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June 2020

Policy 4285 | Dues Deduction

By Association, Certified Personnel

The Board agrees to deduct from each Association member’s monthly salary the authorized amount of dues for the current year. The Board also agrees to deduct the balance of Association dues from the final paycheck of those educators who terminate after December 10, of the current school year. Dues will be deducted uniformly on each monthly payroll period beginning with October payroll. The District will not be required to honor any deduction submitted after the 10th of any month. Copies of the payroll deduction computer printout shall be sent to association offices.

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Policy 4282 | Association Rights

By Association, Certified Personnel
    1. The board agrees to furnish to the association in response to reasonable request from time to time all appropriate and available information concerning the financial resources of the district including but not limited to annual financial reports and audits, directory of all personnel in the unit and all changes that may arise, tentative budgetary requirements and allocations, agendas, and minutes of all board meetings, census data, and such other information that shall assist the association in developing intelligent, accurate, informed and constructive programs on behalf of the employees. The board also agrees to provide the association with information which may be necessary for the association to process any grievance or complaint except as legal requirements prohibit. In general, the board will make available to the association any information that is available to any other citizen with the exception that the board will permit the association to have a directory of all personnel which is not available to citizens at large.
    2. Whenever any representative of the association or any certified employee is mutually scheduled by the district and the association to participate during working hours in negotiations, grievance proceedings, conferences, or meetings deemed to be of direct benefit to education within the district, the employee shall suffer no loss in pay. The cost of a substitute will be borne by the district and the leave shall be considered paid leave (53A-3-245 (2)). The board representative, who will be a part to the mutual agreement, will be the superintendent or his designee. 
      1. While on paid leave, certified employees may not engage in political activity including: 
        1. Actively campaigning for candidates for public office in partisan and nonpartisan elections.
        2. Fundraising for political organizations, political parties, or candidates. 
      2. All paid association leave shall be documented by the district. Additionally, the district shall maintain an accounting of the cost and expenses of paid association leave. 
      3. Certified employees on paid association leave shall be supervised by the district.
      4. Any employee who willfully violates the policy governing paid association leave may be subject to disciplinary action as defined in 53A-8-104.
      5. The association will work with the district to ensure the accuracy of reporting of paid leave. 
    3. The association and its representatives shall have the right to use school buildings at all reasonable hours for meetings according to School Board Policy No. 1330 as a Class 1 user.
    4. The association shall have the right to use school facilities and equipment in accordance with existing local and school district policies which apply to certificated employee use.
    5. The association shall appoint the educators’ portion of the members on any committee that results from negotiations or that pertains to negotiated agreements.
    6. An educator may be represented by the Association or an Alpine School District educator of their choice in meetings held with the principals. This representative may not be a close relative as defined by the Policy 4034 on Employment of Relatives.

Policy 4280 | Voluntary Membership Legal Status

By Association, Certified Personnel

It is unlawful for any employer, person, firm, association, corporation, employee, labor union, labor organization or any other type of association, officer, or agent of such, or member of same, to compel or force, or to attempt to compel or force, any person to join or refrain from joining any labor union, labor organization or any other type of association. (2-12-10, 34-34-7)

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Policy 4255 | Retired Educator Insurance

By Certified Personnel, Retirement

Those certified educators who retire* from Alpine School District after the 1988-89 school year and are hired prior to August 21, 1995 with at least 15* years full time service in Alpine School District and who have reached age 65 will be provided a supplemental health insurance policy. The EMIA Medicare policy will supplement the Medicare/Medicaid insurance. The 15 years* need not be consecutive.

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Policy 4254 | Insurance for Employees Over 65

By Certified Personnel, Retirement

An active employee over the age of 65, and their eligible family members, is covered by district insurance. The District’s insurance is primary. At the time of retirement, at age 65 or after, Medicare becomes the prime insurance coverage. The District’s insurance carrier will be the supplemental carrier for those employees who qualify for a supplement to Medicare, under Policy 4255. It is the responsibility of the employee to enroll with Medicare.

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