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New alpineschools.org Navigation Menus Make Resources Easier to Find

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alpineschools.org will get a new look and navigation menu in a release scheduled for late-September, the latest of the School District’s continuing improvements to make its official website more personalized and easier to use.

Why change at all?

Studies by the District and feedback from community members show that visitors rely on alpineschools.org to help them:

  • Find School and District related information

  • Access important documents

  • Access school websites

  • Contact School Administration

  • Stay connected with District

The goal of improving the website is to help visitors find and use the great resources available to them on the site

What will be different?

Upcoming changes to alpineschools.org include new mega menu options, improved and simplified Home page, a public and community content related focus, and a few new sub-pages with additional helpful resources.

primary mega menu

The new menu options along the top are

  • Family & Students
  • Community
  • Schools
  • District
  • Board of Education

Family & Students

This mega menu offers links specific to families and students with four main sub groups: How do I…, Parents, Student, Quick Links.  Links in this mega menu are designed and updated to help Families and Students find information and access the content pertinent to them. The How do I section contains frequently asked questions that many parents or students have and will be updated to show the most commonly asked questions. At the bottom of this group is a link to all the FAQs that have currently been prepared.

mega menu navitaion


This mega menu offers links specific to community related information with four main sub groups: Get Involved, Data & Reports, Services, State Legislature. Here you can find information on how to get involved in the district or at a school, view data, reports and services related to the school district, and get access to local and state school related websites.

community mega menu


This mega menu offers links specific to school related information with three main sub groups: Information, Resources, Schools. Here you can find school related information such as calendars, registration and enrollment information, bus and boundaries, view school related resources, and access school websites.

school mega menu


This mega menu offers links specific to district related information with three main sub groups: Departments, District Services, Employees. Here you can access district related information for each department, District related services and links for Employees. The department pages have also been redesigned to have a unified look to make it easier to find information as well. For the community, public related links will be found in top section of the department page sidebar while employee related links will be available under the respective “Employee Resources” section.

district mega menu

Board of Education

This mega menu offers links specific to school board information with four main sub groups: Board Members, Board Information, Board Meetings, Superintendent’s Office. Here you can learn more about the board members and the voting district they represent as well as quick access to important items such as board meeting schedules, minutes, and policies. In order to communicate and listen more effectively with community members a form to submit a question or concern has been provided under the Superintendent’s Office group.

board mega menu

Feedback Requested

We are constantly striving to improve the website so that it can be a tool and resource for all visitors. Your feedback is a vital role in accomplishing that goal. At the bottom of every page is a feedback link. If there is feedback on a page you would like to leave please click on the link and fill out the brief form.  Many of the changes being made to the website are a result of your direct feedback. For example we received great feedback that parents would love to be able to see if it was an A day or B day. We have been able to implement this in the footer for quick reference. We might not be able to implement all of your suggestions but we do review and take into consideration all the feedback that is sent to us. Thank you for your continuing feedback and support as we strive to improve the website and make it better.

alpineschools footer


Registration is postponed until further notice.

Steps to Register


View the Clear Creek Camp Schedule in the “Registration FAQs” document. We recommend selecting a few dates in case your first choice sells out.


Once registration is open, click “Eventbrite Registration” and select the date of your choice.


Fill in all requested student registration information and pay the required registration fee.


Complete Student Information & Health Form.