Teacher Expectation

Policy 4116 | Job Sharing

By Certified Personnel, Teacher Expectation

The Board of Education recognizes that instruction is the most important single activity of the school system. The primary function of all other departments of the school system is to support the instruction program and to maintain a quality program of education for the school system. Job sharing is encouraged under conditions that will attract and hold the highest qualified personnel.

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Policy 4115 | Employees Infected with HIV Disease

By Certified Personnel, Teacher Expectation

The Board of Education recognizes its obligation as an employer to provide not only an objectively safe environment for all employees and the public at large, but also an environment where employees and students do not have fears for their health and safety. The Board also acknowledges its responsibility to protect infected individuals against both unreasonable health risks and unnecessary restrictions in activities and associations. This policy is adopted in accordance with Utah Administrative Code R388-802.

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Policy 4112 | Extracurricular Activities

By Certified Personnel, Teacher Expectation

The Board of Education recognizes that staff support of students participating in student government and extracurricular activities is crucial in offering important educational and lifetime benefits upon students and supports efforts of schools to provide these opportunities to all students. The Board also acknowledges that the personnel assigned to supervise students who do participate in student government and extracurricular activities, particularly competitive athletics, serve as role models for others in the school and community. As a result of this important role, the adult coaches, advisors, and assistants are expected to comply with the policies of the Board of Education at all times in a manner befitting their positions and responsibilities. This policy is written in compliance with §53a-11-908 Policy Number 4194, Section 1.2.2.

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Policy 4110 | Kindergarten Educators

By Certified Personnel, Teacher Expectation

The district administration will encourage the principals to work out any unique problems peculiar to kindergarten educators; however, kindergarten educators must recognize that the state minimum requirement (two hours and 45 minutes per day) of instruction time must be given to each child. At the discretion of the local school administration, kindergarten educators may use up to three days annually for parent visiting days.

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