Policy 6048 | Home Instruction

By Students

The Board of Education encourages parents to take advantage of the resources provided to them by the state in the form of public schools. However, the Board discourages the practice but honors the optional right which parents have to teach their own children at home. Utah’s compulsory attendance law prescribes that parents who choose to exercise this option must send a yearly letter to the Board of Education or its designee, the local “superintendent,” stating that they will teach their children at home in the branches of learning prescribed by the state and for the duration of the time children are taught in the public schools. (Utah Code 53-24-1) 

Policy 5550 | Head Injury

By Students

The Board of Education seeks to provide a safe return to activity for all students following any injury, but particularly after a concussion. Procedures have been developed to aid in ensuring that concussed students are identified, treated and referred appropriately. Students will also receive appropriate follow-up medical care, and should be fully recovered prior to returning to activity.

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Policy 5540 | Work-Based Learning Programs

By Students

The Alpine District Board of Education supports the work-based learning program for secondary students. The Board authorizes the secondary principals, under the direction of the Superintendent, to administer the rules and regulations and procedures associated with this policy within their respective schools. Work-based learning opportunities include, but are not limited to: Job Shadowing; Internship; Cooperative Career and Technical Education; Service-based Learning; School-based Enterprise; and Registered Apprenticeship.

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Policy 5530 | School Clubs

By Students

The Alpine School District Board of Education has determined that the educational goals of the school district are furthered by recognizing curricular and non-curricular clubs. Students are encouraged to enter into social activities that provide attachment, acceptance, and enrichment, as they unite students with their peers and with the adults in the building. Clubs must adhere to all Alpine School District policies.

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Policy 5520 | Wellness

By Students

Alpine School District supports a healthy environment where children learn and participate in positive dietary and lifestyle practices. Alpine School District supports wellness in five areas: (1) Setting goals for nutrition education and health promotion, (2) Setting physical activity goals, (3) Establishing nutrition standards for all foods available on school campus during the school day, (4) Setting goals for other school-based activities designed to promote student wellness and (5) Setting goals for assessment, implementation and evaluation of wellness programs. Alpine School District will comply with applicable laws.

Policy 5500 | Student Insurance

By Students
    1. Alpine School District each year sponsors a low-cost student accident insurance program which is available to all students totally paid for by the parent/guardian.
    2. Parents/guardians are encouraged to enroll their children in the program if they do not have other health and accident insurance or if they desire to supplement other insurance.
    3. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children’s accident expenses.
    4. Parents acknowledge receipt of student insurance information and understand their responsibility by signing the health information form which they complete at the time of enrollment each year.
    5. Parents or students are required to show evidence of accident insurance before students may participate in interscholastic sports.

Policy 5435 | Search and Seizure

By Students

School authorities are charged with protecting the health and safety of all students as well as promoting the effective operation of the schools. The interest of individual members of society in securing personal privacy must be balanced against the collective interest of society in obtaining the results of the search.

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Policy 5430 | Substance Use

By Students
    1. The Alpine School District Board of Education recognizes that the use, possession, and/or distribution of alcohol, controlled substances, or imitation controlled substances, are illegal under the laws of the State of Utah (Utah Code 58-37-8 and 58-37a-3). Controlled substances include but are not limited to marijuana, cocaine, steroids, heroin, methamphetamine, oil concentrates of controlled substances, nicotine, or other drugs listed in the law. Imitation controlled substances constitute a hazard to the welfare of students, faculty, and to educational programs, and are illegal under the laws of the State of Utah (Utah Code 58-37a-3). An imitation controlled substance is something that looks like or is represented as a controlled substance – even though it isn’t, as well as drug paraphernalia – including but not limited to matches, lighters, rolling papers, hypodermic needles, roach clips, pipes, water pipes, electronic vapor devices, and objects converted to produce, package, distribute, or use drugs.
    2. The Board encourages the development and implementation of alcohol and drug prevention programs which are designed to provide students with the opportunity to build social skills, enhance self-concepts, and provide information on the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs. The programs are/should be designed to have a positive effect on students and values and to aid in the prevention of misuse and abuse of these substances.
    3. The Board supports parents in their responsibility to prevent or intervene with problems of substance abuse and to seek help from public and private agencies for students who become involved with substance abuse.
    4. School administration, faculty, and students shall cooperate fully in reasonable and appropriate law enforcement investigations relative to the use, possession, sale, or distribution of alcohol, controlled substances, imitation controlled substances, or drug paraphernalia in school facilities or during school activities.

    1. The use of any tobacco product containing nicotine, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, dissolvable tobacco, vapors, or oils used in Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) for students under the age of 19 is against Utah State Law (Utah Code 76-10-105).
    2. For the purposes of this policy, “use of tobacco” is defined to include smoking, inhaling, chewing, and absorbing tobacco or any products containing any form of nicotine. It also includes distribution, sale, or consorting with others who possess or are using any form of tobacco (including oil concentrates and vapors) or a facsimile of a tobacco product.
    3. Possession of tobacco paraphernalia, for students under the age of 19 is against Utah State Law (Utah Code 76-10-105). tobacco paraphernalia includes but is not limited to Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), pipes, lighters, matches, pouches, packaging, cylinders, cartridges, rolling papers, facsimile, and/or any items used for the intention of using a tobacco product or disguising the product/device.
    4. Violators of Utah State Law governing use/possession of tobacco and paraphernalia are referred to the Juvenile Court as “status offenders under the criminal code” and not under the Controlled Substance Act. Therefore, violators in schools, at school-sponsored activities, on school grounds, or within 1,000 feet of school property may be issued citations by law enforcement authorities, and subsequent Juvenile Court action may be taken (Utah Code 76-105).
    5. Schools shall encourage violators to attend a smoking cessation class, and/or place the student on in-school or out-of-school suspension.

Policy 5410 | Dispensing Medication in School

By Students
    1. Dispensing of prescription medication is not a typical function of the school and it must be given whenever possible by a parent or legal guardian at home. However, if a student must take medication during school hours in order to assume full participation in the school program, dispensing of medication under some circumstances may be handled by a designated school employee.

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