Policy 9078 | Public Notice of Meetings

By School Board

Any public body which holds regular meetings that are scheduled in advance over the course of a year shall give public notice at least once each year of its annual meeting schedule as provided in this section. The public notice shall specify the date, time, and place of such meetings.

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Policy 9074 | Normal Order of Business

By School Board

The superintendent, in consultation with the Board president, shall prepare an agenda for each board meeting. Any board member, prior to the meeting, may present any issue to be included on the agenda for board consideration at a board meeting. Any emergency problem may be presented at the meeting without having been included on the agenda.

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Policy 9072 | Duties of Boards

By School Board
    1. Broad permissive curricular powers are given to local boards by the law which states, boards of education “. . . may do all things needful for the maintenance, prosperity and success of schools and the promotion of education.”
    2. In addition to the broad permissive powers which boards may exert, some specific powers of boards follow. Boards may “. . . establish, locate and maintain kindergarten schools, common schools consisting of primary and grammar grades, high schools and industrial manual training schools, to establish and support school librarians, to purchase, exchange, repair, and improve high school apparatus, books, furniture, fixtures and all other school supplies.
    3. The Board of Education employs all personnel. The Board may employ only legally certified persons as educators, including Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL) candidates.

Policy 9066 | General Provisions

By School Board
    1. Rules for the operation of the board of education may be adopted at any regular meeting by a majority vote of the board.
    2. The board may suspend the rules of any section or sections by a vote of five members when seven board members are present, or five votes when five or six members are present.
    3. Except as otherwise provided by these rules, the proceedings of this board shall generally conform to the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

Policy 9064 | Quorum

By School Board
    1. Four members of the board shall constitute a quorum at all regular and special meetings. All matters shall be decided by a majority vote of the entire board. In the event that the president and vice president are absent from any meeting, a chairman shall be selected to preside at the meeting.
    2. Before ordering the sale or lease of any property, the governing board in a regular open meeting by a two-thirds vote of all its members shall adopt a resolution declaring its intention to sell or lease property.
    3. No school sites or buildings shall be sold or conveyed by any board of education except on resolution of the board duly adopted at a regular or duly called meeting, and not then without the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of all the members of the board. (53-6-21)

Policy 9058 | Elections and Terms of Office

By School Board
    1. The date of Primary Elections to fill vacancies occurring on local boards of education shall be established by the State Legislature. General elections to fill vacancies occurring on local boards of education shall be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. The elections shall be conducted as a part of the general elections, including municipal elections, held on the same day, and with the same qualifications, procedures, judges, and polling places, and shall be included on the single ballot with a nonpartisan designation. When no other election is to be held in a particular precinct, the board of county commissioners may consolidate polling places provided there must be at least one voting place in each school representative precinct. (53-5-7) 
    2. On the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November next preceding the expiration of terms (set forth in 2-6-3) there shall be elected for a term of four years four members of the board of education from school representative districts number one, two, three and five; two years after there shall be elected for a term of four years three members of the board of education from school representative districts number four, six and seven. Terms will begin on the first day of January. Members shall take their seats at the first regular meeting in January after their election.

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