2016 Bond

The Alpine School District Board of Education passed a resolution for a $387 million bond election in November. The bond will address growth and safety issues throughout the district.



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 2016 Bond

Alpine Bond for 2016

2016 Bond

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Alpine School District is seeking a bond for various reasons including:

  • RAPID GROWTH – Alpine School District is experiencing phenomenal growth resulting in crowded schools. The District is expected to grow 5,000 students by 2020. This would be the equivalent to 2 high schools, 3 junior high schools or 5 elementary schools.
  • AGE OF BUILDINGS- The age of some of our buildings require seismic safety upgrades and other renovations. In fact, ten of our existing buildings still in use today were built in the 1950’s.
  • LAND ACQUISITION- In order to build our new schools because of growth, land will need to be purchased.
  • LOW INTEREST RATES- Because of low interest rates and our AAA bond rating, we will be able to bond without increasing the tax rate on property taxes paid by the public.

I appreciate Alpine's great website and transparent information. It is easy to navigate and has accessible information for the public like financials.

Sydnee Dickson, Utah Superintendent of Schools