1405 S 100 E, American Fork, Utah 84003, Phone: (801) 610-8850 Fax: (801) 763-7030Our Mission: Safely and efficiently transport all students in a positive physical and emotional environment.

Office Hours : 6 a.m.-5 p.m. (School Days)
8 a.m.- 4p.m. (Summer)

Reminder: Kindergarten students will not be dropped off mid day without an adult present.

Please refer to the Alpine School District website home page for information on school cancellations/delays. Buses will continue to run as long as school is in session but may experience delays in the case of inclement weather ( i.e., snow, ice, cold temperatures, etc.).


Alpine School District is currently hiring drivers and attendants.

Applicants may apply online at or by clicking on the following link:

Starting Salary Drivers: $14.59 Attendants: $9.01

For more information please contact the Transportation Department.




  1. School routes are the top priorities.
  2. Authorized activity/field trips will be provided within the capacity of the bus fleet and availability of bus drivers.
  3. Region and State scheduled activities in senior high schools will receive top priority over other activities but not school routes.
  4. Buses for elementary field trips are available from 9:15 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. ONLY.


  1. Please input requests on the AS 400 a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.
  2. All special education requests must be approved by Special Ed Department before we can assign them.
  3. Any and all changes for a bus activity with time, date, and destination must be at least one day in advance through the transportation department.
  4. Once a request is scheduled, someone must call Transportation to make any changes.
  5. If a wheelchair bus is needed, a wheelchair count must be specified.
  6. The bus driver will return their copy of the request to the transportation office for billing with the miles traveled and passenger count recorded.
  7. Schools are billed on the AS400 each week. Requests that have multiple schools will be billed to the requesting school, and then the requesting school may collect from the other schools.
  8. Please do not leave a cancellation of a bus on the voice mail. Talk to one of the transportation employees.
  9. When you order a Clear Creek bus, only type “Clear Creek” in the destination section, i.e., return trip is entered as “Clear Creek” return.
  10. Return time means the time you will return to the school not the time leaving the activity.
  11. No buses are available for elementary field trips the last two weeks of school.


  1. All activity/field trip buses must have at least one adult supervisor per bus. Drivers will not be permitted to drive the bus if we do not have a supervisor; this includes time spent at the activity site. Supervisors are to ride to and from the activity.
  2. Students are allowed to eat lunches on the bus during inclement weather. Please help have the bus returned as clean as it was at the beginning of the trip.
  3. Individuals who are participants in the activity are authorized to ride the bus. The Principal shall authorize who those participants are. Should a teacher, chaperone or coach allow unauthorized participants to ride the bus, that person and the school district is liable.


Following are the current charges:
  • $ 50.00 Minimum charge for the first 12 miles
  • $ 4.00 Charge per mile for every mile over 12 miles.
  • $250.00 Clear Creek charges per bus per day. NOTE: Drivers do not stay overnight.
  • $ 50.00 Buses cancelled at the school
  • $ 50.00 (Late Return) If you are not back at your school at the scheduled time, your school will be charged $50 to cover the cost to dispatch another driver. The return time on the ticket is the time you are back at your school not the time you leave the event.

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