Policy 4037 | Contractual Agreement

By Certified Personnel, Hiring

New personnel are employed on a one year provisional contract for each of their first three years in the District. Following the completion of the provisional status, employees, when approved by the supervisory and administrative staffs and the Board of Education, may be employed for an extended period as career educators as provided by the Board.

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Policy 4032 | Applications

By Certified Personnel, Hiring

The Alpine School District uses an application form which is obtainable online at the district website. Applicants may be called in for personal interview when vacancies arise in fields for which they are qualified. A personal interview is a necessary part of the procedure in obtaining a position. It is necessary for prospective applicants to renew their applications annually.

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Policy 4030 | Educator Shortage

By Certified Personnel, Hiring

The intent of Alpine School District, as it has always been, is to operate within the Policies and Procedures of Alpine School District. The District has experienced some difficulty in hiring competent educators in some areas/however, the District has not been inclined to violate the adopted hiring policies in order to attract educators. In the event it becomes necessary for the District to change the hiring procedure, it will be done in cooperation with the association in agreeing as to what constitutes a shortage in a teaching area.

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