2016 General Session: January 25 through March 10, 2016

This issues page is intended to provide a brief summary of legislative actions related to the priorities of the Alpine School District.


Local Control

– Support 4.75% increase in the WPU (as recommended by the Governor)
– Eliminate the local levy bifurcated cap – allowing cap for all districts at .0025
– 53A-2-208 – statutory change as follows, “(b) for a secondary school, to maintain comprehensive programs and efficient allocation of resources”
– Reduce statutory or USBE rule to reduce or eliminate unfunded mandates or burdensome administrative requirements.

Charter Schools

– Establish a statewide tax levy for charter schools that yields sufficient revenue to provide 100% of local replacement funds, requiring districts that have raised taxes to lower taxes proportionately or go through truth in taxation. A statewide levy also increases transparency for all property owners in the state.


– SB97 – Immediately pass legislation to increase the voted and board levy guarantee to $35.55 per WPU for .0001 in tax rate for FY16, which will fully distribute the remaining $23 million of funds collected in the current year.

– Pass legislation that allows SB97 revenues to index annually with the certified tax rate setting process to capture new growth.

Impact Fees

– Allow impact fees on new home construction for schools. Recognize schools as infrastructure, like parks, and require open space or density credit. Require funds to be used for school construction or renovation within the municipality where funds were raised.

Contact Your Legislators

To find out which legislators represent you and how to contact them, go to the Utah Legislature website, scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter your home address under the “Who Represents Me?” heading.

Links to more detailed information:


During the legislative session, we will provide a list of priority bills for the students, families, and tax payers of Alpine School District and links to more detailed information.


Bill Number Description ASD Impact
SB 38
The ASD Board of Education remains OPPOSED to SB38, as does the USBA, USSA and UASBO.  Members of our team have met with leaders in the Senate and the House and have asked for the following amendments:
1. No inclusion of the recreation levy in the Local Replacement Fund (LRF)
2. No inclusion of the state guarantee portion of the voted and board levies in the LRF
3. Requirement of the county tax notice showing the diversion of property taxes to charter schools
4. Using real figures rather than estimates (two-year lag issue)
Despite assurances, the amendments and the spreadsheet calculating the impact have not been shared with members of our team.  Absent of these changes, SB38 expands bad policy and will result in a loss of funds to ASD and a likely tax increase.  Our recommendation has been to create a tax levy for charter local replacement, similar to the basic tax rate, which would create greater transparency for our public. HB193 is a bill that advances this solution.


Bill Number Description ASD Impact
HB 40 Repeals certain reporting requirements and amends manner of report and when reports are made.  None
HB 41 Authorizes local board to offer supplemental instruction for kindergarten students outside the normal day. Board may charge a fee as part of the district fee schedule. No student denied opportunity based on inability to pay the fee. If offered, impact to families will depend on program parameters and the number of students unable to pay fees.
HB 50  Raises annual earning for retirees returning to work from $15,000 to $20,000 or one-half retiree’s final average salary whichever is less. May help fill vacancies and shortages in districts.
HB 92   Eliminates two-level cap for board levy, raising all district to a cap of .002500  Increase cap from .001800 to .02500 providing additional revenue capacity for the board of $12,972,863 (no revenue unless Truth in Taxation authorized and approved).
HB 152 Amends the State contribution guarantee amount from $33.27 to $35.55 for the voted and board local levy  Flows SB97 revenues to qualifying school districts
SB 36 Allows certified teachers and administrators to be reemployed by a different school district after 60 days follow retirement. May help fill vacancies and shortages in districts.