Classified Personnel

Policy 4485 | Conflict of Interest

By Classified Personnel
    1. It is the policy of Alpine School District to protect public interests and to maintain the faith and confidence of citizens in the integrity of the public schools and school employees by setting standards of employee conduct which preclude actual or potential conflicts of interest between their public duties and their private interests. It is the District’s intent to maintain high standards of employee conduct by prohibiting employees from improperly disclosing or using information, from using their positions to secure privileges or exemptions, or from accepting employment which would impair independence of judgment or ethical performance (UCA 67-16-1, et.seq.). 

Policy 4483 | Uniform Allowance

By Classified Personnel

Uniform allowance shall be paid by November 1 of each year in the amount of $100.00 to all lunch employees who are on contract. For less than a full contract year the allowance shall be prorated. An employee must work at least 40 working days in order to be eligible for the uniform allowance.

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Policy 4479 | Sexual Harassment

By Classified Personnel

Alpine School District is committed to the maintenance of an environment which is free from any form of sexual harassment; an environment in which employees are allowed to work free from unwanted conduct or communication of a sexual nature; one which is in compliance with State and Federal laws dealing with this form of discrimination.

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Policy 4477 | Associations Rights

By Classified Personnel
    1. The board agrees to furnish to the association in response to reasonable request from time to time all appropriate and available information concerning the financial resources of the district including but not limited to annual financial reports and audits, directory of all personnel in the unit and all changes that may arise, tentative budgetary requirements and allocations, agendas, and minutes of all board meetings, census data, and such other information that shall assist the association in development of intelligent, accurate, informed and constructive programs on behalf of the employees. The board also agrees to provide the association with information which may be necessary for the association to process any grievance or complaint except as legal requirements prohibit. In general, the board will make available to the association any information that is available to any other citizen with the exception that the board will permit the association to have a directory of all personnel which is not available to citizens at large.
    2. If the association representative accompanies an employee to a grievance, remediation, suspension, or other District related meeting, the representative will be granted release time when these activities are held within the regular work day. Arrangements will be made to have the hearing before or after school hours unless the nature of the problem demands an emergency hearing in which case all parties involved shall be released without loss of salary.
    3. The AESP President, President Elect, and Executive Board shall be released as needed and approved in advance by the Superintendent or designee. The cost of needed substitutes will be paid by the association. No personal leave will be deducted from employees’ allotment. (These should be cleared with the Superintendent in the classified administrative meetings.)
    4. The AESP President and President Elect shall be released from his/her work station for association business with the association paying a substitute for the period of time which the president is gone. No deduction of salary or personal leave will be made.
    5. The released time for the AESP President, President Elect, and AESP executive board shall not exceed 30 days total for the contract year. (For the 1986-87 year 1.4 will become effective on September 1, 1986.)
    6. The association and its representatives shall have the right to use school facilities and equipment at all reasonable hours for meetings.
    7. The association shall appoint the employees’ portion of the members on any committee that results from negotiations or that pertains to negotiated agreements.

Policy 4472 | Files and Records

By Classified Personnel

The District Personnel Office maintains an official permanent record file for each classified employee. The file should contain the following items and other employment documents and records: application for employment, health examination report as requested, employee status form, pre-employment recommendations and records, documentation of job performance.

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