Policy 2231 | Policies, Regulations, Procedures System

By Administration

One of the primary responsibilities of the Alpine School District Board of Education is the development of education policy. Policies serve as guidelines to the administration in the development and implementation for operating the district. It is the purpose of Policy 2231 to establish the process by which District policy shall be managed, reviewed, proposed and adopted.

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Policy 2220 | Staff Advisory Committees

By Administration

The Board of Education authorizes the superintendent to establish Staff Advisory committees to assist in the study and development of appropriate Administrative Rules and Regulations, procedures, and programs. These committees are under the supervision of the superintendent.

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Policy 2131 | Superintendent of Schools

By Administration

The superintendent of schools is appointed by the Board of Education and serves as the Board’s chief executive officer. The superintendent’s term of office is for two years or until a successor is appointed and qualified. The superintendent shall hold an administrative/supervisory certificate issued by the State Board of Education. The Board shall set the superintendent’s compensation for services. The superintendent qualifies for office by taking the constitutional oath of office. (Utah Code 53A-3-301).

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Policy 2110 | Management Team

By Administration

The management team shall be composed of all employees who hold administrative positions and have designated responsibility of proposing district policy or administering district programs. The superintendent is responsible for creating a process which establishes communication with the administrators of the school system.

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