Policy 9052 | School District Legal Status

By School Board
    1. School Districts in Utah are creations of the State Legislature and school board members are State officials when they meet as boards of education. While a local school board member is a state official, he has moral responsibilities and obligations to the people of his school community.
    2. The Utah State Constitution provides that a “public school system shall include kindergarten schools; common schools, consisting of primary and grammar grades; high schools, an agriculture college; a university; and such other schools as the Legislature may establish. The common schools shall be free. The other departments of the system shall be supported as provided by law.” (See Section 2, Article X, Utah State Constitution.)
    3. The Legislature shall provide for the establishment and maintenance of a uniform system of public schools, which shall be open to all children of the State, and be free from sectarian control.
    4. The general control and supervision of the Public School System shall be vested in a State Board of Education, the members of which shall be elected as provided by law.

Policy 9050 | School Board Legal Status

By School Board

Each county shall constitute a county school district provided, that both county school districts and city school districts within cities of the first or second class, existing as of September 1, 1978, shall continue as such school districts until changed as provided by law. (53-4-1)

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Policy 7100 | Discrimination and Harassment

By Individual Rights and Responsibilities

It is the commitment of the Alpine School District to strive to maintain all learning and working environments where students and employees can be safe and successful. This policy is written to follow Federal and Utah State Law mandating and providing authority to school districts to prohibit unlawful discrimination or harassment. This policy also provides guidance for requesting accommodations as appropriate under the law and procedures for reporting a complaint for persons who believe themselves to have been the object of discrimination or harassment. The District will follow the outlined procedures in investigating and resolving complaints. 

Policy 6165 | Motion Pictures in the Classroom and Schools

By Instruction
    1. Regardless of the appropriateness of motion picture content, Fair Use Guidelines as stated within copyright laws restrict the use of motion pictures to “face-to-face” instruction (Refer to Policy, Rules & Regulations, and Procedure No. 6164).
    2. Scenes from motion pictures that contain vulgarity, indecency, nudity and/or excessive violence are strictly prohibited in the classroom and school.
    3. Use of motion pictures in the classroom must be limited to instructional purposes. The instructional value of a motion picture shall be weighed against the value of the academic time it consumes.
      1. Students should be prepared to connect the motion picture to academic content through pre and post activities related to the curriculum. 
      2. It is recommended that only those segments of the motion picture which illustrate the topic or content be shown rather than viewing the movie in its entirety. 
        1. Transfer of motion picture segments from the original copyrighted format to another format (e.g.. laser disc to video, etc.) is prohibited by law. 
        2. Creation of an anthology (e.g.. recording multiple clips onto a single tape) is prohibited by law. 
    4. Use of any motion picture, or segment thereof, must be approved in advance by the school administration. Educators are discouraged from showing motion pictures. 
      1. Approval for the use of motion pictures by a school administrator shall follow the protocol established in Procedure No. 6165, “Alpine School District Non-Public Performance Motion Picture Request.” 
    5. Use of appropriate motion pictures through the acquisition of public performance rights may be suitable as a school activity. The school administration is responsible for applying for public performance rights.

Policy 6164 | Copyright Law

By Instruction

    1. The Alpine School District is committed to observance of the Federal/State Copyright Laws and publisher licensing agreements.
    2. It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools or designee to keep district administrative personnel advised as to the current status of copyright laws so that all employees may perform their duties within the intent of the law.
    3. All licensing agreements shall be approved by the Board of Education.
    4. District level administrators/principals shall be responsible for enforcement of this policy as it affects employees under their direction.
    5. Educators shall be responsible for educating students concerning the legal, ethical, and practical problems caused by illegal use of software regarding copyright law and copyright abuse. (i.e. software, music, and videotape)
    6. All employees in violation of Federal or State Copyright laws and/or district policy, rules and regulations, and procedure shall be held responsible.

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