Policy 4223 | Employee Compensation Insurance

By Certified Personnel, Insurance

The district and worker’s compensation already covers an educator when in the course of his employment he might be injured as a result of an accident. In the event that an educator may make application to the superintendent of schools for reimbursement. If the item damaged or destroyed is covered by the educator’s insurance, the amount paid by the insurance company will be deducted from the claim. 

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Policy 4222 | Term Life Insurance

By Certified Personnel, Insurance

The Board of Education will provide to the educators of the district a term life insurance policy in the amount of $20,000 (Educators Mutual Insurance will provide $15,000 double indemnity/accidental death/dismemberment and the Board of Education will provide $5,000). The premium on this policy will be paid by the school district.

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Policy 4221 | Insurance Review

By Certified Personnel, Insurance

The school district and the association representatives, as in past years, will review annually the group insurance policy coverage. Any changes in coverage and/or adjustments to meet current medical and hospital charges or needs, shall be agreed to by both the association and the school district before any changes will be affected. Once the extent of the coverage has been agreed to, the decision of whom the insurance carrier shall be will be decided by the Board of Education.

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