 17, 20, 23, 26.
      9. Educators who earn National Board Certification shall receive a $500 stipend annually for as long as the certification remains current.
      10. For the 2004-2005 school year, a one time payment of $500 will be paid to those educators who are on IVB 26 instead of $300.
      11. For the 2004-2005 school year, a one-time bonus from the State will be given to all certified contracted employees. 
        1. The pool of money generated from the state allocation will be divided between the certified, classified and administrative employees and will be based upon the number of contracted employees in each group. 
        2. Certified employees have agreed that only contracted certified employees will get the one-time bonus from the State which will be evenly divided among the contracted educators.

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