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Student Focused Learning

At Alpine School District we identify students’ needs and encourage them to engage in learning to achieve the best education possible. We do this by providing the tools, mentors and content to help them succeed in their education. By more fully engaging students, we believe our students will be the leaders of 21st century and beyond.

Our Approach

We believe in creating a culture of learning both in the schools and the community. We provide a variety of education methods from auditory and visual to hands-on and practical. To ensure our students are able to get the most of their education, we engage the parents and community. By uniting all of these teaching methods, we are able to inspire our students, faculty and community to build a brighter future.

Focus Where it Counts

College Preparation

Our students are encouraged to build their future while they are still in high school. At Alpine School District our students take classes and tests that will give them college credit.

Reading Proficiency

Being able to read on grade level is a key educational skill; Alpine School District is dedicated to make sure our students are proficient in, and have a love for reading.

Dedicated Educators

As a District, we know to have outstanding student success we must have teachers and administrators who know how teach, motivate and enable students.

Special Programs

Alpine offers a variety of special programs, from Dual Immersion to Pre School to Online Education Solutions. We offer something for every student.

Is getting a scholarship for college the exception rather than the norm? At Alpine School District we don’t think so!

Each of our High Schools offer College and Career Readiness resources helping students identify early on their college and career paths and apply for scholarships to help them achieve their educational and career dreams.

In Scholarship Awards

Student Driven

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Dedicated Resources

ASD focus more than half of its annual budget on student instruction and providing state of the art facilities to promote student learning.

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Customized Learning Profiles

Every student has unique learning needs, and at Alpine School District we meet those needs by answering four questions about each student.

  1. What do we expect students to learn?
  2. How will we know what students have learned?
  3. How will we respond to students who are not learning?
  4. How will we respond to students who already know.
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Collaborative Teaching

Our teachers collaborate on a school-by-school basis. Teacher teams for each grade level, for example all 4th grade teachers, meet together once a week to share ideas and plan for student needs.

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Application Based Learning

Students are encouraged to learn by doing the things they love. Many schools offer application based learning methods and the online East Shore program gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

I am so pleased with the quality of the teachers at my son's school. He has improved year over year and loves going to school

Jennifer Bleak

Alpine district really shows it is focused on student success though the various programs that help students learn.

Jason Roberts
Schools & Facilities
Administration & Support Staff

The Final Result – Students prepared to face to world.

Students at Alpine have built their futures for over 100 years and are ready to make a difference in the world and their community.

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