Important Notice

Reports indicate that Alpine Chromebook connections and speeds are much better this morning than the last two days. If you are still experiencing issues, please click on the Help Desk link below.

Information For Parents About Online Learning​

Overview of Online learning and what to expect

Our goal is to continue to provide your child with an enriching education through online curriculum. Teachers will be posting lessons online for your student and will be communicating through email or the online platforms. Teachers will be contacting their students by the end of Tuesday, March 17th, explaining how to access online learning.  We will be doing our best to support families throughout this entire process. The remainder of this page is intended to get your student setup and started with their online learning.

Student Accounts

Students receive multiple district accounts. For example, for a student named Mickey Mouse, the following accounts will be generated:

  • Student Gmail account: [email protected]
  • Student Username (aka universal login): mousemic010
  • Password: Students have set a unique password that works for both the Gmail account and universal login.

Almost all district applications use the Google account or universal login. This includes Google Classroom, Canvas, Mastery Connect, and many others. For a full list of applications and login information, please visit our Supported Solutions page. 

For K-2 students, some schools have utilized these accounts, while other schools have not. Please refer to the information from your teacher for specifics on online learning for these students. 

If a student has forgotten their username or password they may recover these by doing the following:

Student Username:
Parents may login to the Skyward Portal and view the Student Info tab to find a students email. It’ll be the email listed after “School:”.
Students and parents may also request help by filling out a Help Desk Request or by contacting their school. 

Password recovery:
Passwords may be recovered here, by filling out a Help Desk Request, or contacting your school.


Chromebook Checkout

Each school will send out specifics for times and locations of Chromebook checkout.

Schools will be loaning Chromebooks to students without access to a computer at home. We ask families to borrow only what is needed so that we have resources for everyone.

Need Further Assistance?

Due to the high volume of request for help, please ensure there is not an answer to your need in the FAQ session below before requesting direct assistance via the Help Desk Form. 


trouble logging into canvas?

How Can I Receive Canvas Notifications?

The button below is a video explaining how to setup parents notification and app for Canvas.

I don't have internet at home

There are many community resources that may become available. Here are some possible options that we’ve heard about, but are not sponsored by Alpine School District.

  • UEN has complied state wide resources, which can be found here.
  • Internet Essentials or AT&T offer low cost or free access to qualifying families 
  • Xfinity Wifi and AT&T are opening community based WIFI Hotspots to all users   
  • Cellular Phone Plans:  Some plans allow for hotspot connectivity. Please check with your carrier.
  • Other businesses and organizations may also have free wireless access.
  • If none of the above resources worked, please contact your principal for more possible options. 

Where can I get help?

  • For help with curriculum or specific resources that your teacher shared, please contact that teacher.
  • For help with logins or issues with Chromebooks, please contact our help desk.

Registration is postponed until further notice.

Steps to Register


View the Clear Creek Camp Schedule in the “Registration FAQs” document. We recommend selecting a few dates in case your first choice sells out.


Once registration is open, click “Eventbrite Registration” and select the date of your choice.


Fill in all requested student registration information and pay the required registration fee.


Complete Student Information & Health Form.